Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to Open the Task Manager on Remote Computer or Desktop

In your day to day work, normally you will be using Remote Desktop or Connect to remote Computer using VPN.
But if you press Ctrl + Alt + Del or Crtl + Shift + Esc it will open the task manager of local computer.

Here I have given how to open the task manager of remote PC or desktop.

Select the remote application or desktop and press Ctrl + F3
Other Remote Session Shortcuts :

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  1. I usually have to use Remote Desktop to connect to a remote computer and then use Remote Desktop to connect from the remote computer to an even more remote computer. How can I bring up the task manager on the remote-remote computer when its Explorer has crashed?

  2. @Anonymous, I will check and update on this

  3. Thanks Kartik. This has helped.

  4. Karthik Chandraraj,

    If you just needed to enumerate processes on remote PC, you do not need to establish RDP session.

    Take a look at Remote Process Manager

    I found this way more flexible than to disturb currently logged on user with RDP connection prompt. Remote Process Manager connects on-the-fly and do not show any question boxes to remote users..