Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Samsung Galaxy S2 Review– Personal Experience

Last month, I bought the newly released Samsung Galaxy S2. After using it for a month, here is my short review

NOTE : I am reviewing my phone, after some hands on experience on similar smartphones like Sony Ericsson Arc and LG Optimus 2X

What’s Good :

  • Super AMOLED display is crystal clear. Pictures are ultra sharp and clear. You will love just to see the screen.
  • Gorilla Glass – Put it in your pocket, scratch it, place it on floor, whatever you do, the screen is clean without a single scratch.
  • Ultra fast – 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor on a phone . Previously I didn’t switch to an android phone, because of its performance issue in phones with lower processors <800 MHz. But this is stunningly fast.

    1) Scroll a folder with 200 pictures in it – It is fast and shows all thumbnails
    2) Scroll with 250+ contacts – It is fast
    3) Play any 3D game – It is fast and doesn’t lag.
  • 16 GB built in memory and 1GB RAM (Normally you don’t need a separate SD card)
  • 2 MP front camera which is very good for self shot and video calls
  • 1080p video recording is very good.
  • As Light as feather – Just 116 grams, when you first hold the phone you will say ‘Hey it is very light weight’
  • Touch is very good, touch is very response, accurate and smooth. It feels like liquid.
  • Some good features in Samsung’s Touch Wiz 4.0.
    1) Shortcut to disable data network
    2) Lock screen wallpaper
    3) Customizable home screen and app screen.

What’s Not So Good : (I have not mentioned BAD, intentionally)

  • Battery Life :
    1) If you use it heavily it stands only for 1 Day. 
    2) But on moderate use it stands for 2 Days (Good for a smart phone)
    3) If you use it just for few calls, it will come even for 4 Days.
  • Head Phone :
    1) Headphone quality is not bad, but for a smart phone of this price it doesn’t match.
    2) Also it doesn’t fit properly in my ears.
  • Picture Quality : 8 MP Camera quality is good, but not great.
  • No Camera Key : As we have used a separate camera key in many phones. It looks odd.
  • You need a really big pocket to put this phone – 4.3 inch phone is very difficult to manage, if you travel a lot.
  • Some firmware issues, rarely doesn’t connect to Internet and doesn’t charge up and heats up – But all are fixed just by a restart. Hope Samsung will release a firmware update.

Verdict : Best android phone yet or simply the best smart phone yet. To the envy of iPhone.

Some Tips :

  • Don’t charge often, Do a full charge when the battery goes down fully. This will improve the battery’s performance

Sample pictures (Click to enlarge) :

2011-07-06 21.02.042011-07-10 18.33.39

Sample Video :

Sample Galaxy S2 Video


  1. nice review buddy.
    did u come across any hang or self restart by the fone and have u really tested the gorilla glass coz it did scrath on the n8 with normal use by me...

  2. @Aj-therebel,

    1) No the phone didnt restart automatically in any case.
    2) I have been using the phone for 1 month, till know, there is no scratch. I am not using any scratch guard or other protector

  3. could you please post some pics of this phone taken by you please.
    my friend told me that its build quality is cheap,is it so?

  4. Hello, Good day! Do you have a review of SE Xperia Arc and LG Optimus 2X? Would want to see them. You have a great review there! Nice presentation.

  5. hv u upgraded ur GS2 to the official firmware KF3 available thru Kies ?? plz do reply....

  6. @Priya,
    Soon I will post some phone pics.
    Build quality is not cheap, but it is full of plastic and looks plain (not as stylish as sony arc)

  7. @Daryl, Thanks.
    I have used my brothers SE Xperia Arc and my friends Optimus 2X. Soon I can write a short review

  8. @Anonymous ,

    Yes I have updated to KF3. It fixes some issues like
    1) Battery performance
    2) Auto brightness issue
    and other minor issues

  9. Thanks for the prompt reply! Will be waiting for your review then...

  10. did u upgrade using Kies bcoz i'm unable to do so thru kies. it downloads all the new firmware upgrade content n then starts instaling bt dsconects with the error message : operation has been timed out & kies starts to conect to my phone again n d process starts again from beginning. I dnt knw y is it happening. I hv shown this to samsung service centre they said they wil upgrade my device to KF3 but not thru Kies bt thru their own procedure wich is not kies. Has any more new firmware upgrade turned up after KF3 ??

  11. @Anonymous ,
    Yes I updated it using Kies. I didnt face any problem.

    I dont know, why you are facing this problem. There is an option in kies to recover incomplete firmware updates, did you try that?


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