Monday, March 22, 2010

My PC Specifications

Hi All, Nowadays PC gets out-dated every one or two years. So we keep upgrading our systems often. Here I would like to post my New PC Specs and upgrades, so that it would be nice to look after some years

My Fourth PC (Sep-2020 to Jan-2023)

Type Details Date Price (SGD)
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 - 5600X 15-July-2022 270
CPU Cooler ID-COOLING SE-224-XT ARGB 29-July-2022 43
Motherboard ASUS PRIME B550M-A WI-FI
Memory KLEVV BOLT X 3600MHz - 16 GB Kit 5-Sep-2020 105
SSD 1TB Adata XPG SX8200 Pro NVMe Gen3 M.2 SSD 5-Sep-2020 224

1TB Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 SSD 11-Dec-2020 176

Crucial MX500 2TB Internal SSD 20-Nov-2021 305
Power Supply SUPER FLOWER Leadex III 750W 80 PLUS Gold Modular 5-Sep-2020 137
Speakers Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 18-Oct-2015 349
Graphics Card ZOTAC RTX 3080 Trinity 10GB GDDR6X16-Dec-2020 1,258
Mouse Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed 22-Sep-2020 70
Keyboard Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical 23-July-2021 108
External Sound Card Creative Sound Blaster X4 19-July-2021 219
Monitor PRISM+ X315 PRO 31.5 165Hz 1ms Curved WQHD [2560 x 1440]06-May-2021 460
Cabinet Fractal Design Torrent ATX 29-July-2022 277


Replaced Components :

Type Details Date Price (SGD)
Cabinet Tecware Forge M ARGB Mesh Airflow M-Atx Casing 5-Sep-2020 70
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 - 3700X 5-Sep-2020 446
Graphics Card Zotac GTX1660 Super 6Gb Twin Fan GDDR6 5-Sep-2020 330
Monitor Acer BE270 - 27-inch FHD LED 02-Apr-2020 368
Keyboard Logitech MK200 05-Sept-2020 30

My Third PC (2012-2015)

Type Details Date Price (Rs)
Processor Intel Core i5 - 3450 - 3.1 GHz 25-Aug-2012 12,000
Motherboard ASUS P8H77-M LE with USB 3.0
Memory 8GB (2 x 4) Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz 25-Aug-2012 3,200
Hard Disk Samsung 120GB 840-EVO SSD 14-Oct-2014 4,600
Keyboard & Mouse Logitech Media Combo MK200
Speakers Logitech Z506 5.1 10-Nov-2012 5,200
Sound Card -- From Old Machine --

Optical Drive ASUS DVD Writer 18-Mar-2014 1,325
Graphics Card ZOTAC GeForce GTX 760 AMP! Edition Dec-2013 Gift :)
Power Supply Cooler Master GX 550W 25-Aug-2012 4,750
UPS Numeric 1000 VA 25-Aug-2012 4,300
Monitor Benq GL2250 HM 25-Aug-2012 8,450
Cabinet Cooler Master Elite 311 Plus 25-Aug-2012 3,370


Operating Systems Used :
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Ubuntu 13.04
Linux Mint 15
Microsoft Windows 8 Ultimate 
My Second PC (2008-2012)
Type Details Date Price (Rs)
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66 GHz 40nm 17-May-2008 8000
Motherboard Intel DG33FB
Memory 2 GB DDR2 RAM 17-May-2008 1900
Hard Disk 320 GB 17-May-2008 3200
Keyboard Logitec Normal Keyboard 17-May-2008 270
Speakers Creative SBS 500 5.1 Speakers 17-May-2008 2600
Sound Card Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 17-May-2008 950
Mouse Logitec PS2 Mouse 17-May-2008 310
Optical Drive Samsung DVD Writer 17-May-2008 1000
Graphics Card XFX 8600 GT 256 MB DDR2 17-May-2008 4700
Power Supply Zebronics 500 Watts Platinum 17-May-2008 1800
UPS Frontech 600 VA 17-May-2008 1600
Monitor Viewsonic 19 - VA916 17-May-2008 11000
TV Tuner Leadtek Palm Top Tv 17-May-2008 3400
Cabinet Zebronics Vulcan 17-May-2008 520


Upgrades Done :
Type Details Date Price (Rs)
Memory 1 GB DDR2 RAM
(Totally upgraded to 3GB)

Graphics Card Palit 9800 GT 1GB DDR3 Super
Sound Card Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer
Game Controller Microsoft XBOX 360 Wired Controller
Speakers Creative Inspire T6100 5.1 Speakers 18-Sep-2010 3750
Hard Disk Seagate 1 TB 15-Oct-2010 3000
Graphics Card MSi GTX 460 1GB OC 04-Apr-2011 11,400


Operating Systems Used :
Microsoft Windows XP SP3
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Ubuntu 12.04

My First PC (2003-2008)

Type Details Date Price (Rs)
Processor Intel Celeron 1.33 GHz Apr-2003
Motherboard Biostar M6VLQ Apr-2003
Memory 128 MB SDRAM Apr-2003
Hard Disk 40 GB Apr-2003
Keyboard Logitec Normal Keyboard Apr-2003
Speakers Microtek Stereo Speakers Apr-2003
Mouse Logitec PS2 Mouse Apr-2003
Optical Drive LG CD Writer Apr-2003
Monitor LG CRT 15 Apr-2003

Upgrades Done :
Type Details Date Price (Rs)
Memory 128 MB SDRAM
(Totally 256 MB SDRAM)

Optical Drive Sony DVD Writer

Operating Systems Used :
Microsoft Windows Me
Microsoft Windows XP


  1. wow. i am keerthi here, my first pc was celeron too.. some LG thing with saurav ganguly,s sign. :-).. now its like yours core2duo 2.8Ghz,p5kpl-am ps asus, 4gb DDR2,9800 GT 512Mb DDR3,Sync MAster 20" with CM 600w SMPS i have played many games like all COD, MAFIA2,crysis upto DEux2 which runs little slow, now i have 14k RS cash i wanna upgrade to GTX 560 Ti without changing processor or motherboard? IS the config ok? will it Improve my graphics good enough to play battlefied3 like games with high settings? your advice will be much appreciated?

    1. @Keerthi,
      Other than the GPU, ur config looks decent.

      Definitely upgrading it with GTX 560Ti will improve ur gaming experience greatly.(I experienced the same when upgrading from 9800 GT to GTX 460)

      Go ahead and upgrade with Zotac or Palit or Msi GTX 560Ti, it would cost around Rs 12.5k

    2. Keerthi here, Thanks lot boss, i find your blog very useful, recently recommended your 30k config to my brother too .. thanks again

  2. Hi Karthik, Dinesh here.
    I am planning to buy a very high end Gaming(Should run all upcoming games with in next 3 years and full 3D & simulation games) and Home Media Server(Should be able to run full 1080p HD movies and 3D movies). I want to control all the gadgets(Home theater, Security System, media Storage and Other devices) installed in my home using this server only. I have some research. As i keep on collecting more information, more confused i was. So can you suggest some very high end configuration for requirements. My budget is around 3L.

    1. Dinesh,
      3L is too much for PC, as ur config will get outdated in 2 years.

      Better go for around 1.5L, check this

    2. Thanks Karthik,
      Actually, i forgot to mention that my 7.1 Speaker system also part my budget. I am not looking for any screen as i am planning to use a LED TV as monitor. So my overall plan is, PC (Without Monitor), LED TV (min of 40'') and 7.1 Home Theater system. My Budget for overall combination is 3L.

      I think, the config you suggested looks good.

  3. why don't you go for z68 or x79 chipset based motherboard

    1. I dont overclock and I need an on-board GPU, so I went for H77.

      Also z68 and X79 are costly

  4. Hi Karthik,
    jhony here i want to upgrade my Graphics card and monitor.plz suggest me that suits to my configuration my budget is 35k for both Graphics card and monitor(3D or without3D).. without changing processor or motherboard? IS the config ok? will it Improve my graphics good enough to play high end Games with high settings? your advice will be much appreciated?
    Motherboard:Intel DG45ID
    Processor:Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400
    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8400 @ 2.66GHz
    Ram:4Gp DDR2
    Graphics Card:Nvidia Geforce 9800Gt 1GP
    Monitor:View sonic VA1903wm 19 inches

  5. hi kartik,
    i have intel core i5 2500k + 4gb ram and intel motherborad . PLEASE SUGGEST ME A GOOD
    THANK U.

  6. hi karthik
    'm confused between AMD FX 8 core & corei5 3450/3470 n also suggest me suitable motherboard n graphic card for photo editing 2 its high extend.

    1. Both are good. But I personally prefer Intel.

      If you only do photo editing, then go for the below config

      But if you want to work, fully on photo and 3d modeling and you don't play games, then just replace the GPU with nVidia Quadro 600

  7. hey thanks 4 reply i went 2 1 assembler n he suggested me following config..
    i5 3470 - Rs.11450
    m/b intel DB77EB - Rs.6150
    transcend 4 gb ram ddr3 1333 Mhz - Rs.1650
    WD 2 TB hdd Sata / seagate 2Tb - Rs.5500
    Dvd writer LG - Rs.950
    22" samsung s22b370hs hdmi - Rs.8600
    tv tunar card - Rs.1000
    logi mm k/b+ mouse - Rs.775
    2 GB graphics card Nvidia 630 - Rs.2950
    speaker 2.1 artis - Rs.1900
    ( he has given following option in cabinet n ups & made me more confused :) )
    cabinet- coolar master elite - Rs.1950
    coolar master 550 - Rs.3750
    coolar master 600 - Rs.3500
    circle 400 - Rs.1600
    ups - APC 600VA - Rs.2150
    Champion 800VA - Rs.1750
    card reader 5.1 - Rs.250
    5.2 - Rs.475
    Wireless USb card - Rs. 800
    Wireless Router (150) - Rs. 1950

    PLz tell me is it right config for photo editing n what abt prices he given me

    1. Config looks good and the prices are also correct.
      Just few things to note

      1) GPU : Don't buy 2GB DDR3 GT630, instead go for 1GB DDR5 GT630. Also if u can increase ur budget go for GTX 650 @ Rs.7800
      2) Do u really need 2TB Hard Disk?
      3) TV tuner cards are not useful, if u have a good TV at home
      4) Power supply go for CoolerMaster GX 450 @ Rs.3000

  8. Karthik Can u let me knw a gud gaming rig desktop pc for 40k max..!!! i wud prefer intel more den amd bt wud lyk ur point of view in knwing whcich is better..!! let me knw as fast as u cn a gud graphic card also dat cn run dis latest games nd wud nt cause a issue..

  9. Hello Karthik. I love your post's and info's that you provide on this blog. I purchased my first gaming rig as per your blog's configurations and well have to admit after 3 years it's still a beast of a config.
    I read on one of your posts about the HD6850 which was a great graphic card back then (sure still is now). Never troubled me a bit anyhow until now. But recently a strange thing happened while watching a movie the desktop just crashed and display turned black. Did multiple reboots but wasn't able to load windows.
    I decided to reinstall windows 7 64 bit which i was previously using since past 3 years. Did a complete format and installed windows successfully and then the big problem came. Installed the graphics driver and rebooted as the setup prompted me to.
    Just before the logon screen i got a bsod saying error code 0x0000016 and atikmpag.sys as the suspect.
    I googled and tried all of the solutions from driver updates to vga bios flashing but nothing solved this error.
    Even talked with HIS customer care regarding the issue and got a bios from them. That flash didn't work as well. Am fed up now and suspecting that i might be having a dead graphic card. Any info regarding this problem shall be kind.
    So if it is a dead card should i go for a new card and if yes please inform me about a mid range GDDR5 graphic card till the range of 7000 INR. I was thinking about a 6670 is it good for me ? ?

  10. hi karthik

    i want to buy a gaming laptop under 65k? can u tell me plz which is best for high gaming without incressing a budget..


  11. Hi Karthik,

    I am Damodar. I want to buy a High Performance assembled pc (not for gaming). RAM-32 GB, 2TB Hard Disk and i7 processor. Could you the detail configuration as you have given for Gaming PC, Please. Please let me know for any questions. Thanks.


  12. One more thing, I need dual monitor too. Please let me know the configuration with price details. Thanks.