Sunday, July 24, 2011

Best PC Configuration for Rs.20,000–Low End Config–Aug 2011

Note : This is a old post, Please check the latest config here
Low budget PC configuration 2013
Type Details Price (Rs)
Processor AMD Athlon II X3 440 3000
Motherboard Asus M4A78LT-M LE 2600
Memory Transcend 2 x 2GB DDR3 1600
Hard Disk Seagate 500 GB 1990
Keyboard & Mouse Logitech Keyboard + Mouse SET 700

Creative SBS 2.1 A235

Optical Drive Samsung DVD Writer 850
Graphics Card - -
Power Supply Zebronics 500W 1850
UPS Numeric 600 VA 1500

DELL LCD 18.5" - IN 1920

Cabinet Zebronics Bijili/Butterfly 1000
Total   21,040

Prices are as of August 2011 in Chennai, India.

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24-July-2011 – Initial Draft


  1. hey kartik plz tell me exact price of nvidia geforce gts 450 n also tell gts is gud or not fr gaming with intel :)

  2. and suggest me msi gd gaming motherboad around 7k to 10k

  3. and also tell recomended smps for nvidia geforce gts 450 plzz :)

  4. @jAtin,

    Price of GTS450 - Rs.6,500
    Recommended Power Supply - Coolermaster GX 450W - Rs.3,200

    Motherboard for 7k to 10k is very high, for which processor, u need motherboard?

  5. hi
    tnx fr the info bro

    i need motherboard for intel i5 2500k plz tell price......
    ... and also tell gud hard disk i'm gonna buy pc fr gaming :)

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  7. hi bro i'm JATIN again :)
    if i go for Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 600W smps.....
    which one better cooler master gx 45ow or cooler master extreme power plus 600w?????
    bro plz suggest me my pc hardware gd or nt

    processor= intel i5 2500k
    motherboard= msi Z68A-GD55 (B3) or u suggest which motherboard supports nvidia sli technology.
    grafic card= nvidia geforce gts 450 [EVGA] edition
    hard disk= i'm confuse u tell bro any 500 gb gud hard disk,,,,
    power supply= u suggest plz
    dvd writer lg 24x
    case= cooler master 430 elite
    screen= benq G2220HD 21.5 size full hd
    plz bro suggest me parts and also with exact prices plz plz :)

  8. oops i forgot ram ram= suggest me 1600 mhz ram 4 gb :) fr gaming .

  9. @JATIN ,

    Give me these details, I can give you more details
    What is ur budget?
    What is ur primary usage? Gaming?

  10. hi bro i'm jatin...
    my budget is 45k to 50k :)
    umm all high permormance games :)

  11. @Jatin,

    Here is the latest best config for around 50k, which I updated yesterday

    Let me know, if you want to change anything in that config.

    With this config, you can play all latest games with best graphics possible.

  12. hi kartik i'm deepak

    suggest me gud cpu cooler for i5 2500k processor

  13. Hi Karthik,

    Sandeep here.Please suggest best configuration details.Budget 20K.

    Looking for Processor:I3 or below.
    Hard Disk:5ooGB
    Good graphics card for gaming

    Going to buy this oct 5th.

  14. Karthik,

    is there any AMD processor equivalent to Intel i5?

  15. Hello sir
    Started reading your blog today . . . I would like to know a gaming pc config for round 32000 which can run fps's mostly at lower resolutions but with maxed quality for other settings. I don't need a ups and speaker set . . . would be kind of you if you suggest me the rest of the config

  16. sir my name is bala.. can this above configuration support good gaming?.. suggest a good graphic card for nice gaming at rs.2500... my overall budget is 20k... plz... thanks in advance bro..

  17. hi this is kumar... i'm planning to buy a new assembled pc.. want to buy intel I3 processor.. tell me which mother board suits it best.. my budget is 25k

  18. @Kumar,

    Good motherboard for i3 is Intel DH67VR USB3
    Rs. 3000

  19. hello Karthik i just want to update my old pc and i have made a list
    so please tell me that is this a good one,my budget is around 20,000 rupees

    4GB ddr3
    Intel Dh55TC-motherboard
    Core i3-550
    ATI -HD 5670
    500gb seagate hdd

    if there are chenges to make please tell me
    thank you

    1. For Rs.20k budget, I would recommend to go for AMD in this post

    2. Thanks for the advice, Karthik but i not sure which AMD processor will support my intel Dh55TC motherboard or not. so please tell a good AMD processor to play games like gta IV

      my name is Abhishek i forgot to mention my name earlier.

      i want your review on ATI-HD 5670 Also
      thank you very much

    3. And also tell my how is my configuration is it OK.
      because i never configured or updated my pc before

    4. Abhishek,

      Please give me the below information
      1) What is ur current system?
      2) What r the components u need to change in it?
      3) what components include in ur budget Rs.20k? (onlu CPU, GPU or all components)

    5. Karthik,

      1=> Currently i am using COMPAQ presario SR1922 IL
      with 2 gb ram,intel pentium D (2.66 Ghz),and 128 mb inbuilt
      graphic card

      2=> As my PC has become old so i want to change almost everything
      like cpu,gpu,motherboard,

      3=> In 20k i include the following items
      4GB ddr3
      Intel Dh55TC-motherboard
      Core i3-550
      ATI -HD 5670
      500gb seagate hdd

      I know that 20k is less amount for a good PC but i want to update my PC for playing games and other things

  20. karthik bhaiya hi its abhishek;;;;;;;;; i want ur advice regarding my pc configuration plzzzzzzzzzzz hlp me my budgt is around 20-22 k, nd in ths i want a good gaming pc....nd as well as for all other needs frm net to office wrks........plzzzz bhaiya tell me the best pc configuration.

    1. 22k is too low for a gaming PC.
      U need atleast 35k for gaming PC, check this

  21. Hi.. help me out for configuring my pc.. my budget is 20K. its for basic uses and low range games.. InTel processor a must. 4GB ram and 500GB storage.