Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to install Java Apps and Games in Samsung Star - New Simple Method

Problems with existing methods:

Using TKFileExplorer 
  • It doesn't work for many (including me).
  • COM port not available in TKFileExplorer Settings.
  • Lot of other issues.
  • Annoying Advertisment every 10 Seconds.
  • Cannot work continuosly, it forces you to visit a link.
New Method Using Minicommander (FREE and NO ANNOYING ADS)

Steps in Mobile Browser:
  • Open from your mobile browser.
  • Search for Minicommander in the search box. (If not found try 'Mini Commander' instead of 'Minicommander', or simply go to from ur pc and search for mini commander, get the quick download code and then download it using ur mobile)
  • Click Minicommander in the search result.
  • Now click Download Minicommander, It will be automatically installed in your Phone.
Steps in PC:
  • Download the necessary game or application to your PC.
  • Let us consider you have downloaded Mario.jar.
  • Create a folder called 'Mario' (Consider G:\JavaGames\Mario)
  • Copy the Mario.jar file to the G:\JavaGames\Mario.
  • Download and install JADMaker in your system.(Note : JADMaker needs .NET Framework 2.0 or above, you can download it from microsoft website)
  • Run JadMaker from the Start Menu.
  • Open the folder G:\JavaGames\Mario
  • Drag the Mario.jar to the JadMaker window.
  • New .jad file called Mario.jad will be created in the folder.
  • So your folder G:\JavaGames\Mario will have Mario.jar and Mario.jad.

Connect your mobile to PC:

  • Now connect your phone to PC using your USB cable.
  • You can either choose PC studio option or you can choose Mass Storage option. (These options will be provied only if you have selected the option Menu -> Settings -> Phone Settings -> PC Connections -> Ask on Connection)
  • Copy the folder G:\JavaGames\Mario to your menory card. For example consider you have copied the 'Mario' folder to a folder called 'Applications' in memory card.
  • Now disconnect your phone from PC.

Steps in your Mobile :

  • In your phone goto Menu -> Application ->Games & more -> Minicommander
  • It will ask 'Minicommander may access read user data continue?'
  • Give 'Allow, ask once'.
  • Minicommander's UI will be like this.
  • Open /filesystem/ in the left hand side.
  • Open /Mnc/Applications/ in right hand side
  • select Mario folder in right hand side.
  • Press '5' in the number pad at the bottom of the screen.
  • This will copy Mario to /filesystem/
  • Exit Minicommander.

Final  steps to update Mobile Java DB:
  • Now open up your key pad and enter *#6984125*#.
  • This brings up Admin Settings.
  • Choose INTERNALS and enter the master key *#9072641*# and confirm.
  • This brings up Internals screen.
  • Now scroll down and choose Storage Settings.
  • First press Update Java DB
  • Then Update App database
  • Then Update Media database.
  • Finally Create AX Dat File.
  • Exit the settings by pressing the Call Cancel key.
Thats it.

  • Go to Menu -> Applications -> Games & More.
  • You can see your newly installed Mario Game.
  • It will be named as something like 'Minicommander/mnc/Mario', just rename it to 'Mario'....

Cool...... Similarly you can install any number of Applications and Games....
Hope this helps you....

Please comment if it works for you.... :-)

Update : For some people the below code seems working. Try this, if my code is not working

1) To Enter Admin setting menu use *#5239870*#
2) To Enter the Internal menu Master key use *#7092463*#

Thanks to the unknown person.
Update 2 : This method also works in Samsung 8910 Pixon 12. Thanks to Graham. He used the above code *#5239870*# and *#7092463*#.


  1. Thanks
    I really tired of everything..
    Now following your suggestion.

    I have downloaded Mini Commander which had
    following download coad
    Also i DL the jad maker ..but when i run its asking me to install a .net framework i am downloading that .....
    will tell you when m done

  2. @^ Yes JAD Maker needs .net framework, this method will work 100%, I am using this, let me know once you r done :-)

  3. hi Karthik,

    Thanks for your post.

    I do'nt have GPRS and I'm not able to browse to download minicommander. Can you let me know if I can download minicommander via PC and can copy & install the same to phone?

  4. @^ For this method you need GPRS to download Minicommander alone.. after that u dont need it.

    Is it possible for u to enable GPRS for one day alone, here we have plan to enable GPRS for one day alone, for a very low cost.

    Other than that u cannot install minicommander without GPRS.

    Else u need to go for firmware upgrade option, from my point it is not safe..

  5. hi Karthick,

    thanks for your reply.

    I've enabled GPRS and tried searching minicommander @, but it returned 0 results :-(

    can you let me know alternative url to download the same?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  6. @^
    Try 'mini commander' instead of 'minicommander'.

    Or from your pc go to

    click Download App..
    It will give this

    'To Download to Your Phone:

    1) Go to on your phone
    2) Select Quick Download code on the bottom of the page.
    3) Enter Code: 013140 to begin download.'

    then follow this method from ur mobile

    Note: this download code will change often....

  7. i m trying the way you say.
    I will tell you what happens after try.

  8. Thanks, it works great.
    I'ts a miracle, I've tried everything but nothing worked until I found this! What a gift after a week long search! Many thanks!!!!

  9. jar files do not work on samsung star
    so how do i install mini commander??

  10. @^ U need to install minicommander alone using GPRS, after that u dont need GPRS to install other Jar files...

  11. hi cant seem to get into admin settings can any one help pleasse

  12. hi ive copied over to system both files. tried keyin the *# but keeps saying incorrect data can u help please

  13. @^^
    What happens if u press *#6984125*#
    this should bring the admin setting.

    Hi did you create a folder called 'Mario' and put the two files .jar and .jad in to it.
    Did you try with other app or game?

  14. it does nothing when i type the code in .i live in uk will this be different. i copied the files over to system . but i didnt make a folder .

  15. just created folder and repeated steps. couldnt find the ones i copied over last night. the code still doesnt seem to work though . doesnt do anything just number keeps on screen and if i dial it it says incorrect data

  16. @^ Sorry man I couldnt find Why u r not getting the admin settings.
    May be it is locked in ur phone or some settings is locked.. I dont know.

    Actually u have to type the * and # also in *#6984125*# (Hope u r doing that only)

    Once u type the last # the admin settings will pop up automatically.
    If you bring the admin settings.. thats all every thing will work.

  17. yeah ive seen it work on you tube i type it in keyboard *#6984125*# and nothing happens lol ive typed in master reset code *2767*3855# and that works fine. it's a new phone does it need unlocking to any network for the code to work or do you think they changed the codes

  18. Admin Pass: *#3695147*#
    Internal Pass (Master Key): *#3971258*#
    Pre-configuration (Operator code): #83301**#
    *#0289# = Mode test
    *#0228# = Battery Information
    *#0673# = Test MP3
    *#0782# = Date and Time
    *#0842# = Vibration Test
    *#1111# = Version Software FTA
    *#1234# = Version Software (short)
    *#1235789# = Status Monitoring Integrity
    *#0002*28346# = menu General
    *2767*3855# = E2P Full Reset

    using this admin p/word still does nothing lol
    is there anything on here what i can diagnose problem with

  19. oh i have samsun tocco lite.

  20. @^ oh is it. I am not sure whether this works in tocco lite. any luck?

    1. i have samsung gt-s5233s n by this method i dont get any folder in games n apps or any installlation option . plzz help me.

  21. oh star is another name for it. dunno cant understand does it need firmware on it..
    heres a good site to download on to your phone but it costs just as much to download as to pay for a game unless you got free wap downloads. i havnt lol .
    3.Browse for your .jar file and upload it. We’ll call it yourgame.jar
    4.Now ,On your cellphone browser, go to the URL (ex. :
    5.Wait for the download to complete. Thats it!!

  22. haha love o2 surprises free wap for a week so can download. still would like to know why admin code wont work. do you know how to get themes on the phone please and where would you advise getting .jar's please

  23. @^ The best place to get .jar files for games and apps is

    I havnt tried any method to install themes. But there are some methods in the internet.


  25. thanks a lot dude u r way works superly great. but how to delete the files in filesystem of mini coomander. and after this installation where will it get installed in the phone memory or card??

  26. @^ After installation the files will be automatically removed. Apps and Games will be installed in the phone memory only. I think we cannot change that.

  27. i did everything and i got it copied in file system but still it says error invalid format.kindly help.

  28. @^ Did u try with some other jar and jad file?

    Also let me know when u r getting the error, in this procedure?

  29. if i want to record call in my samsung star.. then do you have any step or any software ?

  30. @^ Sorry, currently there is no way to record call in samsung star... As it is using its own OS(so cant install 3rd party software).

  31. love you brother!!! its been months i have being trying to find on hw to install the games on samsung star 5233 ... u r a saviour thx a ton bro..
    may god bless you .... muaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  32. HI.. will you tell me :: do u have any softwares which can lock particular folder [without using privacy lock] ?. and where can i find CELL INFO DISPLAY option. so that i can know the name of city or area...

  33. @^ To know the CELL INFO DISPLAY, just go to

    Menu -> Messages -> Settings -> Broadcast Messages

    Then just change Activation to 'ON' from 'OFF', also make sure the Receiving Channels is 'All Channels'.

    Then u will get the Service provider name and ur current location like


    if u cant see this u might have placed this widget in the sidebar.. it will have an Signal like icon. Just drag it and place in the desktop.. Thats it, cool.. :-)

  34. @^ For the folder lock, there might be some 3rd party Java Programs, but not sure which one will work best sorry...

  35. Sorry Bro. i did all thing according to your instruction for CELL INFO DISPLAY but still it didn't work.. And in the sidebar i found one icon but it just display 'NO EVENT' so will you tell me the exact name of the icon.. or any other process for that...

  36. Thanks a lot Karthik. You really rock. I have been trying for a method apart from LITE FTP and TK Explorer becase these did not work for my S5233W phone.

    With this new method I am successful.

  37. Helo Karthik,
    I have one more request. Can you post how to install themes on GT-S5233W. I have searched on google. but I could not find way other than using TK Explorer. Since I could not succeed with TK Explorer, I am looking for any other way.

    Please reply.

  38. @Lokam, sorry I am not sure how to install themes in Samsung Star..

  39. hey i have follow d procedure sequentially, still i cant see the application on the games and more folder of my samsung star...
    pls help

  40. Hi Karthik,

    Need your help, how can i download a voip software into s5233


  41. hi karthik,
    my name is rahul
    i have purchased samsung star gt-s5233
    i am unable to load games on mobile
    i have installed minicommander on my mobile
    also jad files
    when i type *#6984125*# nothing happens
    i can not get admin settings
    please help me
    eagerly waiting for your reply

  42. @Deepak Bansal
    Can you try a different jar or retry carefully and check.

    I am not sure about any VOIP software sorry..

    I think ur phone has a different Admin Settings code, can you find that from some manual?

  43. *#6984125*# does nothing to me, any other alternatives? im from the philippines and not using a Vodafone. tnx

  44. Hi karthik,
    I have lost my phone's password (samsung Gt-s5233w). Is there a way to reset the password to activate my mobile tracker??

  45. Can I install multiple applications in one sitting so that I only have to update the java db once instead of after each one? Forgive me if its a stupid question, I'm new to this.

  46. these might be the keys for your phone.
    They work for me:
    *#5239870*# for Admin Settings
    *#7092463*# for Internals Master Key

  47. Thats Really great...Instead of going and searching for LITE FTP(a waste) and Using TKExplorer(gives error always...) its really easy and techy stuff....

  48. Hi Karthik,
    The way you explained for installing jar files is working very fine. Thank you very much. I want to install fake voice changer in my samsung GT S5233 mobile please help me where can I get that installation file ?


  49. @Rusko
    Yes you can install more than one application or game at the same time

  50. @ Arindam and Ganesh, Sorry I dont know about those things

  51. Why do you need to install a games with this method, I can't seem to understand. Isn't you can simply copy the .jar file to your memory then open the .jar file in your phone then it will automatically install it?

    Please, tell me why? Anyway my phone is GT-S5233 star Wifi.

  52. @^ You cannot install the way u said, just try it.

    You can install jar files only thru WAP or this method.

  53. @^
    I am installing any games or apps with the method I said, it works.
    I think we have different firmware.

    GT-S5233W user


  55. hey buddy..m just bought samsung star GT-S5233S
    n i tried all ur above steps but after doing that changes of final step, i still cant find game on my games n more menu... plz help me..
    u can contact me on
    plz reply as soon as possible.. :|

  56. @^, try to copy the .jar file to your memory and locate the .jar file you copied, then open it , then it will install itself just wait for the confirmation of installation complete.
    Simple like that.

  57. Dear Kartik

    Followed all ur Instruction but still getting an error
    "java Error Invalid Format "

    Can u Help Me out waiting anxiously

    I m using Samsung Star GT-S 52333A
    If Possible gimme the link to dowload any working application or game that u have already tried please rep asap

  58. @all Try to search some answer from [link=]Darkforestgroup[link]

  59. @^^ Try to download some application from

    It should work... I think the jar u r using is corrupted..


    I think u r doing something wrong, can u try with some other jar and carefully try again?

  60. ckarthik17 i followed all d steps as u mentioned.. But in my games folder i wsnt able to see new games?? no new game is added out dere in my games nd more,, after d last step.. WHY??

  61. Also tell me how can i check whether i am doing all correctly or not??
    tell me how to check if sumwhere i am wrong??

  62. from wr can i get .jar games?.......

  63. The poorest guy on earth..I am just unable to download the Minicommander in my cell as download never proceeds ahead after 0% and finally got canceled with no response,using airtel Mobile office..plzz help me out!!!

  64. Hi, I wrote similar how-to to yours on my blog. When I read yours I found they are somewhat identical but you have the advantage of tidy style in writing. Anyway if you wana look at mine and tell me how to modify or add to yours some trivial form mine, then I will be glad.

  65. @megha

    Please carefully check the steps. Try with some other jar.

    You can get jars from

    @The poorest guy on earth

    Try to enable Airtel GPRS for 1 day alone, it will cost you Rs 5.

  66. No Karthik C Its Still Not working.. I went through each nd every step once again but it dint worked 4 me.. :(

  67. Karthik Also temme dat wen in my application folder i click to check jar nd jad file it shows "not suppoted file".. is dat a problem? or it shows like that only??

  68. @Megha, It is not a problem by default it will show like that only..

    Did u try with a new jar?

    Did you try other methods available in the net, did that work?

  69. Karthik nothing worked 4 me.. yes i try wid new jar as well,,, bt ntng happnd in my favour..... :( .. still iz showing same problem.....
    I tried d method based on tkfileexplorer but in dat port field wsnt available....

  70. Too cool sir. It absolutely works. Just that the cheat codes for my mobile were
    *#5239870*# for Admin Settings
    *#7092463*# for Internals Master Key
    as suggested by someone.


  72. hello kartik minicommander is work before install java update but after it will display error msg
    "Java error invalid format " so how can solve this problem.

  73. stopped working second time -.-????

  74. wow man....dats a great trick....nd vry thanks fr dat!!! works fr me, but for sum applications it says java error evn aftr installing....i thnk derz a prblm wid da file i transferred....i'll change da file and chesk da da way, thanks fr dat!!!!

  75. vishesh

    hi sir,,i have corby pro,,i tried ur new method n its work great,,bt m facing 1 prob seriously for everytime,there is no option for storage setting in can i install games in my mmc,,using ur method still install d game in phone,after update java in there anyway to install games in admin cod works wid my cell..pls help me sir..


  76. Hi..

    This is Rajshekar.

    Cool karthik mini commander is working fine.

    How do you find all these information buddy.
    Me too interested in exploring things like this,
    any suggestions for me(Me an electronics engg)

  77. @Rajshekar,

    Hope u know about another method using TKFileExplorer.

    I tried with that many times, it didnt work for me.
    So I thought of " is there a mobile software that can read and write mobile system files instead of using TKFileExplorer ? ".

    I searched the net and found mini commander.
    I just tried it, worked great.

    I felt many people might be facing the same problem. So posted the method in my blog.

    Happy it helped many... :)

  78. Hi Kathik....I did all as u said....But i'm able to see the new icon in games and more , as u said in the last step..Plzzz help....Should i have check in some other location in the mobile?

  79. ^^^ Sorry i'm not able, which i dint mention in above comment

  80. Vow! Great work!!

    You are an excellent individual. Your detailing is really great.


  81. Sir, I tried all these steps. Took little help from my Dad. I am in his office now. Everything went smooth. Still I cant see any of the new 12 Games I have installed !!!

    Can you pl. give me a miss call on 08898538391 / SMS me to call you back?



  82. Sir,

    1. I am also facing in installing fring

    2. My Dad wants me to install

    I did it and was able to install but the same is not running! I am always getting network error !!

    Thanks in advance


  83. Srini said...
    Hi Kathik....I did all as u said....But i'm able not to see the new icon in games and more , as u said in the last step..Plzzz help....Should i have check in some other location in the mobile? I'm trying it for many week....

  84. Hi Karthik...Do u have any idea , how to install a Cab file in Samsung star??

  85. hi karthik! thanx a lot! it helped and it worked.
    Only modification I had to do was the code used to access the admin settings to update the java db.
    The codes werent working in my phone(Samsung Star GT-S5233S).
    I used the following:

    For admin settings: *#5239870*#
    For internals master key: *#7092463*#

    Good luck! and Thanx again!

  86. anjum patel 6, 2010 at 8:07 PM

    hi brother i have samsung corby pro GTB-5310 i tried the code for admin setting but it show al the option except internals option, what can i do for the same plz help me brother plz plz plz give me nice trick so i am able to install game and application plz help me.........

  87. Hi Karthik! please help me to install call recorder on S5233A.


  89. hey, i got samsung GT-S5233W mobile... and i m unable to install i have d/l the software bt everytime i tried to install it give me some errors.. plz help me out!!


  91. Dear Karthik,
    Thanks buddy.
    while installing mini commander u need gprs enabled phone ?


  93. but it will install in phone memory. which are limited, how to install in memory card??

  94. I'm also having problems accessing the admin settings for a Corby Plus (B3410r), and I haven't been able to find any hits on google. Any ideas if the code for this phone is different?

    I've tried the various codes listed here, no response, and when I press call (doesn't seem to work otherwise) an alert box pops up saying "not allowed".

    I've tried other codes and they've worked, like the imei identifier code.

  95. hey thnx Karthik..:)it worked lyk a charm.!!!!

  96. hey guys i knw how to install each n every apps n games in samsung s5233 mobile...if u wanna knw then posr..i'll surely tell..!!!!

  97. hey guys can u tell me how to install themes in samsung s5233 mobile..????pls post..thnx in advance

  98. hey karthick...when i run games with ur the bottom i get up,down,side keys(lyk u have in d keyboard of pc)n i hav numbr( on)n i must use them 2play those games n it 'cos m using mini commander..??pls reply

  99. wats the procedure to delete the games????

  100. dude i wud like to applaud u................Grt work....!!

  101. Hi Karthik,
    I have installed as per your instruction i.e mini commander but after I do all settings I cannot locate games under games and more folder.

  102. hey i am performing all your pc download step after every step when i go to games and application on my phone the new game is not there
    plz help me out

  103. Hi Karthik
    I just regularly follow your blog and i got such a great knowledge.
    Now i have one question, when i buy samsung star i have s5233s firmware after that i just upgrade my firmware and now i have s53230. So will you tell me different between those two os ? And if i need my previous os back, then is there any step ? or if you have any link for s5233 firmware so plz send me..

  104. Thanks a lot my friend! you've been a big help. . Namaste from the Philippines!!

  105. Hi,
    Even I'm using samsung s4233s and I flashed it to new version.... but due to my ignorance i ended up flashing with s5230 firmware and it stopped working. So I went to samsung authorized service center and upgraded to the s5233s's new firmware. One thing is WE CAN NOT ROLL BACK THE OPERATION I.E., WE CAN NOT GET BACK OUR OLD FIRMWARE. please do remind that statement before upgrading. Difference between firmwares is they stop working (some functionalities) as they are intended to.... (As per my knowledge).

  106. After upgrade firmware, when i start my phone then i show E symbol near the signal icon . Now if i want to remove that Blue color's E, so how can i do.. please help.

  107. Hey karthik
    hi its ameya here from mumbai
    hey dude u r really a genius man seriously
    the trick given by u is working very properly wow tats a great thing u have done yaar

  108. Hey man your trick is just amazing...i just installed applications with that...its my money's worth for buying this mobile..will be enjoying apps just because of you..thank you very much...hope to learn new things from you soon...

  109. Hi Karthik,

    Is there any ways to move my message's from phone memory to memory card and even though my SMS memory is showing 200/500 i still receive memory full alert any specific reason for it??


  110. Hi Karthik,

    thanks for your valuable comments.
    I have got samsung mobile G5233 star. while i receive calls, i am unable to mute the incoming ring tone - as in nokia phone - silence option.
    is there option in my phone. please help

  111. hi karthik,

    wonder if you have any idea how to change the font color(sms) using samsung applications? Thanks...

  112. I do not find Minicommander in games & more

  113. I could not open admin settings or internals
    Even if I hav typed *#6984125*#

  114. He kartik i have download the mini commander its working properly but both side its showing memory card folders. what i have to do ?

  115. Hai Guys, if Karthik code not working means try the following one. its worked for me

    1) Enter Admin setting menu *#5239870*#
    2) Enter Internal menu Master key *#7092463*#

    Bala R.

  116. @Anonymous -- (one who post the *#5239870* code)
    u roCKs thx dude code work 4 me also...
    i was frustrated ....
    last i saw your post....
    thx dude it help me a lot
    appreciated urs hard work.
    thx once again :)

  117. Sorry ,but I am unable to play games on my Samsung star s5322s !!!! I followed the PC steps but I am unable to play the games ... Evertime I open the game file it shows ' Unsupported file ' I have also updated the java DB , application database and media data base..... I thought for a second where to download the games from ? I downloaded from ' .... What to do ?

  118. i karthik i purchased gtb7722 samsung mobile and installed handy safe . this installed in games folder. then i started adding details of bank and personal but all stored in mobile internal memory when i reseted all got erased. how to add details the same should get added but should be in external memory

  119. i karthik i purchased gtb7722 samsung mobile and installed handy safe . this installed in games folder. then i started adding details of bank and personal but all stored in mobile internal memory when i reseted all got erased. how to add details the same should get added but should be in external memory pl mail me in

  120. anyone here have a code for admin setting for new samsumg phone? samsung ch@t 335 (gt-s3353)

  121. Hi
    Yes it worked i am very happy and thank you a lot.
    I was wexd up with up tkfile explorer

  122. I installed game whic is .sisx extension now
    how to delete the file can you please tell me can u tell me its showing in mini commander . And how to install .sisx games

  123. Hi.... karthik my phone is s5230 star. i unable to copy games in mini commander. when i pres 5 number key, i got cannot copy it self messages please help me, what can ido now.

  124. hi
    this process complete according to you but i cant not see any new install game in application/games and more. how can i install java game in my samsung gt-s5233s.

  125. thanks a lot karthick... can we download themes like this? Bhavya

  126. @^, No we cannot install theme like this

  127. hi
    thanks,for this method and how can we install theme in samsung gt-s5233s.

  128. I have a Samsung 8910 pixon 12 . The *#5239870*#
    and *#7092463*# codes worked . Thank you for the information and your precise instructions.

  129. @Graham, I will update with this info also.

  130. Thanks for your post. I did all steps as you mentioned, but atlost i didn't get the game in games and more folder. Why?

  131. Karthik you are great.Thanks Its works on my star next.One more help please. how to rename the game.

  132. Dear Karthik..please post how to install theme on samsung GT-s5233s...
    thnks in asvance


  133. my samsung s3353 chat cannot read the codes you show above... my java files cannot read big files...

    1. Sorry, I am not sure abt the codes for ur Phone

  134. Hello Karthik,

    do you have any suggestion,to delete images from samsung star nxt 5233, they are locked at factory. thx

  135. karthik,,i did follow all the steps correctly but there is nothing installed...nothing in "games and more"..hlp plz

  136. To download and ugrade firmwares for gts5233s,gts5233a,gts5233w,gts5233t go to this blog

  137. i have samsung gt-s5233s. i m trying to install games in it. but the method which u showed , i m not getting any folder in games n apps or any other installation option. plzz help me....

  138. hey pls help is says java errir, invalid format..!!

  139. Thx a ton bro , i was looking for the methods to install apps and games on my s5233s , after a week long search , i came here !I should must appreciate your work !!!!Thx once again . and for fellow users if they cannot download the "mini commander " they can download file manager (
    this worked for me like a charm ... Thank you once again !

  140. thanks but in my mobile samsung gt-s5233s the language of the game is like portugal or spanish and i cant change it to english please help me...... please


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