Saturday, February 25, 2012

Best PC Config–Ultra High End– Sep 2012 (Above 1 Lakh)

Check the new 2013 config HERE

Intel and Nvidia Combination
Type Details Price (Rs)
Processor Intel Core i7-3770 3.4 GHz 18,200
Motherboard Asus P8Z77-M PRO 12,550
Memory G.Skill RipjawsX 8 GB DDR3-2133 5,300
SSD OCZ Vertex 4 128 GB SSD (Install OS and apps in this disk) 10,000
Hard Disk Seagate 2 TB 6,150
Keyboard Razer Blackwidow - Expert Mechanical 4,350
Mouse Razer Death Adder Black 2,600
Speakers Logitech Surround Sound Z506 7,100
Sound Card Asus Xonar DX 7.1 Channel 4,600
Optical Drive LG Blue-Ray Writer 6,100
Graphics Card ZOTAC GTX 680 DDR5 2GB 34,300
Game Controller Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless 2,600
Power Supply Cooler Master GX-750W 6,350
UPS APC 1100 VA 5,250
Monitor ASUS ML248H 24” Full HD 15,500
Cabinet Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced with USB 3 5,200
Total   Rs.1,46,150

Other options and Suggestions :
Type Details Price (Rs)
Processor Intel Core i7-3770K 3.4 GHz
(Only if you Overclock)
Speakers Creative GigaWorks G500 15,900
Monitor Samsung S27A550H 27’’ Full HD 19,000
Monitor Dell ST2420L 24’’ Full HD 12,450

Other PC and Laptop configuration :


  1. hello karthik
    i need a pc for around 46000 or 50000 but possibly 46000 only
    i have shortlisted these config are these good
    plz reply asap
    core i5 2400 3.1 ghz
    motherboard asus p8h67-v
    RAM gskill f3-12800cl9s-4gbxl (2x2gb)
    graphics card- MSI n560gtx-ti twin frozr2/oc 2gb
    segate hard drive 1tb or 500gb
    Power supply- SeaSonic S12II 520 (520W)
    Chassis- Cooler master elite 311
    i need it to be future proof thats why i am selecting a 2gb graphics card
    plz let me know it we assemble this from a shop will i get a discount or mobo for free
    and is 520W psu enough
    i am not an overclocker nor a serious gamer
    i will just play games like blur,la noire at medium settings
    and is the graphics card good for a 1024x768 resolution monitor(lg flatron L1520B)
    i don't tend to play games on high settings

    1. 1) GTX 560Ti 1GB is enough, dont go for 2GB, as it is of no use

      2) 520w power supply is enough, but it is good to go for 550w

      3) I am not sure abt Discounts, it is shop dependent

      4) One final thing : Having such a good config and playing games in LG 15' monitor, is like watching Avatar movie in Mobile phone :-)

      Better buy a good 21' 1080p monitor

      Also with the config u have mentioned, u can play games at high settings also

  2. i need to upgrade my pc....i hve 86oo gt 1gb nvidea and 2.99ghz core to duo i need to sell these to upgrade better...can u tell me some reasonable price tat i shall be expecting??

    1. You will get only around 4k for both GPU and Processor.
      Even then u would find it difficult to find buyers.

      It is better to give the components to ur friends or relatives.

    2. Can you please gave me a good pc configuration for 30,000rs.
      best possible configuration??

  3. ok n best possible laptop till 35k max? m expecting i5 2.4ghz/1gb gpu nvidea/DOS/4GB ram ....n given my config of my desktop pc -4gb ddr3 ram /8600gt nvidea n 3ghz core two u think its right time to upgrade some high grphc games do hang..i need to plat on basuc reqrment us gaming ..reply asap ty!

    1. aniket,
      Gaming laptop for 35k is not possible.

      Even if u buy a laptop for around 40k, u can play only at very low setting or not at all

      Some laptops
      Lenovo Ideapad Z570 - Rs.39k
      HP Pavilion G6 1201TX - Rs.40k
      Aspire Timelinex 5830TG - Rs. 44k

      u wont get graphics card for laptops below 35k

  4. dude u did u nt get me...actu i asked 2queries 1) best possible laptop till 35k man
    n 2) do u recoommend me to upfrade my pc --3 ghz core2duo/4gb ram n 1gb nvidea 8600gt i hve this config currently but some high end games do hang...obviosly i know 35k gaming lppy nt possible

    1. Then it is good to upgrade ur GPU and PSU first for Rs.20k

      Later upgrade other components

    2. hi karthik, this is varun, i want to buy a graphic card around 4k to 5k, im using premiere, photoshop, maya2012, fusion, after effects, nuke...........64 board is asus p8z68-v, smps-corsair cx600..............can u suggest me any card?

    3. Best card for u is
      Nvidia Quadro 400 - Rs.6.6k

      If u cannot increase ur budget, go for
      GT 440 - around Rs.4k

  5. from where have you taken the pricing from,
    i suspect from delta,but i feel some of the components price can be reduced by trying other online sites like flipkart,itwares,prime abgb and golchait moreover people have to come to chennai to purchase at these rates difficult and costlier if traveling from north india

    1. I used to get price from different sources.

      1) Note : Many online seller sell at very high price
      2) I never asked any one to come to Chennai to buy PC components :-)
      3) These are just reference prices. No one can give 100% exact price. The price will change even, when u r reading this comment.
      4) More over, I am not a seller.
      Hardware is my passion - I am just posting my thoughts here.

  6. Hi, can u suggest a configuration good for HD Video editing, rendering & photoshop not for gaming?

    1. Check this

    2. Or replace the graphics card with Nvidia Quadro 600 with the config in this post

    3. Thanks karthik.

      supported graphic cards listed on adobe site for premiere pro CS 5.5 does not mention quadro 600. what do you think about this? quadro 2000 which is mentioned costs 21500. I mainly work on nero 10, 11 & may work on premiere pro 5.5. Not into 3D currently but may do so in the future. so please tell me which graphic card to choose. also wanted to know if any additional sound card is required for audio software like nuendo. also think previous versions of nuendo are not compatible with windows 7, so will need windows 7 professional to run programs in xp mode. Please comment.

    4. Hi karthik,

      this is the config i am getting as per availability & your suggestion
      core i7 2600k,
      Asus P8Z68 M Pro,
      corrsair vengeance 2x4gb
      nvidia quadro 600
      1.5 gb WD HDD
      cooler master HAF 922
      cooler master power supply 700 watts
      sony dvd writer
      microsoft mouse & keyboard

      This is costing me Rs 60000/-

      Hope it sounds good for the price & will be suitable for photo, video & audio work.

      I will be getting it assembled on tuesday.

      Please respond by tuesday morning.


    5. 1) Nvidia Quadro 600 is not officially supported.
      But it will work better than other cards in the price range.

      Even there is a hack(just a file change) to make it detected as a supported GPU.

      If u can increase ur budget, please go for Quadro 2000

      2) Sorry I am not sure abt the software nuendo

      3) Ur config looks good - please go for it.

    6. Thank you so much Karthik for replying promptly and your suggestions and sparing the time.

      You are doing a wonderful job!


  7. Hi Karthik,

    I would like to suggest a good configuration for my company to work high end Autocad works and 3d Max.

    Pls give me your suggestion about the following spec:

    Core i7 3820
    Nvidia Quadro 4000
    Corsair 32 GB quad channel DDR3 memory kit (1600 Mhz)
    MSI X79A-GD65(8D) Intel X 79 motherboard
    128 GB corsair PRO SSD SATA 3
    2 TB seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM

    I would like to have your suggestion on Power supply and Enclosure ( howz Antec products)

    : basil

    1. Ur config looks great for AutoCad and 3D works

      Few suggestions

      1) Mobo : X79MA-GD45 is enough, as u dont need 5 PCI-Ex slot in X79MA-GD65

      2) Power supply go for
      Cooler Master Silent Pro M700 or
      Corsair TX 850 , both will be around Rs.7k

      3) Cabinet :
      Cooler Master HAF 922 or
      Cooler Master CM 690 II

      Warning : This rig will cost u very very much :-)

    2. Thank you , Karthik

      So, following is the updated config with ur suggestions:

      Processor Core i7 – 3820 (3.60 GHz) (4core/8 Threads)
      Mother Board MSI – X79MA-GD45
      Graphics Card Nvidia Quadro 4000
      Memory CORSAIR Vengeance® — 32GB Quad Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMZ32GX3M4X1600C10)

      SSD CORSAIR Performance series Pro 128GB SSD
      HDD Seagate Barracuda XT 3.5” Internal Kitted Drive - 2 TB
      PSU Cooler Master - Silent Pro M 700
      Enclosure Cooler Master - CM 690 II Advanced (USB 3.0 version)

      What abt your pick for multiple montiors- should i go for hdmi interface and your suggestion for best KB and Mouse for autocad people

      : basil

    3. 1) For monitor, check which port ur graphics card supports while buying.

      2) Mouse and keyboard are personal choices.
      Go for mouse which suits ur working stlye

      Check this

    4. Thank you Karthik for your valuable suggestions , will get back to you after buying the system.

      : basil

  8. Hi Karthik, I'm already having PC at home, config as follows but I would like to setup a same config in amd, can you give me some guidance? *it should go well with SSD like sandy bridge in Intel

    i5 - 2500 / 3.3 GHz
    Intel DH67CL
    ATI XFX 6450 1GB
    Transcend 2x4GB
    SSD Corsair Force 40GB
    HDD Seagate 1TB

    1. Please check the AMD section in

    2. Hi Karthik, in your config for 33k can i modify graphic card as Nvidia GTS-450?
      and mother board please suggest with another slot for graphic card.

  9. Hi Karthik
    Pls give me your suggestion about the following

    Motherboard ASUS 890 FX
    Memory ????? (min.4gb)
    SSD ?????
    Hard Disk SEAGATE 500GB
    Keyboard ?????
    Mouse ?????
    Speakers ?????
    Sound Card ?????
    Optical Drive LG Writer
    Graphics Card NVIDIA 1GB
    Game Controller ?????
    Power Supply ?????
    UPS ?????
    Monitor LG ULTRA SLIM
    Cabinet ?????

    Budget 30000-40000

    1. 1) SSD is costly, so just use HDD

      2) Check the below post, replace the GPU and power supply with
      GTX 550Ti - Rs.8k and
      Coolermaster GX 450W - Rs.3k

  10. Dibyo,

    Please check this, it has both AMD and INTEL

  11. Hi please tell me a good G card around 10,000...

    1. If u can slightly increase ur budget to 11k - 12k
      go for GTX 560Ti

      Go for HD 6790 or
      GTX 550, both will be in 8 - 9k range

    2. @Karthik
      Thanks for all your help but GTX 560Ti 's price is 14k in flipkart and not 11k-12k.

    3. GTX 560Ti - If you go to Hardware market, you can get it at a cheaper rate.

      GTX 560 - You can get even in 10k range

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Hello.
    Great blog! :)

    I am out to buy a new PC from scratch.
    My main work will be video editing and gaming.
    My budget is 40-60k.

    i7 processor is a must.
    What are your recommendations for the:
    1) Processor
    2) Motherboard
    3) Graphics Card
    4) RAM
    5) Monitor
    6) Cabinet (would like the HAF X :P)
    7) PSU
    8) DVD Writer or Blu-ray Combo

    I already have Creative 2.1 speakers, wireless keyboard-mouse and a 2TB HDD.

    Also, if I have to go for a keyboard with back-lit keys, then which one?

    Thanks :)

    PS: any gaming laptop in the range of 70k with i7?
    I had my eyes on the Dell XPS 17 but they seemed to have bumped the prices now :S

  14. hi kartik please suggest me a desktop pc for l lakh rupees..note- amd raedon 6990 hd is must....

  15. hi kartik plezz suggest me a desktop pc for gaming in high settings...budget is around 35k to 40k

    1. Check this

  16. hello. could u suggest a config so that i can play Battlefield 3 in max quality. i hav zotac gtx 560ti 1gbddr5, asus p5kpl am/ps, 2gb ddr2 ram, and intel E5200 2.5ghz. apart for my gpu everything sucks. could u please tell me a decent config. i want to buy a new mobo, procesor, and the required psu! plz help!...

    1. Also, my budget is 30000rs. For the processor, mobo and psu.

  17. I've chosen AMD 3.6 Ghz AM3 FX 4100 processor, Please let me know suitable motherboard for this processor, but it should have at least 2 USB3 ports and 2 SATA3 connectors. My budget is bit tight. If you have any other suggestion, please let me know. As my budget is tight, I won't be able to afford INTEL processor and compatible motherboard. That's why I've decided to go for AMD. My primary requirements are
    1> USB3 and SATA3
    2> DDR3 Memory support (1333Mhz)
    3> Quad Core processor with 3Ghz (or at least 2.66Ghz) speed (without overclocking)
    4> Atleast 6MB Cache Memory (higher is better)

    Please let me know the price


  18. *** Also let me know the price of suitable SATA 3 HDD (NON SSD)
    and suitable GFX Card for moderate Games & HD movies and Power-Supply****


  19. I've seen AMD configuration at
    But said ASUS MB doesn't have USB3 , SATA


  20. hey karthik......could you upgrade the configurations wid ivy bridge and kepler......thnx...

  21. dear Karthik, i need a desktop to work in mechanical CAD and analysis softwares like AUTOCAD, ProE, ANSYS etc,and other basic multimedia functions.I dont play games. Shall i buy a system under this configuration or should i make any changes in any of the accessories. please suggest

  22. dear Karthik, i need a desktop to work in mechanical CAD and analysis softwares like AUTOCAD, ProE, ANSYS, matlab etc,and other basic multimedia functions.I dont play games. Shall i buy a system under the configuration given in or should i make any changes in any of the accessories. please suggest. (I would like to have a CPU under 25k.. I have rest of the accessories)

    and one more doubt.... please suggest a compatible motherboard for intl I5 processor.... also which is the processor and motherboard for AMD which can give comparable performance as Intel I5.... will the sapphire HD 6670 1 GB graphics card give good performance in these (I5) processors?

  23. Hey Karthik.Please suggest me the best Gaming computer between 60k to 80k.I'm ready to spend 20k for Graphic card extra and need more ram.But see whether the graphic card will run on the motherboard.And are the 1gb graphic card better then the 1536 or 2 gb graphic card?
    Please tell me about this very early

  24. hi Karthik
    i am back for new PC config for my extra high end need in 3ds max rendering solutions
    i have already
    intel corei7 2600k
    Intel extreme DP67BG
    24 GB corsair DDR 3
    MSI twinfrozzer NS 560Ti
    Cooler master elite 430
    cooler master 700w power supply

    but still am not satisfy with this for my need
    now i want ultra high end cpu with extra high end and real time rendering
    i want dual xenon processor
    max 192 GB supporting motherboard
    using max 192 GB DDR 3 ram
    good capable graphic card (Nvidia 5000 or 6000 series may be)
    cooler master chassis or something else
    good power supply

    this config for high rendering on 3ds max with vray

    i want real time rendering in vray with less of time

    i also see boxx technology for my need but it's too high

    my budget is 1.5 to 2 Lacs

    other component i have
    like razer mouse and keyboard
    24" samsung LED
    now am only want cpu

    so please provide me best config for my need and ultra high end v-ray rendering machine


  26. hi KARTHIK

    I want to upgread pc around 25000

    in processor I like

    i3 2130

    i5 2500

    so which motherboard is very best for it on media purpose.....

    then I want to go for original intel bord so please suggest only intel

    bord only for which MB model I would buy ?nd which process best for me above two ?

  27. i want to ask that Cooler Master CM 690 II Plus has water cooling system so their is any chance of leaking

    1. It does not comes with water cooling, but it supports water cooling.

      Dont worry, it will not leak.

  28. Hi karthik,
    Intel Core i5 2500 3.3ghz,
    Asus P8B75-V motherboard,
    4GB DDR3 Ram,
    2TB Seagate HDD, DVD Writer and cabinet getting it for 27k.

    I m looking for a gaming one please suggest wat all to be added above this.

  29. Hey Karthik,
    I am planning to upgrade my PC.. I have to buy everything except Monitor,Keyboard n Mouse... My budget is 35 k.. I am lookin for a Gaming PC.. Can u please suggest a good configuration for playing games like GTA IV,Assasins Creed,Crysis 2,Battle Field 3 etc without any lag..
    Eagerly w8in fr ur reply bro..

  30. Hi Karthik,
    I have been following your blog for the last year or so and find it excellent and extremely useful to all. I am looking to replace my home PC with a state of the art system which will also be used by my son for gaming, including MS flight Simulator. Please suggest a suitable specs based on i7. Budget 75k. Many thanks, Don.

    1. Go for the config in this post, just replace the processor with

      Intel Core i7 - 3770

  31. Suggest Me a good 2.1 ch speaker arround rs. 1300/-
    I am planning to buy Logitech Z103 (2.1 ch) which costs 1000/-
    but my Friends told that it is a bad one . What shall I do? Shall I buy Logitech or other? Please view the configuration of LOGITECH Z103 and tell me good or bad.......

    Thanks... Take Care
    Arkaprova Deb

    1. Logitech Z103 is a decent speaker for the price.
      1300 is less for a good 2.1 speakers.

      Check these, all around 1.5k
      Altec BXR1321
      Creative SBS A335

      Best : Zebronics ZEB-SW3500 @ Rs.2k

    2. Thanks .....
      I need good bass which can create a little shake like earthquake in my table or my room.(With BASS and Treble controller)..
      I,ve chosen some models. Please tell me which can fulfill my wish in my budget..

      1. Intex it-2000
      2. Tech-com SSD-2000
      3. Tech-com SSD-2050
      4. Intex it-2120
      5. Odyssey 2500W
      6. Philips Multimedia Speaker 2.1 SPA 1305

      1 more thing is (>60dB) bad??
      I think I should buy (>70dB - >80dB) speaker..
      Please let me know.. Thanks

    3. I don't need FM radio,USB ports.. So u can also suggest other speakers in my budget and wish............

    4. Also I don't need Remote...
      How about the Zebronics - ZEB-SW2400 ???
      But the Altec model which u mentioned is not good looking...

  32. After a long research I have chosen Zebronics ZEB-SW2400......

    (A simple 2.1 ch PC speaker)

    Now tell me if it is Good Or Bad????????

    One more thing, I am planning to buy from Flipkart or Snapdeal website.....
    Are they faithful?? I mean in delivery , warranty etc?????

    1. One thing more, I saw in snapdeal The model ZEB-SW2400 is a 2.1 channel speakers but the model ZEB-SW2900 is a 4.1 channel speaker. The amazing is the 4.1 ch is costs Rs. 400/- more than the 2.1 ch. So I decided to buy the 4.1 ch Model no. ZEB-SW2900 by Rs. 1320/-.......

      If I found that the price of that model is lower than 1300/- in our area, Then I buy it from a shop of our area.

      So tell me about this two speakers...
      Should I buy??????

      Waiting for your response..............


    2. Yes, ZEB-SW2400 is a decent speaker in the price range.

      ZEB-SW2900 is 4.1 speaker, but its power output is same as ZEB-SW2400.

      I would recommend to go for ZEB-SW2400, as it will not take much space and provide the same quality.

      I have used Flipkart and is very reliable.
      I am not sure abt Snapdeal, I have not used it. But heard it is also good.

      Don't get confused too much, just buy ZEB-SW2400 and enjoy :-)

    3. hi Karthik..
      I m from IIT Ghy..need to build a pc for 3d modelling which can be run for continuously 36/48 hours.... i have 45-50k in my pocket. please suggest me to assemble a pc...

  33. dude i have intel core i7 3770k 3.9ghz processor,andintel dz77ga-70k mother board with 16gb corsair 1600 ram,its good specification or i have to improve for best gaming ang i have xfx5670 amd graphics card.....plz suggest me....

  34. hi Karthik..
    I m from IIT Ghy..need to built a pc for 3d modelling which can be run for continuously 36/48 hours.... i have 45-50k in my pocket. please suggest me....

  35. hey karthik
    which is good for ultra gaming is 3570k or i7 2600k....
    plz suggest...also mention price
    i mainly care abt future proof...
    also suggest which good bang for buck...
    thank u in advance...

  36. Hi Karthik,

    I am planning to assemble a PC to play high end games in Ultra settings for the next 5 years. I received the following config from my vendor with an indicative cost of Rs.1,75,000/-

    Motherboard Intel DX79SI Motherboard
    Processor Intel 3.6 GHz LGA 2011 Core i7 3820 Processor
    RAM G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3 8 GB (1 x 8 GB) PC RAM (F3-12800CL10S-8GBXL)--> 2 Nos
    Graphics Card Galaxy NVIDIA GTX 680 2 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
    Cabinet Cooler Master Chasis HAF X
    CPU Cooler Corsair H100 Cooler
    Power Supply Corsair CMPSU-1200 AXUK 1200 Watts PSU
    Hard Disk WD Caviar Green 2 TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive (WD20EARX)
    Other Drives Asus Internal SATA Blu-ray Writer - BW-12B1LT
    Monitor Thoshiba 40" HD TV (I already own this one)

    Please provide your comments on this config. Is the cooling system enough. My vendor says he will add around 6 cabinet fans (He did not mention any brand for the fan. Do you have any suggestion?).

    I'll decide on proceeding with the config purely based on your comments.

    1. Today, I have updated the ultra-high end config (this post)

      Better go for this config.
      Check this, let me know, if u have any questions.

    2. Thanks a lot Karthik. Is ASUS motherboards reliable in terms of performance and service...? So far I have only used Intel motherboards so I have no idea about ASUS....

    3. Asus provides more features than Intel boards.
      I am using Asus board and is happy with it :-)

  37. I have taken this configuration

    Dell 23 inch LED - U2312HM Monitor"
    Intel 3.1 GHz FCLGA1155 Core i5 3450 Processor
    ASUS P8H77-MLE Motherboard
    Seagate Expansion Portable USB 3.0 1 TB External Hard Disk
    Forsa NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1 GB DDR5 Graphics Card
    Cooler Master GX 550 Watts PSU
    Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced Cabinet
    Logitech MK 200 USB

    And I have already placed an order for Klipsch Promedia 2.1.

    I need any soundcard? If needed which u suggest best one. The Monitor Ok?

  38. I need to know what about WIFI how it works on assembled computers .. Many places have seen 812.. of wifi whats this?

  39. I want to buy a pc for gaming i selected these items so tell me any changes can i make in these
    1)amd fx 8350 or and fx8150 processor
    2)Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB (2 x 8 GB) PC RAM
    3)I'm not sure about Graphics Card you only tell me i've to go for amd/ati or nvidia
    4)ASUS CROSSHAIR V Formula Motherboard
    5)Seagate Barracuda 1 TB Hard Drive
    6)you only suggest me the cabinet and power supply unit
    7)LG DVD RW
    Thnx in adv

  40. karthik plz help me i am in a fix,
    should i go for cooler master elite 311 plus or nzxt guardian 921rb or cooler master elite 431 plus
    plz help me i really like the looks of guardian but saw in a review that the build quality is not good,and the cooler master elite has lots of space in it and removable hdd cage
    i am gonna be using amd radeon 7850 with core i5 3470 plz tell me if 311 plus is a good case or not and remember that i have a dust problem in my house so with which case should i go since cooler master supports longer gpu so it is future proof. plz help me decide

  41. Sir, i want the best desktop budget is 2.5 lakh please configure me a desktop.

  42. Hi fi Karthik.
    About Multi channel speakers.

    I'm a sincere lover of music(TRANCE esp).I have a Logitech Z506 speakers for my HP dv6 2163TX laptop. I'm not satisfied with the Subwoofer (Its cheap n best).
    Still I'd like to hear from you of an affordable and excellent 5.1 speaker system for my laptop(Has got Express card 54 slot) and also the compatible SOund card.

    Thank YOU

    1. If budget is not an issue try

      Creative GigaWorks G500

  43. I want to buy a workstation for 3d rendering.

    budget(1,00,000 _ 1,25,000)

    pls help me

  44. hai karthik, what about this configuration
    ASRock Z77 Extreme 6 32GB DDR3 Intel Motherboard
    Intel Core i5-3570K 3.80GHz Processor
    G.skill Ripjaws-X 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600MHz
    seagate 1TB
    NZXT phantom cabinet
    eVGA GeForce GTX560 Ti 1024MB DDR5 NVidia PCI E Graphic Card
    Seasonic 620W Power Supply

  45. hi bro, iam going to upgrade (better to say total replace except speaker) my pc to a midrange gaming pc since its 6 years budget is 40000 rs max. i myself made a configuration but before going to purchase i need ur sugestion and modification..

    Intel i 3-2120 procesor
    mobo- ? (all i need is crossfire,sata 6gb, usb 3 support,plz suggst me one)
    4GB DDR 3 corsair
    Saphire Amd radeon HD 7770 DDR 5,1 Gb grafix card
    500 Gb seagate HDD
    21" dell LED monitor
    Asus DVD writer
    logitec wireless keybord nd mouse
    Zebronics aviator cabinet( dnt know abt th power supply,suggestion needed)
    UPS-? (suggestion needed)

    i dont know wethr tis config will exceed 40000 or plz help me...

  46. Hey guys, m plannin to take a new laptop, for gaming as well as engineering point of view. Ne suggestions r welcome..( around 70-80k probably )

  47. Hey Karthik,

    I wanna make a gaming Rig and have opted for the below config.

    1. i7 2600K
    2. Asus P8z68 v-pro Gen3 - CPU+MOBO combo
    3. Corsair Vengeance 4GB 1600CL9 - 32 GB
    3. Corsair Force 3 120 GB SSD Sata 3
    4. Western Digital Green 2.5TB Sata 3
    5. MSI Radeon 7970 or Asus NVIDIA GTX 690 4 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
    6. Vue 36 inch LED Full HD
    7. Razer Blackwidow Ultimate KeyBoard (Battlefield 3 ed)
    8. Razer Mouse
    9. CM Storm SIRUS true 5.1 headphone
    10. Creative X-Fi Titanium 5.1 soundcard
    11. Corsair AX1200 SMPS
    12. Thermaltake LEVEL 10 GT Full Tower cabinet or GT Snow Edition
    13. Razer Vespula Mouse Pad
    14. Corsair H100 CPU cooler
    15. Blue Ray writer Combo LG

    Please check and suggest if this will work out for the upcoming games for at least 5 Years. Also If you c an share the overall costing to assemble this config, that would be really helpful. Please suggest the changes required and Why?

    Would wait for your expertise. Reply soon.

  48. Hi karthik.
    I want a best config for a gaming destop under 30k. And I want intel not amd. Please sugest me bro. Thanx in advance. 4m ravi

  49. I would say a big Thanks to my Friend who suggested me This Amazing Blog.

    Really, KARTHIK You are Great!! I just got information what I was looking everywhere over internet.

    Actually I am going to buy a PC and my two main needs are

    1. use for Home Studio for Recording Sound with Mic and My Guitar and music composition.
    2. also I want to install MAC in virtual machine to continue my iPhone app development .

    My budget is upto RS 60,000/

    So I am trying to get below six are best as i can

    1. Processor
    2. Mother Board
    3. RAM (at-least 8gb)
    4. Sound Card
    5. Speakers (at-least 5.1)
    6. Monitor (at-least 21 inch)

    So what I selected from Your Configurations

    Processor -- Intel Core i7-3770 3.9 GHz
    Mother Board -- Asus P8Z77-M PRO
    RAM -- G.Skill RipjawsX 8 GB DDR3-2133
    Sound Card -- Asus Xonar DX 7.1 Channel
    Speakers -- Creative GigaWorks G500
    Monitor -- ASUS ML248H 24” Full HD

    Please Give me your precious suggestion.
    It will be my Pleasure to get your Guide.

    Thanks & Regards,

  50. Hi brother! i have to assemble a fast computing system for my computational medicinal chemistry research, i have purchase for this followings...
    (1)intel DZ77GA70K Motherboard extreme series,
    (2)intel 3.5 GHz i7 3770k processor,
    (3)corsair enthusiast series modular TX550M -80 PLUS POWER SUPPLY UNIT
    I ASSEMBLED ALL BUT RAM(g skill) NOT SUPPORTING THE MOTHERBOARD, as the motherboard beap a sound three times within minute and then system stop and then restart to continuing the process what happens i did not understood, please suggest me what can i do to solve the problem, i am very upsate dear............please reply me soon email addr. is


  51. Karthik I'm a serious Dx11 gamer I need a computer in 95000 max and 85000 min ..... I need good graphics card which runs dx 11 at highest settings possible .........

  52. Hey Karthik please help me with this:

    - Processor :* amd bulldozer : (please suggest the best model)
    - Motherboard :* (Please suggest which is compatible and best for it)
    - Hardisk :* 1tb or 2tb
    - RAM :* 8gb (suggest the model)
    - Display Card :* (Suggest if needed)
    - Sound Card :* (Suggest if needed)
    - Other Cards :* (Suggest If Any)
    - UPS :* (Suggest the best 1)
    - Other Components * (Suggest If Needed)
    - Graphics Card * 4gb nvidia (please suggest model)
    - Please be kind enough to add any other component if needed

    Information about Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse not needed sir.........
    Thank you......... Hope you reply soon......