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Best PC for around Rs.35,000–Sep 2011

Note : This is a old post, Please check the latest config here
Intel and Nvidia Combination (Sandy Bridge) :
Type Details Price (Rs)
Processor Intel Core i3 – 2100 3.1 GHz 5800
Motherboard Intel DH67VR USB3 4100
Memory Corsair 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz 1300
Hard Disk Seagate 1 TB 2800
Keyboard & Mouse Logitech Multimedia Keyboard + Mouse SET 650
Speakers Creative Inspire 2.1 T3130 1800
Optical Drive Samsung DVD Writer 925
Graphics Card Galaxy GTS450 1GB DDR3 6600
Power Supply Coolermaster GX 450W 3400
UPS Numeric 600 VA 1500
Monitor Acer S226HQ 21.5" 6350
Cabinet Zebronics Butterfly 1250
Total Rs. 36,475
Note : Prices are as of Sep 2011 in Chennai, India.

Other options (or) Suggestions to reduce price:

Type Details Price (Rs)
Graphics Card Galaxy GT 430 1GB DDR3 3500
Power Supply Zebronics 500W 1850
Monitor DELL LCD 18.5" - IN 1920 4950
Other PC and Laptop configurations :
14-Feb-2011 – Prices as of Feb 2011
14-Apr-2011 – Prices updated (Rs.900 Reduced)
28-May-2011 – Prices updated and below components updated
1) Updated with Intel i3, 2nd generation processor
2) Monitor modified from DELL LED 20" – IN2020M
3) RAM increase to 4GB

23-July-2011 – Prices updated and few changes
25-Sep-2011 – Prices updated
1)Graphics card updated from GT 430
2) Monitor updated from DELL LCD 18.5"
3) Power supply updated from Zebronic 500w


  1. AMD & ATI:
    Motherboard: M4A78LT-M LE (Rs. 2600/-)
    Processor: AMD PhenomII 965 BE (Rs. 6800/-)
    RAM: 2*2GB DDR3 1333MHz Corsair XMS3 (Rs. 2600/-)
    HDD: 1TB Seagate (Rs. 2550/-)
    DVDRW: ASUS (Rs. 1050/-)
    Monitor: BenQ 18.6"LED (Rs. 5600/-)
    Cabinet: CM 310(trans sidepanel) (Rs. 1700/-)
    Graphics Card: Sapphire HD5670 1gb (Rs. 5000/-)
    SMPS: Corsair VX450 (Rs. 3200/-)
    Total: 31100/-

  2. hi karthik, i select following configuration. please advice me for further modification. my budget is about Rs 30000 to 35000, and i require good quality video, speed and sound and performance.
    Processor- Intel core i3 540(3.06ghz)
    Motherboard- ASUS P7 H55 MLX MB
    hard drive- 500 GB SATA HDD SEAGATE
    RAM- 2x2 GB DDR 111 kingston
    9500 GT 1 GB graphic card
    Intex TV tuner
    Belkin WiFi card
    Monitor- 21.5 samsung TFT(2230)
    DVD Writer LG
    i ball speaker tarang
    Web cam-i ball
    UPS- i ball 621
    plz add or correction this configuration, suggest me best antivirus.
    Many many thanks

  3. Hi Karthik,

    l need ur help. which are the part time home based computer jobs or online jobs, lots of

    advt are in internet , but l think all are fake or l don t know which is good. l have a

    broadband connection in my home .can u help me..


    sam kj

  4. @Anonymous
    Your config is good, but instead of 9500 GT go for GT 430.

  5. @sam kj, I am not sure about other normal jobs, but if u r a programmer you can earn lot at

  6. 2GB RAM Not sufficient Nowadays for Multimedia application and Games.. use 4GB Minimum.

  7. hey kartik i had a problem i bought new pc on 24 th may 11. my configuration is q8400 corequad 2.66 ghz and motherboard p5g41c-mlx and the problem is when i start my computer and see hardware monitoring its shws me the temperature 49c of processor and 40 of motherboard is it fine or is there any problem??? plz help me buddy

  8. waiting for your reply

  9. @Priyank, Dont worry, 49`c and 40'c are below normal. My PC at ideal is around 50'c at load it goes to 90`c.

    In general, anything less than 95`c is o.k. Test ur temperature at 100% load.

    To achieve 100% load.
    1. Download and start coretemp from

    2. Then visit

    and select 100% load and check ur temp in core temp. If it is less than 90 no problem

  10. thnx a lot buddy one more thng i brought my q8400 corequad 2.66 ghz for rs 10500 and motherboard p5g41c-mlx for rs 2500 is this a proper rate in the current market or am i being fooled

  11. @priyank,
    Motherboard price is O.k.
    But Processor price is slightly high. I think it would be around Rs. 9000 now. It was above Rs.10,000 when released.

    Also Core 2 Quad Q8400 is outdated, it is being fully replaced by Core i5 (also quad core) processors.

  12. Hi Karthik,
    My system’s specification >> Intel Quad Core Q 8200, DG35EC Motherboard, 2X2GB ADATA DDR2 PC 6400 800 Mhz RAM, 500GB Seagate 7200 RPM HDD. My system is 2 years old. Recently, I decided to upgrade it; thus, I upgraded the OS from Windows7 32Bit to Windows7
    64 Bit, bought another 2X2GB RAM of same make & same specification as the MOBO’s capable of supporting 8Gb of RAM. But, after installing the extra 4GB of RAM, system started giving BSOD( with different error codes); at first screen would flash 3/4 times with message “DISPLAY DRIVER INTEL GRAPHIC ACCELARATOR DRIVERS FOR WINDOWS VISTA(R) STOPPED RESPONDING AND SUCCESSFULLY RECOVERED”, and then BSOD with crackling sound. initially, I thought that embedded GFX was not able to handle 8GB of RAM, thus, I borrowed a GFX card ( 9500GT) from a friend and installed it, this time, frequency of BSOD came down but the issue persisted with different message “DISPLAY DRIVER NVIDIA WINDOWS KERNEL MODE DRIVER , VERSION 270.61 STOPPED RESPONDING AND SUCCESSFULLY RECOVERED” I was sure that it’s not a Graphic software or Hardware issue and my system had latest drivers. I performed every possible tweaking ( though MOBO gives limited options) I changed the PSU, swapped HDD but nothing happened. This issue also pops up whenever I run Windows Experience Index ( with 8GB RAM), I did clean installation, tried with different soft wares (presuming that a particular software or codec could be culprit) but no change. My system runs Windows7 64Bit very well, without any issues whatsoever with 4GB RAM. Could you please help me? I am at the fag end of patient.


  13. @Amit,
    It looks like a chipset problem.
    Clearly both On-Board graphics and Graphics card throws the error.
    Do the following and let me know :

    1) Install all the 8GB
    2) Remove your friends Graphics card
    2) Go to

    3) Download all Windows 7 64 bit drivers, 1 BIOS and 4 Drivers (Video, audio, network and chipset)

    4) Install all the 5

    5) restart and test.

    Let me know, if it works

  14. Hi Karthik,
    Thanks for your prompt response, at present I am working on your suggestion, and monitoring my system; once I am done, I will revert.


  15. karthik u told me to download core temp n fossil when i loaded to 100 %

    low high load
    tj max 100 c
    core0 54 degc 45 60 27
    core1 47 degc 40 53 32
    core2 51 degc 43 58 33
    core3 57 degc 43 58 42
    and the load andcore temperature is continuously changing is it ok buddy waiting for your reply

  16. Hi Karthik,
    I tried your suggestion but no luck. I tried other steps too but yielded no positive result. Besides, I want to mention some weird facts about the motherboard (INTEL DG35EC), two years ago when I bought the Motherboard, I installed Win XP, during drivers(motherboard DVD) installation I noticed that If I put check marks on all the driver at one go, system fails to intall the Realtek Audio driver; one of my friends told me to follow CVAN formula, i.e. after installing OS(XP) first install Chipset driver and restart(even if system doesn't give any such prompt) then Video (graphic) driver and restart, then Audio and restart, then Network and restart. I followed this and I was successful.
    Keeping that fact in mind, I followed the same steps this time. I did clean installation then I installed all four drivers (CVAN) but after upgrading to latest BIOS (ver .118) I found that system was not booting up to the windows, instead it gave BSOD, same thing happened with BIOS ver .117; then I logged on to Intel community blog, upon a suggestion from a blogger, I downgraded the BIOS to ver .113 and system booted up, but issue is still present.

    I think, the issue is with the motherboard, may be my motherboard is faulty or the concerned model (DG35EC) has some design flaw, recently I have notice another minor problem, my room has a tube-light, whenever I switch it on, tube-light flickers ( as usual) and before finally becoming satble my computer screen turns BLACK for split-second, it happens almost every time. At times I also think that BIOS programs are not designed to run 8GB RAM.

    I know that if I contact Intel support centre, shrugging off the responsibility, first thing they will tell me , that this motherboard is not compatible with Windows 7. When, this mobo was released, win 7 was not released but this mobo is Vista compatible, and hardware requirements of vista and windows7 are same; moreover, my system runs windows 7 absolutely fine with 4GB RAM but with 8GB RAM it gives problem. I am fed-up with Intel. In one of your postings you wrote that you always prefer Intel over AMD but the kind of experience I got, I will never buy Intel processor or motherboard.

    Intel website says that they no longer support DG35EC, no further drivers or BIOS updates will be released for the said mobo. But, my motherboard is still under warranty.

    I need your suggestions on the entire matter, if there is any way to fix the issue,please let me know.

    with regards,

  17. @Amit, Tell me the exact RAM model u currently have and the new 4 GB model. (name, frequency, size, timimg etc)

  18. Hi Karthik,

    ADATA DDR2 800 Premier 2GB (4 Modules)
    ( all modules are same, and with same ADATA chip)
    Model - AD2U800B2G6-R / DDR2 800(6) 2GX16 U-DIMM


    *** I tried 5-5-5-15/16/18, but no result, I tested all modules individually with Windows Memory Diagnostics Test (extended test 5 times) all passed, I also tried with ZION RAM(Micron Chip) with similar RAS Profile, still no result, I even tried my system with 1 ZION and 1 ADATA module (total 4GB) system ran smoothly without any glitch.

    with regards,

  19. Dear Karthik,
    Finally, i got a breakthrough; though, I won't say that the "issue is resolved", rather, it's a compromise! Last night, I changed the C-Ras profile to 5-5-5-15 and reduced the memory speed from 800Mhz to 667Mhz, only then motherboard's able to support 8GB RAM, with no glitch or instability. But, the point is that system speed is reduced. Which spec is better? 4GB RAM with 800Mhz speed, 6-6-6-18 C-Ras or 8GB RAM with 667Mhz speed 5-5-5-15 C-Ras ? Can't I use 8GB RAM at 800Mhz speed ? Please comment....


  20. @Amit, I googled abt ur problem, it was mentioned that ur mother board even though designed to handle 800 MHz, if u install 8GB it struggles.

    Also if u reduce the speed to 667 MHz as u did, it works but makes the system slow.

    Some said, they downgraded to BIOS 0116 and all is well.

    You can also try.

  21. Hi Karthik

    Nice to show your posts.
    I need a help from you like I would like to purchase a PC around Rs-20000/-.
    I want to run Windows and Linux based OS.
    So can you please make a high configuration configure system quote so I can purchase and configure.

    Please understand my query and give me suggestion.


  22. @chittaranjan,
    What is the primary use of the PC, gaming or internet?

  23. Hi Karthik,

    Thanks for reply.
    I am working in a software company as System Administration.
    In home I would like to do some practice on all open source apps.
    In windows and LINUX i want to configure all types of server LAMP, WAMP, mail server and all

    For that I would like to use.
    So please suggest me accordingly.

  24. @Chittaranjan, Your budget is too low for your need (Sys admin), it needs a decent PC. At least Rs.25k

    For 25k, check this, (Remove graphics card from this config)

  25. bro my self gaurav .. dude recentle i saw openvpn tricks with docomo .. do u have any idea abt that.. if yes please tell me

  26. I just land up on your blog. Really nice.

  27. @gaurav ,

    Sorry I dont have any idea on that

  28. Thank you Karthik. I'm going with this configuration.
    But is the graphics good.

  29. Hi Karthik
    its Nithesh ,
    I selected following configuration for PC please tell me this configuration is good or need to modified?
    Hard disk-Seagate barcuda ES.2SAS 3gb/s 1 TB
    Processor-Mother board:i5-2500k,3.3Ghz DH67BL
    Graphics Card:NVIDIA GeForce GTS 4501GB
    Cabinet:i ball work horse
    Logitec: mouse key board
    DVD Writer-LG
    RAM;4X4=16Gb Transcend
    UPS APC 600V

  30. Sir......wht are the use and advantages of a graphics card other than gaming????

  31. @Sachin,

    GTS430 is an avg card, if you want better graphics go for GTX 460 or GTX 560

  32. @Anonymous ,

    Your config is good,
    But do you really need 16GB RAM. I think 99% of the time u will not use it, 4 GB is enough at max 8GB.

    If u play lot of games go for GTX 460 graphics card.

  33. @Anonymous,
    Other than gaming graphics cards are used in
    1) Photo editing
    2) 3d effects
    3) Video editing
    4) HD video playback

  34. Hi Karthik..

    Nice to see your posts.
    I need a help from you.
    I would like to purchase a PC around Rs-20000/.
    I want to run Windows XP.
    Basically I want to use my PC for surfing internet,storing a lot of movies,songs and sumtimes would like to play sum games too.

    So,please let me know.


  35. @Vijay,
    Give me sometime. I will post the config for u

  36. Thank you Karthik.

  37. Hello Karthik,

    When are u going to reply to my query?

  38. Hi Karthik,
    Iam Manikumar.
    I need the same as stated by Vijay
    I would like to purchase a PC around Rs-20000/.
    I want to run Windows XP.
    Basically I want to use my PC for surfing internet,storing a lot of movies,songs and sumtimes would like to play sum games too.
    Please suggest the best configuration. & what u have shown prices will match the same in other place.

  39. @Manikumar,

    Here is the config

    But u cannot play all latest game in it. u can play at lowest settings

  40. pls give full details about overclocking

  41. But karthik, can i go for Intel i3 or core2duo processor for the same mother board, if so, which is the best one and what is the price of them respectively.

    Do i need to buy a NVIDIA graphics card for this configuration for better resolution or that is enough? & Regarding Cabinet, can i go for other company cabinets (IBall or someother).

  42. hi Karthik,
    will it be a good configuration if I simply replace the i3 processor by i5-2500k and remove the graphics card?
    (I am no fond of games)
    Is the graphics card really necessary for i5 processor to run HD videos on 20" screen?

  43. I'm using a desktop with processor "x86 family 15 model 6 stepping 2 genuineintel 2999 mhz". How does it compare to "Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor T5500 (1.66GHz, 2MB L2, 667MHz FSB)"? If slower, by how much? And other aspects? Dumb, I know. I'm just trying to get some idea how a new T60/61 will run.

    my system confrigution are

    pentium[R] 4 cpu 3.00 GHz 2 GB RAM 500GB HARD DISK DDR2 WINDOW 7


    MYSELF ANIL KUMAR .........

  44. Dear Karthik,
    Assembled with the following config,
    i3-2100 Processor
    Intel HV67BL Processor
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    20" Samsung LED
    Samsung DVD Drive
    Now I need help with on choosing the cabinet and SMPS...
    Please help me choose a model from I need to stick to some specs?
    Was thinking of Iball Piano 108...Is that ok?
    Any help shall be appreciated..

  45. hey i am planing to buy new config. for my pc i need it more for gaming purpose i have good speakers and lcd screen and cpu is only thing requiring change................................ i have got a budget of 10,000 to 18,000 please recomend best configuration under AMD as well as INTEL

  46. Hi Karthik...Rahul here...i want your help configuring my pc...i want to play games like F1 2010/2011, NFS Series, Mafia 2 & other Direct X 11 games...i have configured the following & got a quotation from a local let me kno if this is good enough :-

    Intel Core i5-2400 3.10 Ghz Processor - 9150
    Intel DH67VR Motherboard - 4750
    Transcend 4 GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM - 1075
    1 TB Seagate Barracuda SATA HDD - 2750
    Keyboard & Mouse Combo (Logitech) - 600
    Samsung 22x DVD Writer - 960
    Samsung 22" LED Monitor - 8600
    Sapphire Radeon HD6770 1 GB DDR5 GPU - 5250
    External TV Tuner Card - 800
    Cooler Master 500 Watt Power Supply - 2850
    Cooler Master Elite 310 Cabinet - 1575

    TOTAL 38360

    I am also confused between another option available for Processor & Motherboard with the same configuration :-

    Intel Core i5 - 650 2.8 Ghz Processor - 9350
    Intel DH55TC Motherboard - 4200

    Please let me know which option is better to go for or if you could suggest me a better configuration for a similar price...Your help will be appreciated..Thanks...Waiting for your reply Cya

  47. hi karthik's can this pc handle heavy graphic games like crysis 2 plz suggest me a great intel config under rs 35000 with decent graphic card........rply plz

  48. Hi Karthik, is intel DH67VR and core i7-2600 3.4ghz and 4gb ddr3 ram good ?
    please reply me

  49. Hi Karthik. I have my old computer , so just want to update my cabinet.
    can you please suggest me a good configuration exculding monitor ,ups,mouse,keyboard.
    My budget is Rs 15000/-

    and can you tell the diffrence between AMD and Intel, which is good?

  50. @Anonymous,

    AMD is good for low budget. Intel will be good for higher budgets.

    Check these :

  51. Hey Karthik...Rahul here...can you please reply to my confused...thnx

  52. @Rahul,

    Ur config is good, but have the below suggestions
    1) For few 100Rs. u can get i5 2500 3.3 GHz
    2) Go for Cooler Master 600 Watt Power Supply (To be on the safer side)

    3) Since ur PC is primarly for games go for HD 6850 - Rs.10,000.
    HD 6770 is OK, but is a medium power card.

    4) Intel i5 2500 and DH67VR is better than the other choice, since this is 2nd generation i5 processor.

  53. hello dear
    hope you will help me too like you have been doing to everyone.
    i want to get a new PC assembled.
    i already have speakers,keyboard,mouse,dvd writer, ups and 22'' LCD monitor.
    my budget is INR 20000.
    please suggest a suitable configuration.
    also i have 80GB HDD drive on my old pc. can it be used with new PC also??

  54. AMD Phenom II Quad X4-840 3.2GHz - Rs. 5,000
    Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2 - Rs.2,350
    Transcend 4 GB 133MHz DDR3 RAM - Rs.1800
    PowerColor Radeon HD 6770 1GB - Rs.7,000
    Zebronic 500w Platinum - Rs.1850

    Dont use your old cabinet go for this one
    Cabinet - Zebronics Butterfly - Rs.1250

    Also 80GB is too low so you can get,
    Hard Disk - Seagate 1 TB - Rs.2750

    Total - Rs.22k

  55. 1.Intel DC E6600 3.06 PROCESSOR
    2.Intel DG 41WV (OEM) DDR-3 M/B
    4.LG Sata DVD RW 24X



    9.LG 20 ''LED 2041

    TOTAL:-21,200/- NET

    Is this a good config?..My budget is 20,000.
    Are there any changes u would like to suggest in this config?

  56. @Vijay, Ur config is good, but I would suggest you to go for AMD config for low budget like Rs.20k. (For low budget AMD will be better)

    Check this

  57. Thanks for replying Karthik..
    I am fine with the cost being 21000,however which one of these two is better AMD(the model tht you have suggested) or Intel(the model tht was offered to me by the dealer).

  58. @Vijay,
    AMD is better for that price point

  59. hi karthik...
    which psu is better
    fsp saga 2 500w or zebronics 500w
    plz reply
    thnx in advance.

  60. @^,

    I have used Zebronics 500w power supply, a decent power supply for low price.

    I havent heard abt FSP Saga 2, looks like it is also a low end power supply like Zebronics. ut not sure abt its performance

  61. thnx for replying karthik..
    my name is dj,
    and m gonna config a new rig for gaming, watching and converting videos.
    here's what i have in mind
    intel core i5 2500k
    intel h67CLB3 mobo usb 3.0
    wireless logitech keyboard mouse
    4 gb corsair ram
    1tb hard disk
    cooler master elite 430
    for psu zebronics 500w
    graphic card ati 5670/6670

    i have a 43 inch plasma samsung tv which i will use as monitor... the max resolution is 1366 * 768, so for that low resolution 5670 should be enough for all games..

    what u think about this??? plz let me know if am correct..Are there any changes u would like to suggest in this config?

  62. @^, Please check my forum for the answer

  63. borther i want a gaming pc at around 30000-35000 rs...can u suggest me the best configuration...

  64. HI Karthik this is sonu i want your help to build my Gaming Pc i have selected but very confuse please help me

    Asus P8Z68-Deluxe 32GB DDR3 Intel Motherboards

    Intel core i7-2600 price

    Corsair Dominator GT 12GB (3 x 4GB) DDR3 2000MHz Desktop Memory with Air Fan (CMT12GX3M3A2000C9)

    Graphics Card
    ATI Radeon HD 5870 x2 Graphics card

    My budget is 1,75,000 please help me
    my email add :-

  65. Hi Karthik, I am planning to buy new desktop this weekend. My requirements are that it the following games should play well - mortal combat, death house, alien attack, samurai, treasure games, space fighter, barbie dress up, Racing etc.,

    I have seen ur desktop config details of 30k and 50k. My budget is around 35k.

    Could you please suggest the appropriate configuration?

  66. Hey Karthik..
    I'm Planning to buy a pc around 40,000
    my usage will be listenin songs, watching HD stuff, photo editing and want to play games like crysis & God of war.
    Pls suggest some configuration..
    N whats the Use of HDMI port to CPU ?? Can I connect my CPU to HD LED tv only with the help of HDMI cable ??

  67. hi karthik,

    pls suggest me a good gaming CPU(Only Intel) configuration.
    i have already 21" LED monitor and speaker and i want a CPU+GPU mainly for gaming and budget is 30000 Rs

  68. Hi Karthik,

    Got a budget of 10k for both motherboard & processor.
    Shud i go wit AMD or intel for motherboard?
    And which model?
    Also help me a bit with processor selection.

    Thanks & Regards

  69. hii karthik
    i m planning 2 buy a new laptop with config 500 hd, 4 gb ram, 1 gb graphics card nd intel i3 processor.. my budget is between 30000-35000.. cn u plz suggest me a gud laptop..

  70. hi karthik...
    ur blog is very nice...very useful info.
    I need your help for a laptop i am planning to buy
    Its Dell Inspiron 15 (N5050) Laptop
    Price 39300 Rs
    2nd gen Intel Core i5-2430M 2.40 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.00 GHz
    4GB (1 X 4GB) 1 DIMM DDR3 1333Mhz
    500GB 5400RPM Hard Drive
    15.6" HD screen
    Windows 7 Home Basic 64bit

    My usage will be for office work like auto desk, 3DS max. Is the configuration good for this.
    Is this dell inspiron better than Dell Vostro which has some config but comes at a price of around 48000.
    Please advice me i am very confused should i go for expensive vostro or less expensive inspiron.

    Thanks in advance


  71. Hi karthik.........
    pls suggest me a good Motion Graphics configuration like a after effect and 3d max.
    I planning to buy same configuration like

    processer- Intel i3-2100 3.1 ghz
    Motherboard - Intel DH67VR
    Ram - 2GB Kingaston
    Graphic card ATI 6770 1GB DDR5
    Hard Disk - 1TB Segate
    Cabient, keyboard ket...........

    Plz sugges me soon.....

  72. @Saif,
    What is ur budget?

    Check this

  73. hi karthik, I would need a good configuration for video editing. can you suggest me one?.. the budget would be around 35k to 40k, may be 1 or 2 k extra..

  74. @Pramod,

    For Video editing you need a good CPU and a decent GPU

    check this config

    1)Replace processor with i7 processor, if possible
    2) GPU, u dont need GTX 560, replace it with a cheaper AMD HD 6770
    3) Also reduce price by going for a cheaper cabinet, speakers and powersupply 'Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600W'

  75. thanks a lot karthik, which one do you think is better among nVidia GTS450 and AMD HD 6770?

  76. @Pramod,
    AMD HD 6770 is better than GTS 450

  77. hello sir ,
    my name is roshan.
    i am in a great need for buying an assembled desktop within the budget from 40000-45000.
    i got to hear that pc component prices are high as the skies,
    but still i am telling u my configuration that i have listed from a local shopkeeper , will be obliged if u advice me in my buying ...

    motherboard=intel h67,(rs 5500)
    processor=intel core i3 2nd gen 2100,(rs 6700)
    memory=transcend 4gb ddr3,(rs 1400)
    hdd=500gb sata,(rs 4600)
    mouse+kbd=logitech combo,(rs 750)
    dvd drive=lite-on dvdrw,(rs 950)
    ups=apc 600va,(rs 1950)
    monitor=samsung 20inch led,(rs 6600)
    psu = cooler master extreme power 550w(rs 4000) or iball sprinter 600w(rs 3000) i am bit confused
    cabinet=cooler master elite 371(rs 2200)
    gpu=asus gtx 560 ti(rs 14450) they are telling that gtx 460 is not available as i previously opted for that

    the total is coming about rs 49100

    so what in your opinion should i do to reduce the price to nearly less then rs 45000 or shall i wait for the pc component prices to go down .
    plz advice me .
    in a eager wait for your reply .
    thank you in advance.

    1. Roshan,

      1) I dont think the prices will go down soon
      2) U can go for lower graphics card for now and upgrade later
      ex : AMD HD 6770 - Rs.7400
      3) power supply, go for Cooler Master GX 550W - Rs.4k, so that u can upgrade ur graphics card later

    2. thank you sir.
      i have one more query sir,
      my local shopkeeper is telling that cooler master extreme power plus 550w is rs.3500 + tax
      and the cooler master gx 550w is rs.4500 + tax ,

      could you plz tell me the best market price by which i may know the actual cost...


    3. also sir can you plz tell me which gfx card should i go for later on
      (p.s--wanna play battlefield 3 ,nfs run,etc high end games without lag)
      i think physx enabled(nvidia cards) would be a little better.

      and which brand would be the best (msi,asus,zotac....)

    4. Now the prices are little higher. so GX 550w for 4.5k is ok, I think.

      Go for GTX 560Ti to play latest games (Any brand is ok)

    5. thank you sir,i appreciate your advice.

  78. hi kartik,
    is gt 210 1gb grapìc card good for gaming with above specs?

    1. No GT 210 is a very basic card.

      Better go for AMD HD 6770

  79. Hi karthik,
    I m sagar, from Blore
    i m Looking for a Config that will be available For around 35K+/-4K
    I m an Intel Guy, So m not lookin for an AMD Gig.:)
    anything with a z68 chipset and integrated GPU.
    i want to add up a Graphics card some time in the future.
    will be upgrading it as and when i get some cash.
    Any suggestions...?

    1. Hi Sagar, check the post

      In that remove GPU and go for i3 processor, cabinet and power supply mentioned in the other suggestion section.

      It will come around 40k.

      In future u can add a good GPU

    2. Thanks Karthik,
      the config looks tempting :)
      How bout if i substitute the motherboard with a Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3.?
      is there any advantage in chosing a z68 chipset over a P67..
      i know it may look good on paper, but whats the ground reality? any advance in the onboard Graphics perfomance or overall advantage?

    3. I dont recommend Z68 for PC's around the budget 50k.
      Better go for P67 or H67

      Here is the difference

      P67 - Overclocking features
      H67 - Onboard graphics
      Z68 - Onboard graphics and Overclocking features

    4. K.
      Thanks 4 the help karthik
      I ll Post once i get the gig assembled.
      \m/ Peace \m/

  80. Hi karthik i wanna assemble only cpu with intel core i3 processor. I dont need ups,kb,mouse,monitor,gpu.My budget is quite low.please suggest other supported component at low price.