Monday, February 14, 2011

Best PC for around Rs.50,000–Gaming PC– 2011 (Deprecated)

Note : This is a old post, Please check the latest config here

Intel and Nvidia Combination : (Sandy Bridge)
Type Details Price (Rs)
Processor Intel Core i5 – 2500 - 3.3 GHz 10,450
Motherboard Asus P8H67-M with USB 3.0 6850
Memory Corsair 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz 1350
Hard Disk Seagate 1 TB 2750
Keyboard & Mouse Logitech Multimedia Keyboard + Mouse SET 675
Speakers Creative Inspire 5.1 T6100 3550
Optical Drive Samsung DVD Writer 950
Graphics Card Palit or Zotac GTX 560 Ti 1GB
(Don’t buy the edition without Ti suffix)
Power Supply Cooler Master GX 550W 4,100
UPS Numeric/APC 600 VA 1500
Monitor Dell ST2220M – 21.5 inch LED 7,900
Cabinet Cooler Master Elite 430 2500
Total   Rs. 55,575

Prices are as of May-June 2011 in Chennai, India.

Other options (or) Suggestions to reduce price:
Type Details Price (Rs)
Power Supply Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600W 3500
Monitor Samsung B2230 21.5’’ LCD 7650
Cabinet Zebronics Butterfly 1250
Graphics Card MSi GTX 460 1GB 9,800
Other PC and Laptop configurations :
14-Feb – Prices as of Feb 2011
14-Apr – Prices updated (Rs.750 Reduced)

28-May – Price and the below things updated
1) Processor modified from 2500K to 2500 (As many people won’t Overclock)
2) Motherboard updated from ASUS P8H67-MLX (As it doesn’t have USB3)
3) RAM updated from Transcend 4 GB DDR3 RAM
4) Power Supply modified from Zebronics 600 Watts Platinum
5) Cabinet updated from Zebronics Butterfly
Price increased by -
23-July-2011 – Prices updated and few changes
18-Sep-2011 – Prices updated and the below changes
1) Motherboard updated from Asus P8H67-M-LE to Asus P8H67-M
2) Monitor updated from Samsung B2030N – 20 inch LCD
3) Power supply updated from Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600W


  1. Pls help.. i am planning to buy a new computer(desktop), and i want a powerhouse.. I am not at all updated with what is going on in the market.. if you can suggest anything please do.. my budget at max.. including a 23-24" monitor and 5.1 speakers is Rs.1,10,000.
    I am planning to either buy or assemble a cmplete entertainment sys.
    ppl say AMD and ATI is the ultimate combination...but the same crowd also says that intel and nvidia makes an ultimate combination....AAAAhhhh...confused!!
    please research from ur end as well...
    phenom II or i7???
    ATI or NVIDIA GPU? which model?
    etc.. etc... you know what all...
    i am particularly looking for a very good motherboard.
    apart from this....

  2. @Siddharth, Please give me some time, I will work for your budget and post the detailed information.

    I will come up with the best config for ur budget.

  3. Plz help.....
    currently my PC configuration is
    Core2Duo E4500 2.20Ghz
    Ram-Trancend 2GB DDR2
    Motherboard- Intel 945GCNL
    Harddrive-160GB intel SSD n 1TB Seagate
    GPU-Galaxy GeForce 9500GT DDR3 512MB[SLI Support]
    Cabinate-CoolerMaster GLite 430Black with Cooler master 500Watts Extream SMPS With 12W Hard drive colling fan n 1 Extra 12w Cooling fan

    but the problem is it runs smoothly but lag too much while playing games so i am planning to upgrade some parts
    Motherboard- ASUS P7P55 Deluxe + Intel Core i5 2500k
    RAM-2*2GB Corsair 1600 DDR3 Ram/1*4GB Corsair 1600 DDR3
    will this new combo help me to play lag free games n will support my SMPS

    Waiting for ANS.......

  4. Hi Prakash,

    Your old config is really out dated to play latest games.

    Regarding you upgrade
    CPU : Intel Core i5 2500K (Excellent choice) - But you need to check the availability in you locality, as it is a very new processor

    Motherboard : ASUS P7P55 Deluxe (Wrong choice) - You cannot use this P55 board for core i5 2500k, it needs P67 or H67
    You can go for ASUS P8H67-MLX or Galaxy H67

    RAM : 2*2GB Corsair 1600 DDR3 (Excellent choice)
    1*4GB is not recommened, but does not affect much

    GPU : ASUS ENGTS450 (Good choice), but if u can increase your budget by 3500 go for GTX 460

    Cooler master 500Waats is enough for ur new config.

    Also u can ROCK with the new config in Games.

  5. @Siddharth

    Here is the config, which you asked. For such a highend PC Intel-nvidia is the best.

    Hope you like it

  6. @Karthik-

    CPU-i5 2500k
    MOBO-Asus P8P67 Deluxe
    Ram-G.SKILL Ripjaws X 4GB DDR3 1600 F3-12800CL6D-4GBXH NEW[2*2Gb,6-8-6-24-2N]

    HSF-CoolerMaster Hyper N520
    GPU-Totally confused betn [Gtx 460] n [Gtx 560 Ti][$60 comes with SLI support what abt 560]
    GTX560 Ti-

    Cathods- Logisys 12"Inch duel cold cathods CCFL kit[BLUE]
    HDD-Intel 160GB SSD n Seagate 1TB

    Once again Cooler Master 500watts Ex stream PSU will support this new configuration.Plz ans me its urgent

    n Once Again thx BUDDY

  7. @Prakash

    You new config is super.

    Gtx 560 is a very new GPU, so it will cost more. Also it is just 20-25% faster than GTX 460.
    If you can increase your budget go for GTX 560 ti.

    Regarding power supply : ur cooler master 500 w is enough if you go for GTX 460 (min needed : 450w).

    If you go for GTX 560 (min needed : 500w) ur power supply is enough, but since u r adding CoolerMaster Hyper N520 and Logisys 12"Inch duel cold cathods CCFL kit[BLUE] it is advisable to have little bit more.

    If u can raise ur budget by Rs.5000 get a new power supply
    Corsair 650TX or Corsair 750TX will be apt for ur new rig.

  8. Hello Karthik,
    I am Ajaiy
    I would like to assemble a gaming pc,
    the specs are
    i7 2600k
    And I want a 1GB graphic card for high end gaming
    also I will be adding a graphic card in SLI mode in future
    Can u please suggest me a good graphic card and 8GB ram and the corresponding motherboard ,and the wattage of power supply unit
    Thanks in advance.. :)

  9. Hi Ajaiy,

    What is ur budget?

    If it is around 1 Lakh, then go for
    2 x GTX 460 1GB in SLI mode (Rs. 21,000)

    Then 8GB for RAM is not useful for gaming PC, 4GB is enough. 8GB is needed only for high end photo editing jobs.

    Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD5
    Power Supply : Corsair 750TX 750Waats Power Supply

    Check my other blog in the below link for more details

  10. Ajaiy:
    Thanks for the config,
    My budget is around 70k but i would like the cost to be a little low,I want to upgrade to SLI mode in future only,Is 460 a good GPU in single mode?.
    I will switch to SLI in like 8 months.
    Can u please help?

  11. Single GTX 460 1GB is also a great GPU.
    It will cost around Rs.10,500.

    But if you plan to go SLI in future, buy a motherboard that supports SLI.

  12. Ajaiy:
    The Motherboard you suggested supports SLI right?
    Am staying in Chennai,do you know any reliable place where I can get the components?

  13. Yes the motherboard supports SLI.

    The best palce in chennai is
    Ritchie Street, Chennai.
    Ph : 044 42168814.

    I buy all my components here.
    Call and talk to them, before going.

  14. Ajaiy:
    Thanx a lot bro,
    I was really confused abt the mobo and the gpu,
    Thanks for the help.

  15. Hello kartik

    my new configuration is
    core i5 2500
    asus p8p67 pro (B3 revision)
    corsair 1600mhz 2x2gb ddr 3 xms series
    cooler master n520 hsf
    asus nvidia gtx560 graphics(factory overclocked)
    corsair 750tx psu
    250gb n 1tb seagate barracuda hdd
    lg sata dvd rw

    Everything is fine with hardware now problem is when I try to install fresh copy of win7 ulti after install it option it ask me for cd/dvd drive drivers.i tried all driver cds plus tried to I install 7 from usb no use still asking for drivers....i dont know what to do if u know any solution plz help me

  16. Hi Prakash, ur new config is awesome.
    Please post the price also, so that it would be useful for others.

    Regarding ur problem : Please post exactly, what error or info it shows, so that I can help u.

  17. Also tell me, which version of windows 7 u r trying to install. is it original copy?

  18. @Prakash, You can also check the solution 2 and 3 in the below link

  19. @kartik
    problem solved .the problem was cd(corrupted) just used new copy

    cpu- core i5 2500-11200(Amd phenom 2 x6 1090-10500)
    mobo-asus p8p67 pro-13900(dont reffer net price its costly mobo)
    ram-corsair xms series 2*2gb ddr3 1600mhz-2800
    gpu-asus engtx560 ti directcu II/1gd5-16200
    psu-corsair 750tx -7250
    Hsf-cooler master n520 cpu cooler-2725
    keyboard-logitech g110-3450
    mouse-microsoft sidewinder x6-2625
    Dvd drive-asus(dont know model)-1100
    Hdd-1tb segate barracuda sata3 7200rpm-2700
    case-coolermaster elite 430(excellent case wth cpu cooler n hdd fan n 1extra fan my system temp while playing games is 34 deg c)-2700
    monitor-lg m227wa 22" inch tv monitor(got tata sky free with 6month sub)-12900
    Sound-phillips 2.1 system-2500

  20. Total=82050
    Amd processors prices are down in this months n also ram.AMD phenomII x6 1090(6core 9mb cashe,black edition) only for use I already have i5. Kash maine phele price pucha hota. But still happy with my rig

  21. Sry its microsoft sidewinder x5
    x6 is key board

  22. hey karthik...
    im looking 4 buying a gaming pc under 50000
    plzz suggest me entire config with approx price .....
    ps:nvidia or ati raedon graphic card preferred

  23. @^ The specs in my post is the best as of now for around Rs.50,000.
    If u want to reduce the price go for GTS 450 graphics card and Intel Core i3-2120. These will reduce the price by another Rs 6000

  24. Hello dude... sry to say but u wrote ur hard disk memory as 1 GB... pls try to change it.... By the where did u buy ur gtx 460 and why GALAXY

  25. @^ Thanks,updated it to 1TG. Galaxy and Msi Gtx 460 has custom cooling, so they are better.

    I bought my Msi Gtx 460 at
    Ritchie Street, Chennai.
    Ph : 044 42168814.

  26. Pls say me the rate of ur purchase of Msi gtx 460 and what is the rate of the cheapest PSU which will be able to run gtx 460

  27. My MSi GTX 460 1GB Overclocked Version price
    Rs 11,000 + 400 VAT. Total Rs 11,400.

    Best Cheapest PSU for GTX 460 :
    Cheapest - Zebronics 500w - Rs. 2000
    Better - Zebronics 600w - Rs. 3000
    Best - Corsair 550Tx - Rs. 4000

  28. Thanxx a lot bro .... But I called SreeInfotech and asked them the rate of MSI gtx 460 ...But they told it to be around 12500 ...

    pls help me out in this... Iam huving a dual core processor and If i buy a MSI gtx 460 .... will i be able to play high end gamzz which require a minimum of a core 2 duo processor.....

  29. They will tell like that only, tell them that u r my friend and I refered you.

    Tell me what exactly ur processor number and speed.

    It is not good to combine a low end processor with high end GPU like GTX 460

  30. Pentium E5200 at 2.50 GHZ...... If its not good wat else processor can i buy and my Motherboard is ASUS P5KPL AM/PS.... and thanx a lot for ur kind help

  31. Your Processor is O.K, but still not recommended to combine with GTX 460. (But u can do it and play games in good settings)

    Suggestion 1 : Change ur mother broad, processor and RAM to Core i5 and then buy GTX 460

    Suggestion 2 : Buy GTX 460 now and upgrade to Core i5 later.

    Suggestion 3 : Upgrade to Core i5 now and buy GTX 460 later

    Core i5 details u can get from my blog above.

  32. How about core 2 duo processors without changing the mother board and is 2GB ram enough for gaming .......

  33. @Kartik...
    Hi.. iam planing 4 buying new gaming case
    my budget is 13k~14k..
    plz suggest me better case with big space n cooling..
    Cooler Master haf x is good but need more choice

  34. @Anonymous
    If u want to change the processor alone go for Intel Core 2 Duo E8500, price will be around Rs. 8000, but not sure about the availability.

  35. @Prakash, 13k to 14k for Case is very high, it is enough to send between 6k-7k

    Some suggestions:
    Cooler Master Storm Scout - Rs 6000
    Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced - Rs. 5400

  36. @Anonymous 2Gb is enough, but it would be good if u have 3GB, add 1GB

  37. What r the use of Sound cards .. ???

  38. Hi karthik,
    Im planning to assemble a new gaming pc (around 40k) in 2days for my brother. My config is
    intel core i3 540 (LGA1156)
    intel DH55TC
    4GB RAM Trans
    Seagate 1 TB
    Dell or samsung monitor
    i m very much confused on graphics card pls suggest me suitable GPU.
    ---------------Thanks in Advance----------------

  39. @Anonymous, I am using Creative X-fi Xtreme Gamer sound card. It has the below advantages over normal motherboard sound card

    1. Pure noiseless audio quality in MP3, videos and games.
    2. reproduction of very minute sounds.
    3. Increased number of voices in games.(In parallel)
    4. Super surround sound effect.
    5. 3D sound.

    All of these you can get, only if you use ur sound card with a very good 5.1 speakers.
    Cheap speakers is of no use with a sound card.

    Really u can experience the power of sound card with a descent speakers.

  40. @shanmugagopi
    You can choose any one of the two
    GTS 450 - Rs. 7000
    GTX 460 - Rs. 11,000

    One more suggestion, you have choosen LGA1156 (old model i.e first generation i3 and i5), instead go for Second Generation i3 or i5 with LGA1155 sandy bridge board.

  41. Iam using Sony MDR ZX 300 computer headphone... Does it require a Sound card

  42. @^ It is a nice Headphone to experience the power of a Sound Card, still I recommend a descent 5.1 speakers to use a sound card.

  43. Hi Karthik,
    Thank u for ur suggestions. Now i made some changes on my spec.
    mobo----Asus-p8h67-m lx-----5800
    hdd-----seagate 500gb-------1750
    dvd-----samsung dvd wr------850
    smps----zebronics 500w------1850
    monit---del led 20"---------6850
    gpu-----msi gtx460----------11400
    ups-----numeric 600w--------1500
    I simply removed the speaker and changed the cpu to i3 from ur spec. Is this spec is ok or ive to change anything. Pls suggest any retailer coz im new to chennai. Thank u very much for ur support keep it up.
    ---------------Thanks in Advance----------------

  44. @shanmugagopi
    Good Configuration, But two suggestion, Go for

    Zebronics 600w - Rs. 2950 (500w is enough, but to be in the safer side, since u r going to use GTX 460 and future proof)
    Seagate 1TB - Rs. 2650 (You might need more space in future, if playing games)

    The best palce in chennai are

    Ritchie Street, Chennai.
    Ph : 044 42168814.

    Delta Peripherals
    Nakoda Plaza, No.17, Narasingapuram St., Ritchie Street, Chennai
    Ph.: +91-44- 28521607, 28521572

    Check for price in both the places and choose. If calling SreeInfoTech, tell that u are my friend.

  45. Hi karthik,
    Thank u for ur suggestions. I need DB9(RS232) port. Pls tell me the availability of pci to DB9 card and how much it will cost.
    ---------------Thanks in Advance-----------------

  46. @shanmugagopi
    You can check the below links, u might get even cheaper at Rtchie Street

  47. Hi karthik,
    Thank u for ur suggestions.

  48. hey Karthik,
    my pc configuration-
    dual core intel 2.80Ggz
    2GB DDR2
    screen resolution - 1600X900
    Plz suggest me a best PCI-E graphic card around Rs 3000.


  49. @Ajay,
    What is ur Motherboard and power supply?
    If you have a PCI-E x16 slot and min 400w power supply.

    you can choose
    ATI 5450 1GB - Rs. 2600

    If you can increase ur budget slightly, go for
    Nvidia GT 430 1GB - Rs. 4000

  50. hi karthik.. I want to purchase a gaming pc within 50K.. The thing is branded pcs are simpler to maintain since there is only one person for warranty.. Can you suggest me a good pc?

  51. @Shravan Ravi,
    I would suggest you to go for Assembled. But if you want to go for branded. Go for

    Dell XPS 8300 (Best)
    Dell Inspiron Desktop 560 (O.K)

  52. Hii Kartik,

    my self Gaurav, i just wana know ,, all the above configaration u didnt sapicy abt the cooling fans or other for the processors.. i am new in this feild so just i wana know... plzz help me and can u tell me the latest and best config for pc abt 80000 Rs and...

    with - usb 3 , sli,3d,i7,cabinet,cooling things,overclocking,wireless mouse keyboard,power supply, etc..

    it would be helpful for me if u do it for me...

  53. Hey Karthik, I wanted to build a gaming PC for around Rs. 50000, and your config is spot on.
    But, I was just wondering if it would be easier to buy a XPS 8300 and upgrade the graphics card?
    Also, which one do you personally think is better, the AMD rig or the Intel one?

    I live near Delhi, and I don't know any place that has all the hardware. So do you, by any chance, know a good shop?
    If not, is there any place where I can get it online, except ebay, of course?

  54. @Gaurav,
    CPU coolers are needed only if u r going to over clock ur CPU. Else it is not needed.

    1. Please check my other blog for ultra high end PC

    2. Previously, one of my blog reader build the below machine for 80,000. Hope this helps

    cpu- core i5 2500-11200
    mobo-asus p8p67 pro-13900
    ram-corsair xms series 2*2gb ddr3 1600mhz-2800
    gpu-asus engtx560 ti directcu II/1gd5-16200
    psu-corsair 750tx -7250
    Hsf-cooler master n520 cpu cooler-2725
    keyboard-logitech g110-3450
    mouse-microsoft sidewinder x6-2625
    Dvd drive-1100
    Hdd-1tb segate barracuda sata3 7200rpm-2700
    case-coolermaster elite 430(excellent case wth cpu cooler n hdd fan n 1extra fan my system temp while playing games is 34 deg c)-2700
    monitor-lg m227wa 22" inch tv monitor(got tata sky free with 6month sub)-12900
    Sound-phillips 2.1 system-2500

    (Both the configs have most of your requirement)

  55. @Achintya

    1. yes u can upgrade the graphics card for XPS 8300
    2. Intel is slightly better than AMD
    3. Sorry, I dont know any place in Delhi.
    4. You can purchase Dell XPS 8300 in the official Dell page itself, u can even customize it

    check this

  56. hHi karthik,
    i;'m ADITYA from JAMMU.

    i'm really really much confused wheather to buy a laptop or to go for a desktop. well i'm only gonna use it for entertainment purposes like hard gaming, budget is 50000, deviations only till 1500-2000k. i really like laptop as it is really handy, and thats where i dont like pc's they are so big, but there pc makes me jealous as i can get better features at the same price as compared to a laptop. please please help me bro. i'v selected a laptop dell XPS 15. and about a desktop plz suggest me. thank you :)

  57. @Aditya,
    Dont get confused. For PURE Entertainment and Gaming GO FOR DESKTOP.

    Dont ever go for Laptop for gaming and entertainment.

    Dell XPS 15 is a good laptop, but if u built the desktop rig given in my blog post, it will be 2 times faster and better at the same price.

    If u r a casual gamer or never play games go for Laptop. Or else Desktop ROCKS :-)

  58. thanx kartik....


    but ill be going for a Nvidia graphics card. tell me about it, which one 2 opt for? zotek nvidia GTX 460, i'v heard of it?
    and what does this 2500k means here---> (Intel Core i5 – 2500K 3.3 GHz)....SORRY its my 1st pc & i dont know any thing about it. and now finally i hav found an EXPERT so i'm not gonna let you go. :P
    i heard that i5 is having some problems from a dell employee. BUT i think i5 with a 3.3Ghz is really gonna ROCK. also what about the 2nd generation quad icore processors ? and should i install USB 3.0 and bluetooth 3.0 in it?

  60. and one more thing there may be alot more new updates else than QUAD core prcessors etc, since february SO CAN YOU WASTE SOME OF YOUR PRECIOUS TIME FOR ME & AGAIN CUSTOMISE A DESKTOP FOR ME WITH ALL THE NEW FAST STUFF IN IT within 50000K.

  61. @Aditya,

    1. Any Nvidia GTX 460 is o.k, better go for MSI or Galaxy or Zotac.

    2. Intel Number their processors in increasing order, for example in Core i5 2nd generation processor
    i5 2300 - 2.8 GHz
    i5 2400 - 3.1 GHz
    i5 2500 - 3.3 GHz
    i5 2500K - 3.3 GHz and is unlocked, can be overclocked more.

    3. Regarding problem with core i5 : Yes 2 months back, sandy bridge motherboards had some hardware problem. But now every thibng is fine, No need to worry.

    4. Suggested Core i5 2500k is a second generation core i5 with quad core in it.

    5. USB 3 is there in the suggested motherboard. Buletooth you can buy a seperate dongle for Rs. 250

    6. Already the config in my post is updated with the latested hardware as of April 2011. So you can straight away go for it. :-)

  62. thanxx thanxx thanxx :) thanxx

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. bro what about sound card ?? reply fast as i'v given ur configuration 2 my brother, he assemble's pc's.

  65. @^ Aditya,
    Regarding Sound Card go for
    Asus Xonar DX 7.1 Channel - Rs. 4500
    Creative X-fi Xtreme Gamer - Rs. 4000

  66. hey kartik

    myself gaurav.. i have a problem

    1- i need a fast broadband wireless connection which is unlimited.. and bro the major problem is that i have to run that wireless net in 2 pc,s kept on ground floor and first floor... can u tell me is there is something which devides the wireless connection into 2 pcs throught ethernet wire....

    recently i saw bsnl data card. in which i get 3g speed for rs 1499 per month... unlimited .. so which is better.. plzz help me....

  67. Hey kartik
    Rohan Here

    i am goin to get a new pc around 65k.and this pc will be only for entertainment like for Hardcore games and HD video experience so can u tell me which is better CPU??
    Intel i5 2500. or AMD phenom x2 6 cores....
    and is ATI 6750 is better or N-vidia GTX 480???and can u tell me what is SSD drive and its necessary to buy SSD drive????

  68. Hello mr karthick,

    This is arun and i want a best pc config for gaming around Rs 50,000.

  69. @gaurav, give me some time, I will work on ur question and will answer shortly.

  70. @Rohan,
    Best CPU : Intel Core i5 2500, even tho AMD has 6 cores, practically Core i5 is better

    GTX 480 is far better than HD 6750. Also I would recommend u to go for any one of GTX 460 < GTX 560 < GTX 570.

    SSD means Solid State drive, in theory they say SSD is 5 times faster than Hard Disk. But in practical test it shows SSD is only 10 - 20% faster.
    With SSD you can boot faster and launch applications faster.

    SSD is almost equal to 10,000 RPM Hard Disk.

    If you have enough money, you can buy a SSD and HArd Disk, and use the SSD as System Partition adn Hard Disk for other files.

    Or else simple go for HDD.

  71. @arun, The config in my post is already updated with the latest hardware. Simply go for it.

  72. Hello Karthick,
    Can i go for a 24"monitor and want to know the cost of ssd.Is 2 tb hard disk can be added.

  73. If you are buying a 24' monitor, it needs a better graphics card to support the higher resolution, 20' will be nice for gaming and entertainment.

    SSD are very costly :
    Kingston 30 GB Rs.3600
    Kingston 64 GB Rs.7900
    Kingston 128 GB Rs.12500

    Better dont go for SSD.

    2TB Hard Disk price : Rs 4550

  74. hello karthik. pls suggest me the cpu pricing around 30k to 35k only.. with i3 or i5 processor

  75. @Vino, Only CPU for 30k or the whole config

    Config for 30K :

  76. i m interested in
    cpu- core i5
    sujjest me the suitable mobo with graphic card(support all games).....i m a gaming freak

  77. CPU-AMD Phenom 2 x6 1100T
    MB-Asus M4A88TD M EVO/
    RAM-2x2gb Kingston ddr3 1333

    HD-Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm
    Graphics Card-Sapphire radeon
    Optical Drive-LG DVD RW
    Cabinet-Cooler Master Elite 430
    Power Supply-Cooler Master
    extreme power plus 460W
    Moniter-Samsung syncmaster
    20inch TFT
    Input Devices-Logitech keyboard
    mouse combo
    Speakers-Creative 5.1
    I am considering of buying this configuration,what do u think,any advices

  78. @Sonu, Config looks good, but I recommend two things

    1) Change the graphics card to AMD Radeon HD 6850
    2) And Power supply to min of 500w, eXtreme Power Plus 500W or greater.

  79. @VINOD,
    It is not good and tough to build Core i5 for 30k.

  80. ok...
    i ll manage
    Can you tell me the graphic card for the upper conf. by you in between (5k to 6k)other than Galaxy or MSi GTX 460 GC 1GB.........plz

  81. @Vinod,

    1) Check
    GT 430 - Rs 4,000
    HD 5670 - Rs 5,400


    2) If u can increase ur budget
    GTS 450 - Rs 7,000
    HD 5750 - Rs 7,100

  82. Thank u.U r rite 6850 s better than u have written 6850 is 11000 rs and 5750 is 7000 rs,I guess i have to cut down on other things to get 6850.I ll compensate on other things to get good graphics

  83. Hi karthic

    Rohan here again can u please check the configuration made and suggest the changes

    Intel Core i5 – 2500K 3.3 GHz
    P8P67 PRO REV 3.0 - New P67 B3 Revision
    corsair 6(2X 3)gb ram
    Seagate 1 TB
    Logitech Keyboard + Mouse SET
    creative 5.1 speakers
    Samsung DVD Writer
    Zotac GTX 560 ti/or MSI GTX 560 ti 1 Gb
    Zebronics 600 Watts Platinum
    Numeric 600 VA
    LG 22"LED Monitor
    and cabinet can you suggest the good cabinet

  84. @Rohan,

    1) If u r going to install 6 GB, then u need to instal 64-bit version of windows.

    2)Cabinet : If u dont like Zebronics go for Elite 310 - Around Rs.2000

    3) Other things looks great

  85. broooo.... i'm not getting the motherboaard recommended by you in the market i.e. ASUS P8H67-MLX,,,,, so is there any other board with same configuration you would like to suggest me... plzz brother reply ASAP and ya i'v already ordered ZOTAC GTX 460 1GB for rs, 9,200 from delhi... .. WAITING FOR YOUR REPLYY :)

  86. @Anonymous,
    If ASUS P8H67-MLX is not available go for
    MSI H67MA-E35 or
    Gigabyte H67M-D2-B3

  87. hey kartik

    myself gaurav.. i have a problem

    1- i need a fast broadband wireless connection which is unlimited.. and bro the major problem is that i have to run that wireless net in 2 pc,s kept on ground floor and first floor... can u tell me is there is something which devides the wireless connection into 2 pcs throught ethernet wire....

    recently i saw bsnl data card. in which i get 3g speed for rs 1499 per month... unlimited .. so which is better.. plzz help me....

    kartik do u kow something of openvpn

  88. ADITYA SEHGAL said...

    bro now graphic card.. :(

    im not getting ZOTAC GTX 460 1GB in market.. instead i found MSI GTX 460 worth rs, 10,800. but i read in some other blogs that zotac was given more rating than msi and galaxy...

  89. @Gaurav,
    1) Wireless Internet connection will promise high speed upto 7 Mbps. But normally they will be very slow. Some times it will not connect at all.

    2) 3G connections are now providing good speed, but that is also not guaranteed in ur area.

    3) I will recommend u to go for landline connection.(Airtel preferred, if not available go for BSNL)

    4) To share connection with 2 or more PCs. Buy a good wireless router. By this way you can share between ground and first floor.
    Note : Dont forget to password protect ur router.

    5) OpenVPN is a Virtual Private Network software. Which is used to created Private LAN kind of network thru internet. (Normally for LAn, all PCs will be in the same place, but with VPN they can be in different place connected by internet)

    1) Zotac Overclocked version is slightly better than Msi OC edition. But the difference is very less, say 2-5%. That to in High resolutions.

    2) I am using Msi OC edition, it is excellent.

    3) Msi coolers are better than all other cards including Zotac.

    4) Dont worry go for Msi it will be very nice

  91. ADITYA SEHGAL said. . . .

    ok ... BUT still im trying to find zotac.... can you tell me the exact model number of the zotac card as there are many of them on internet... i think this is the one we'r looking for.. ! (ZOTAC GeForce GTX 460 1GB 256-bit,PCI-E Exprs MODEL-[ZT-40402-10P]) here's the link to that card ----->

  92. and if also provide full description of MSi oc card as even they have a lot of models in GEforce GTX 460 OC 1GB DDR5.

  93. @Aditya,
    1) Fastest Zotac GTX 460 : ZOTAC AMP! GeForce GTX 460
    Link :

    2) Fastest MSi Card : N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5/OC
    Link :

  94. Aditya Sehgal said . . .
    thanx for replying brother:)
    Sorry one more question what about their prices ? I hope it's not more than 11k. Because then it will upset the whole budget.

  95. @Adithya,
    MSi GTX 460 : Rs. 10,800 + tax
    Zotac Gtx 460 : Is not available in Chennai. Price will be around Rs. 11,000

  96. @^ Exact Zotac Amp GTX 460 1GB price : Rs. 10740 + tax

  97. Aditya said . . .
    Bro zotac gtx 550 ti is cheaper than gtx 460 amp.
    But gtx 550ti has bigger memory and clock memory also.

  98. @Aditya, But GTX 460 is faster than GTX 550ti. Because GTX 550ti has 192 cores while GTX 460 has 336 cores.

  99. HI ,
    i am looking to purchase a good gaming laptop to experience most fps games from 2011 up to 2014 when i plan to purchase a better desktop.For now i wanna spend not more than 50k rupees on a laptop for work/games.Can you suggest a good rig.
    I dont want to purchase a laptop with a processor whose speed is below 3Ghz,kindly direct me to a company other than dell or alienware.I am looking for the best bang for my buck instead of a good brand name

    Thanks in advance

  100. @troubledgamer223,

    It is not possible to suggest a gaming loptop for Rs50k.

    You can play games in low config with the below lap

    Also u can check this

  101. Hi ,

    i am going to upgrade my pc

    1. graphic card
    2. cabinet
    3. adding 4 gb ram
    (already have 4 gb ocz DDR2 pc2-6400 Titanium CL4)

    For graphic card..i was thinking of buying ATI 6970..or is there anything better in the range ?
    could plz suggest me which model(company) i should go for ?

    For cabinet ... i need one which could fit my card, have a buget of 6000 for the case.
    which one should i go for ?

    For ram..can i add ddr2 ram with higher speed than the one i have ? (MB-gigabyte EP45-ud3l)
    which one should i go for ?

    Thank you

  102. @Vineeth,

    1) Graphics card : go for
    ATI 6970 : If u play at High Resolutions > (2560x)
    Price : Rs. 20,000
    Company to go : XFX, Asus

    GTX 570 : If u play at Lower Resolutions < (2560x)
    Price : Rs. 19,500
    Company to go : MSi, Galaxy, Asus, Zotac

    Make sure u have 600w power supply (550w min)

    2) Cabinet
    Cooler Master Chassis Scout - Rs. 6000
    Cooler Master HAF912 - Rs. 5800
    Antec Six Hundred - Rs. 4800

    3)If u add Ram with higher clock speed than the one u have now, then both will operate in the lower speed. So better go for the same speed as u have now.
    Transcend and Kingston are fine

  103. thanks Karthik for ur quick response...

    So ur saying that gtx570 is better performer in lower resoluiton than 6970...i mostly play at 1920
    So which card would be future proof(currently using ati 4870 1gb)

    will the cabinet metioned fit the ati 6970 ?

    will go for the ram of the same speed .

    Thank you.

  104. @Vineeth
    1) Go for any of GTX 570 or ATI 6970 (personal choice), both are good
    2) Yes the cabinet will support both cards

  105. KARTIK



  106. thanks karthik ...i bought a asus 6970 direct CU2,
    HAF 912 and ocz ram.

    thanks again for ur help

  107. Hi Karthik ,

    have a problem..

    the Asus 6970 direct CU2 G-card requires two 8 pin pci express power supply while my 600 w cooler master has two 6 pin adapter.

    is there any way to connect 8 pins to 6 pin ?

    also on the G-card box they say it requires 700W
    power supply. So will my current Power supply work ? or do i need to buy a new one ?

  108. @^ Vineeth, the min power supply required for ur graphics card is 550w

    Check this :

    You need 6-pin to 8-pin converter, normally that might come with ur Graphics Card.
    What is the exact power supply u have?(Model)

    If u dont have one, no problem u can get two 6 pin to 8 pin Power Adapter Cable. (The shop keeper might have told u while purchasing, isnt?)

  109. @Gaurav,

    Hope this helps (Might slightly vary in Windows 7)

  110. @Vineeth, if u have Cooler Master extreme power 600w, u already have 2 8-pin adapter, check this
    (pci 6+2pin x2)

  111. na checked has 6 x 2 pins *extreme power duo 600 w

  112. which power supply should i go for and also the 4 gb ram i got from ocz is has different class timing than the one i had .
    (Titanium series 4-4-4@2.2v old) (gold series 5-5-5@1.8v new)

    should i replace it ?

  113. @Vineeth,
    1) U dont need a new power supply, just buy two 6-pin to 8-pin converter.

    2) Ram timing u can mix, shouldn't be a problem. But to make sure it works, test with the win 7 memtest in the boot screen. Or use the memtest software

  114. @ Here is the image of the converter

  115. the card came with one 6 x 2 pin to 8x 1 pin should i connect both of my 6 pin to the single 6 to 8 pin adapter which came with the card ?

  116. or do i need two of those ?

  117. @Vineeth,

    1) Ur HD 6970 needs two 8-pin PCI-Ex power cable. (they have given 2 8-pin input to make sure it gets enough power while overclocking and using it in very high resolutions.)

    2) Ur Power supply have two 6-pin connector

    3) connect the 6 pin x 2 to 8x 1 pin adapter (Which u mentioned) into the graphics card's first 8-pin power input.

    5)start the machine and play some games. If is work without any problem continue using it.

    6) If it restarts without proper power, buy two 6-pin to 8-pin converter and connect them in the two 8-pin inputs.

    PIC :

  118. @^, It should work with just one 8-pin, also without power if ur pc restarts no problem, it wont affect any thing

  119. hi..i tried with the one 8 pin as you said didnt work...will buy an extra 6 pin to 8 pin adapter.

    also does the card requirement include any certain Mother board ? (GA-EP45-UD3L)

  120. the above MB is wat i am using.

  121. @vineeth, it is not mother board dependent.
    It needs only a 1 x PCI Express x16 slot.

    Let me know, after installing it.

  122. hi dude my self gaurav again

    my friend need to upgrade his pc he just need to change his mother board and processor+ ram can u plzz suggest chganges
    within 10 k plzz

  123. c. kartik

    my friend current config ... he has hp pavilion a6330in model dual core 1.6 ghz e2140
    1 gb ram
    hp intel combination board.. 945gct-m which supports up to core to duo e4300 dude plzz help me... and i have send u fb request plzz add me bro

  124. planning to buy a gaming pc ....which graphics card will be better gtx 460 or hd 6850 ?? and suggest a config along with this gpu which will be around 32000...plzz reply..need some expert advice....

  125. @gaurav,
    Normally branded PC's are assembled in a different way, always it is not possible to upgrade it.

    So before u plan to upgrade, call the HP helpdesk or a technician and confirm, whether u can upgrade it.

    If so, go for the below config

    Processor - Intel Core i3 – 2100 3.1 GHz Rs. 5800
    Motherboard - Intel DH61WW Rs.3200
    Memory - Transcend 2x2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz Rs.1850

    IMP : Lot of things need to be considered, before upgrading, is ur power suplly enough, is it compatible etc. So Check with the technician abt upgrade with this config

  126. @Biswajit, Both are almost equal it is personal choice, I prefer GTX 460.

    Also 32000 is too les for gaming PC, u can check this

  127. Dear Karthik
    Plz give a best perfomance pc with amd processor under 35k

  128. Hello karthik
    Please give details on best Gaming pc under 30k without monitor, speaker and ups which plays all latest games.

  129. @Azad and Anonymous, I have internet connectivity problem, will reply to ur questions soon, in a couple of days

  130. bro i thought that the previous motherboard p8h67 mlx already has usb 3.0 .. :(

    now i asked my (sanjay)dealer at nehru place, he said it has just been released - p8h67 mle, so it is not in the markets right now.. !!! what to do now?
    suggest any other board with usb 3.0, and also are dere any boards with wifi @ this price ???

    and 1 gud news i hv bought zotac gtx 460 AMP! for 11,000 from nehru place.

  131. @Aditya,
    Check these

    Gigabyte H67N-USB3-B3 - Rs 6,500
    Intel DH67BL has USB3 - Rs 5,000

    wi-fi is there is very few high-end boards, better buy a wi-fi router separately.

  132. @Adithya, Also u need a wireless adaptor to connect ur PC to the wifi router.

  133. hi karthik
    i am nirav
    plz advise me on my build?

    CPU - Intel i5 2500k
    MOBO - Intel DH67BL
    PSU - Corsair gs600
    GPU - Asus geforce gtx 560ti directcu II top
    RAM - 4GB Corsair DDR3 1600
    CABINET- Cooler master HAF 922
    HD - Seagate 1 TB
    DVD/W - Samsung
    MONITER- Samsung LED 22inch

    my budget is around 60000 rs

  134. @Nirav, Good, but I have the below sugggestions

    1) Go for i5 2500 instead of i5 2500k, if u r not planning to overclock.

    2) Try to get Asus or Gigabyte motherboard, as they give additional feature like UEFI (Better than traditional BIOS) and other cool features. (But all comes at a price)

    3) Dont go for 1600Mz ram, as ur Processor and Motherboard only supports 1333Mz speed, even if u plug a 1600 Mz ram it will work in 1333Mz.

    Dont forget to get a good UPS.
    Other than these others looks great


  136. @Nirav, Intel CPU works best with other company boards like Asus and Gigabyte, than Intel board.

    Gigabyte H67N-USB3-B3 - Rs 6,500
    Asus P8H67-M-LE with USB 3.0 - Rs 6,500
    MSI H67MA-E35 - Rs 4,900

  137. Thanks Karthik
    I Appreciate your Help...

  138. This post helped me a lot......... thanks Karthik for this beautiful post

  139. Hi Dude

    1 - I wanted the best budget gaming sound card?
    2 - I am confused that should i buy an sli mobo
    or a normal one? at present i am not going
    to build an sli rig (thinking for future)???
    3 - i am thinking to change the cabinet as it is bit costly for my budget (7300rs)....what should i do should i change the cabinet???i liked it because i wanted led stuff and all that...what do you suggest??any other good cabinet that you could suggest??


  140. @Nirav,

    1) Sound card go for
    Creative X-fi Xtreme Gamer - Rs 4,000 or
    Asus Xonor DX 7.1 - Rs 4,500

    2) Don't go for SLI boards, as for mid-range budget single GPU solution is best

    3) Go for Cooler Master Elite 430 - excellent cabinet for Rs. 2500

  141. @Ar. Azad, Here is the AMD config for Rs35k

  142. Karthik could you plz tell me the price of asus gtx 570 directcu?


  143. @Nirav,

    Asus GTX 570 - Rs. 20,000
    Msi GTX 570 - Rs. 19,100
    Zotac GTX 570 - Rs. 18,800

    Better go for cheaper card. As the performance difference will be less than 3-4%

  144. i heard that asus cooler are good so should i go with the asus one?
    earlier my psu was corsair 600gs do i need to change it?and if yes then with which one should i go..
    so going with an 570 instead 560 ti
    is it a good option?


  145. dude i am planning 2 configure a gamer PC so that i get to play games as well as surf the internet...i was going through the net when i found this configuration..i don't know a lot about computers and games i m just a budget is 25000 max what is the best i can get with this money...and what games can i play with the configured machine, i live in kolkata..plz help me out

    Processor- AMD Athlon X4 645 (3.1Ghz) =Rs:6000/-
    Motherboard- Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H =Rs:5500/-
    Cabinet- Coolermaster Elite 430 =Rs:2700/-
    PSU- Coolermaster Extreme power+ 600W =Rs:3700/-
    RAM- Corsair 4Gb(1x) DDR3 1333 Mhz =Rs:4500/-
    HDD- WD Caviar Green 500GB =Rs:1950/-
    TOTAL =24350/-

    is this fyn bro plz help......

  146. @Nirav,

    1) Asus and MSi cooler are better
    2) Corsair 600 w is enough for GTX 560 and GTX 570
    3) GTX 570 is better than GTX 560, but comes at a price.
    4) If u have enough money go for GTX 570 or go for GTX 560

  147. @Jojo,
    1) ur config is good but u have not included Graphics Card, which is the key for gaming.

    2) Also, 25k is too low for a good gaming PC.
    3) If u can raise ur budget to 30k+, u can get decent gaming PC.

    4) Check my other blogs, with if u can play all latest games in medium spec



  148. My mobo/cpu seem to have gone kaput so planning on getting new mobo,cpu,cabinet and ram.My current PSU,Gfx card:Corsair VX550,HD 4870.M7y budget:20-25k.Would be nice if can also fit in a 1 TB hard disk.Dont plan to game too much over the next year or so.Mainlly might play a few games like witcher 2.

  149. @Shyam,
    You PSU and GPU are good enough to handle latest games in low to medium specs. (So no need to change these)

    Intel Option :

    Intel Core i5 – 2500 3.3 GHz - Rs. 10,275
    Asus P8H67-M-LE with USB 3.0 - Rs. 6500
    Corsair 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz - Rs. 2200
    Seagate 1 TB - Rs. 2750
    Cooler Master Elite 430 - Rs. 2500
    Total = Rs. 24,225

    AMD Option :

    AMD Phenom II X6 – 1100T 3.3Ghz - Rs. 10,000
    Asus AMD880G M4A88TD-M EVO/USB3 - Rs. 6200
    Corsair 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz - Rs. 2200
    Seagate 1 TB - Rs. 2750
    Cooler Master Elite 430 - Rs. 2500
    Total = Rs. 23,650

    Hope this helps

  150. Thanks for the quick reply.You've also mentioned psu.No need to change it rite?

  151. K sorry my bad i guess they are cabinets.

  152. @Shyam, yes Cooler Master Elite 430 is cabinet, PSU no need to change

  153. what is the price of asus geforce gtx 570 directcu ii??
    could you please tell me??


  154. @Nirav, Already I commented

    Asus GTX 570 - Rs. 20,000
    Msi GTX 570 - Rs. 19,100
    Zotac GTX 570 - Rs. 18,800

    Better go for cheaper card. As the performance difference will be less than 3-4%

  155. AMD Phenom II X6 1100T processor
    ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 motherboard
    Seagate 250GB hard drive

    i want to know about smps power supply. can you tel me how many watts should be for this configuration.

  156. can you tell me the model name for SMPS

  157. @Adarsh,
    If you play games go for 600w power suplly. Else go for 500w power supply.

    Better go for CoolerMaster SMPS, if you want cheaper option go for Zebronics.

    One more suggestion 250GB is too low for nowadays systems, go for 1TB

  158. Thank you karthik.. i have one more doubt.
    i want to know about chennai price.
    AMD Phenom II X6 1100T processor
    ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 motherboard
    Cooler Master PSU(SMPS) Extreme Power Series 600
    Seagate 250GB hard drive.

    so please tell me the price it'l be helpfull for me to buy.

  159. @Adharsh,

    AMD Phenom II X6 1100T - Rs.9850
    ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 - Rs.8500
    Cooler Master Extreme Power Series 600 - Rs.3500
    Seagate 250GB - Rs.1625 (Dont buy this)
    Seagate 1TB - Rs.2775

    Better go for 1TB

  160. Tnk you karthik.. and one more i want to get good cabinet.. it should be in stylish. can you suggest one model.

  161. @Adharsh, What is ur budget for cabinet?

  162. @Adharsh, Check these

    iBall Velocity - Rs. 3100
    iBall Thunder Bolt - Rs. 3400
    Cooler Master Gladiator 600 - Rs. 3800
    iBall Rider - Rs. 3900
    iBall Bullets - Rs. 4200
    Antec Six Hundred - Rs. 4600
    Cooler Master HAF912 - Rs. 5800

  163. Dear Karthik
    I would be thankful if coluld suggest me configuration for a pc for doing highend 3d animation,video editing & fast rendering.In which maya,3dsmax etc would run smoothly.

  164. @Ashok, Check my other blog

  165. hi karthik

    could you please tell me the difference between h67 and p67 mobo?
    and which one to take??


  166. Can you please suggest me a Gaming PC around 35,000-40,000 with intel..thanks a lot in advance..i really liked your posts.

  167. karthick suggest me in AMD or intel .confusion is on heat issue ....... my purpose is graphic designing at home...budget 35k

  168. hi a gaming enthusiast and planning to assemble a gaming budget is around 50k and want games like witcher 2 and battlefield3 to run smoothly.....pls suggest me a wateva

  169. hii kartik my self gaurav

    i have decided to buy new cpu only...
    i have selected some items..
    1- i5 2500
    2- gtx560
    3- suggest me a gaming board
    4- suggest me a psu . plzz kartik urgent..

    my budget is of 35k overall of that 4 items

  170. dude me gaurav sorry forgot to ask a q to u that .. in my new confiq i have a 9400gt so could a SLI gtx 560 and 9400 gt..

    and i need 5- ram

    and tell me silly q i dont know that did i will get processor cooler with my cabinet or i hav to purchase it by other way..

  171. @nirav,

    H67 has on-board graphics support.
    P67 does not have one, u need a dedicated graphics card.

    Better go for H67, even if u plan to buy a grahics card. (because if ur graphics card is not working for some reason, still u can use the on-board graphics.)

  172. @sabyasachi

    Please check this.

    and use GTX 460 graphics card

  173. @Snehan,

    Use the below config

  174. @pradyumna@bangalore ,

    The config in this post is the best config for games in 50k range.

    U can play Witcher 2 and BF3 in this config at medium to high graphics.

  175. @gaurav , Sorry for the delay.

    1) Motherboard : Asus P8H67-M-LE with USB 3.0 is the best Rs. 6500
    2) Power Supply go for : Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600W Rs.3500

    Total will come near 35k

    3) U cannot SLI different cards(9400GT and GTX 560)

    4) RAMs are very cheap now, 4GB - Rs. 1500
    5) You dont need a separate Cooler, until u overclock ur components. A good Cabinet is enough.


  177. Hey kartik thanx , me gaurav

    but i hav some more q the motherboard u suggested doesnot hav sli support and u hav also said that p67 board doesnot hav onboard graphics.. but i hav heard that p67 is best for gaming.. kartik bro plzz help and or i hav to with h67 or latest z68 board chipset.. plzz help me.. yaar me aapko bohot pareshaan kar raha hu sorry.. and u hav seen my whole config ... now is my config is able to play latest game... and ha i5 2500 vs i5 2500k

  178. @Gaurav,

    1) SLi is not needed for PC around 50k. (I recommend SLI only for PCs above 1Lakh)

    2)P67 is slightly better for gaming PCs(overclock), but in case ur graphics card is not working, u cannot use ur PC at all.
    IF u have H67, u can still use ur pc with onboard graphics.

    3)z68 is similar to h67 but with overclocking option.(Dont go for this, unless u overclock)

    4) i5 2500k is similar to i5 2500, but it supports overclocking. (Personally I recommend not to overclock and go for i5 2500)

    Finally with ur latest config, u can play all latest games in high specs in a 20'-22' monitor

  179. Hey C. Karthik
    I would like to know a few things ....
    1) What are the advantages of the deluxe edition of Asus p8p67 over other editions. Would you recommend it to a gamer like me ?
    2) With an Intel i-5 2500k processor,what would be a good graphic card within the 12000-15000 rupee bracket. Also, which would be better between Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 ti and AMD-ATI Radeon HD 6870/6950.
    Also could you recommend a good PSU and Chassis for the above Motherboard/Processor/GPU combo or will the ones listed in your config make do.
    Would be very much obliged if you could mail me at
    Thanking You

  180. i was into pc gaming till mid 2010......when my pc crashed while playing Batman system is completely outdated as it cannot support latest games...i wanna buy every single piece brand new...which supports my PC gaming atleast till end of 2012 or mid 2013...m a hardcore PC gamer but not that technical,,,and does not understand too complex hardware jargon...i just knw few things that i need a good grpx card , processor and Monitor.... please suggest me how should i built a good pc system just for gaming...My budget is 30 -35 k( can b extended if required ).. i will directly purchase watever u suggest here...m live in delhi

  181. kindly leave a comment on will so kind of u
    himanshu harbola

  182. @Anonymous,
    1) Deluxe motherboard has 3 Pci-x slots for muti-gpu support.I dont recommend these motherboard, unless u are going to SLi or CrossFire. Better go for normal motherboards with single pci-x16

    2) GeForce GTX 560 Ti is the best option for that price, dont buy noraml GTX 560 with out the 'Ti' suffix.

    3) All others u can go for the parts in the blog itself.

    Sorry for the delay

  183. @himanshu harbola,

    Best Gaming PC config is not possible for Rs.30k - 35k. You can play games in low to medium specs with these config

  184. @himanshu harbola,

    If u can extend to 50k, go for the config in this post

  185. AMD Radeon HD 6950 vs Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 ti, what would you recommend ?


  187. @Animesh,

    AMD Radeon HD 6950 is slightly costlier (Rs.15,000) and better the GTX 560 Ti (Rs.14,000).

    Both of them are almost equal, its ur personal choice.

    1) If u go for 6950 just go for the 1GB version
    2) If u go for GTX 560 Ti, dont go for the GTX 560 without the Ti suffix, it is just a overclocked GTX 460.

    I personally will go for GTX 560 Ti, because of Nvidia's extras like CUDA, Physx

  188. @Anonymous,

    Thanks.. :-)

    Intel Core i5 2500 - Rs. 10,500
    MSI H67MA-E35 - Rs. 4.300
    Corsair 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz Rs.2,200
    Seagate 1 TB Rs. 2,750
    Galaxy or MSi GTX 460 1GB Rs.10,000
    Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600W Rs.3500
    Cabinet Cooler Master Elite 430 Rs.2500

  189. Hi Karthik

    I Want to Buy A good gaming LED moniter 22 or 23 or 24 inch whatever......
    i wanted to know that 2ms or 5ms response time does that really matter much in gaming i heard that all these are selling tactics...
    is this really true...and what specs should we look at while purchasing the product???
    my budget is around 12000rs...
    plz suggest me a moniter as soon as possible...


  190. hi kartik

    i want to buy a best graphic card in my budget of 6000 rs :( too low i knw bt still may u help me in finding the bst of the bst graphic card i want to play gta 4 and all latest and the upcoming games on high or medium settings plz reply asap

    Thx in Advance

  191. Hi Karthik

    Plz comment and tell me the prices of the following:-

    1) ASUS ML248H
    2) SAMSUNG S22A300B
    3) DELL ST2420L
    4) SAMSUNG S22A350H
    5) ASUS VE278Q
    6) Samsung PX2370
    7) ASUS VH238H

    Plz help me in choosing the right one??


  192. hi karthik

    lg e2290v
    plz comment on the above also..


  193. @Nirav,

    1) For gaming go for
    BenQ G2420HD 24’’ Widescreen - Rs.11,000

    2ms is better than 5ms in gaming, but it is not that important. any thing <= 5ms is ok for gaming.

    2)Graphics card :

    HD 6670 - Rs.5,000
    HD 6770 - Rs.7,500 (Better go for this)

    3) Regarding price

    SAMSUNG S22A300B -Rs.8,900
    DELL ST2420L -Rs.12,900

    Others not sure, sorry.

  194. @Anonymous, I commented ur answer also in the above comment