Sunday, March 3, 2013

Low Budget PC configuration–March 2013– Around Rs. 20,000

Note :
  • AMD is better at low budget
  • You can assemble a system, cheaper than this. But here, I have considered a good mix of price and performance. Which you may not get in the system suggested by your dealer

Type Details Price (Rs)
Processor AMD Athlon II X2 – 270 – 3.4 GHz 2,950
Motherboard Asus M5A78L-M LX (No USB3)
Check below section for USB3 support
Memory 4GB Transcend DDR3 1600 MHz 1,700
Hard Disk Seagate 500 GB (To reduce price go for 320GB) 3,100
Keyboard & Mouse Zebronics Keyboard + Mouse 350
Speakers Logitech Z103 2.1 (To reduce price go for cheaper 2.0 speakers) 1,050
Optical Drive Samsung DVD Writer 950
Power Supply Zebronics 400w Platinum 1,500
UPS Zebronics 600VA 1,325
Monitor Acer V193HQ 18.5’’ 4,700
Cabinet Zebronics Budget Series w/o SMPS 750
Total   Rs. 20, 925

Other options for better performace:
Type Details Price (Rs)
Processor AMD FX 4100 3.6 GHz 6,300
Motherboard If you want USB3 - Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 3,550
Power Supply Zebronics 500w Platinum 2,150
Graphics Card Asus HD 5450 (Combined with Zeb 500w power supply is better) 1,850
Cabinet Zebronics Intermediate Series Cabinets 1,200

Prices are as of March-2013 in Chennai, India.

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  1. One of My friend wants to buy new powerful CPU ( Cool cabinet , processor , motherboard , ram , GPU , PSU , 7.1 Sound card and other shit which fit inside cabinet.. dont want mouse heaphones , monitor etc in this )
    Budget : within 70K - 80K INR.
    Purpose : heavy gaming , songs , Movies and other basic stuff.
    He lives in Mumbai
    please suggest thanks

    1. This weekend, I will post best PC config for 1 Lakh.
      You can check that

  2. Could you suggest a config under 20k for gaming. I already have a monitor,optical drive,speaker,U.P.S.,A logitech wirelless controller.
    I am considering:-
    Processor:-AMD FX4100 3.6 GHz

    1. Processor, Mobo and cabinet are fine.

      GPU : If u can increase your budget, better go for HD 7750 1GB DDR5 @ Rs.6900
      Memory : You cannot use ur old memory, if it is not DDR3. Also, even if it is DDR3, if it is slower that ur new RAM. All ur RAMs will run at the lowest RAM speed

      Note :
      Make sure u have a decent 450+w of power supply

    2. Also the mobo is M5A78L-MLX not MSA787-M7X

  3. hey can i run this graphics card with this motheboard and cpu without any problem...taking full advantage/use of graphic card
    AMD 3.6 GHz AM3+ FX4100 Processor
    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Motherboard
    HIS AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6670 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

  4. hi..
    What are the advantages / disadvantages of selecting ASUS / AMD over intel pair?

  5. Dear bro..
    can u plz tell me da prices of the following..
    AMD p2 x4 965 BE
    HD 6770 1gb gddr5
    and plz suggest any alternative.....

  6. What your views on APU A4-5300, if i use this Apu instead of Athlon II X2?
    Also plz suggest a god website for online shopping of computer peripherals.

  7. Will i be able to play fifa 10/11 with athlon x2 270..i am planning to buy a 22 inch led aoc monitor as i dnt hv a tv..with a gud net conctn i am gud wit youtube and online movies and news chanel and some flash wil it work out ..wat say

  8. i want open A cyber cafe in my town.plz suggest me pc configuration around 20k.

  9. Hi
    thanks for all your ideas,
    could you suggest a similiar low end config like the above and adding a budget graphics card suitable for mild autocad works . Dont know the difference for graphics cards good for gaming and good for design work.
    and does it make sense to spend a little more for an i3/i5 than for the athlon/ FX

  10. Hi karthik here i am sending my pc config, please give me your suggestions because am going to buy that within 2 or 3 days

    MSI Z77A G45 gaming
    i3 3220
    8gb ram
    1tb hard disk
    cooler master midtwr cabinet
    coolermaster power supply
    dell wireless keyboard and mouse
    nvidia gtx 650 1gb

    is it best or need to change any thing because am planing best for all purpose.

  11. Hi karthick , any ideas on the config

  12. Hi karthik due to shortage of money am changed and brought pc so please let me know is it best or anything wrong... if not what else cares i need to take...

    Gigabyte GA Z77m d3h
    i3 3220
    4gb ram
    1tb hard disk
    550wlts power supply
    dell keyboard and mouse
    nvidia gtx 650 1gb

    please give me suggestions.......

  13. Hi i an planning to buy a good gaming pc. My budget is 25-30 thousand rupees.i needed intel i3 or i5, led 20, 1 gb graphic card, 4 gb ram, dvd writer, 2 tb hdd, complete with speakers, keyboard, mouse. So pls can you provide me a good configuration for this. Thank you.

  14. Dear Karthik,

    I have Mobo Gigabyte H61 s2p + Intel i3 3210 with Sapphire HD 6670 1g DDR5 and 4g DDR5 RAM 1333Mhz, now issue is while playing games like COD 4 my monitor goes to power saving mode,
    Please I am in need of your help, Plz reply


    1. Hi Karthik Plz reply

    2. Plz reply, need your help!!!

    3. If you are using Win 7, go to Control panel > Power Option > Select Balanced (recomended) > Click on 'Change plan Settings' > select turn off display "NEVER" (from drop down box" and also select Never on "put the computer to sleep' ,,, finally, click on 'save changes'

      It resolves the issue,,, hopefully

    4. Thnx, I'll try this and update, could be issue with PSU? I am using the zebronics 450W PSU (same as mentioned in best PC config March 2012 30-35k)
      Steps I tried:
      -Updating AMD/ATI drivers
      -Changing Power settings
      -Checked my HD6670 card with vendor(Which they said doesn't have any issues after full load testing)
      After the above steps monitor doesn't goes to sleep but now it rose other issues like BSOD etc.

    5. @Tushar,
      Go back to previous settings or you can do it by performing 'SYSTEM RESTORE'...., don't Overclock your Graphic Card's processor and RAM clock speed, keep your graphic card at DEFAULT state and then try change the power setting (way I told you in previous post) one suggestion, when you use GFX like HD6670, you need to have good branded power supply, with at least or over 80% efficiency rating, brands like Seasonic (the best) corsair, Antec,(personally I don't prefer anything from brand COOLERMASTER)... Let me explain, A 600 watts PSU with 80% efficiency guarantees 80/100 * 600 = 480 watts. You have 450 watts of Zebronics, which I am sure doesn't have 80% efficiency. Brands like Zebronics, Frontec they import shoddy Chinese products and re brand them. If I consider these facts your "450 WATTS" power supply when heats up (after few minutes of usage) barely manages to feed your system 350 watts of power, I hope you now understand the issue but still it may not the cause of the problem,,, then again if you want to overclock, I would suggest you to buy a good power supply. According to AMD HD 6670 requires 400 watts of power supply so, You please choose a branded power supply with 600-700 watts range, It will provide enough juice to your system,, you can over clock your system,, and it will also help you with your future upgrade.

      let me know the result

    6. Thnx Amitfurelise, I got the point.

  15. Hi, this year, what is the best PC configuration around 30-35k or does this one holds good?

  16. hey i m opening my new cyber give me a low budget pc configuration....which helpful for net surfing....

  17. specifi are good coz m used this!!
    perfomncz really good but need grfic card it wi help to increase gaming expernz

  18. please tell me a configuration for a entry level gamer computer? and also it must have good performance.

  19. hi sir Pravin here,
    i want to buy PC for Home use only
    suggest me best PC confeguration as soon possible

  20. Could you suggest this config is good for modern games or not
    Processor:-Intel 3.4 GHz LGA1155 Core i5 3570K
    MOTHERBOARD:-Intel DH77EB Motherboard
    Cabinet:-600W iBall
    MEMORY:-8gb zion 1333 Mhz
    HDD:- Seagate Barracuda 1tb
    GRAPHICS CARD:- Asus NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB DDR5

  21. hi, i m doing audiography & sound enggineering so for that i want configuration for running sound software like protools, nuendo and cubase and m going to use external audio interface. just say its for sound mixing and video editing. how much will its cost excluding accesories like monitor, ups etc. the budget should not be that much high. i mean as low as posible.