Thursday, January 1, 2009

Must have freeware

Hi all, Here i have listed some of the must have freewares which i like very much. And also they will be useful to every one. They are not in any order

1. WinPatrol :
WinPatrol takes snapshot of your critical system resources and alerts you to any changes that may occur without your knowledge. WinPatrol was the pioneer in using a heuristic behavioral approach to detecting attacks and violations of your computing environment. It continues to be one of the most powerful system monitors while staying a single small program.

Useful Features:
  • WinPatrol is very useful, if you dont want any system file changes without your knowledge.
  • It alerts you when a new runalways startup entry is added (you can accept or reject it).
  • It alerts you when a new runonce startup entry is added (you can accept or reject it).
  • It alerts you when important system files are modified (you can accept or reject it).
  • It alerts you when the default program to open some important filetypes are modified (you can accept or reject it).
ScreenShot (Click the image to enlarge) :

2. Bitmeter
BitMeter is a bandwidth meter, it allows you to visually monitor your internet connection by displaying a scrolling graph that shows your upload and download speed over time. BitMeter is freeware - ie. it is given away completely free of charge, there is no trial period, no time-limited features, no spyware, and no adware, guaranteed.

Useful Features:
  • Does your ISP restrict how much you can download each month? Maybe the ISP Restrictions screen would be useful, just enter details of your monthly quota, and BitMeter will warn you when you approach your limit.
  • If you want to see historical data you can use the Statistics window to see what's been going on over the last few hours, days or weeks.
  • The data shown in each of the graphs is also available numerically, and can be exported to a spreadsheet for detailed analysis.
  • There is also a handy calculator for working out how long a download will take, or how much you can transfer in a given time.
  • Audio notification each time a certain amount of data is transferred (uploaded, downloaded or both).
ScreenShot (Click the image to enlarge) :

3. Free Download Manager

Useful Features:
  • Flash video downloader.
  • Remote Control.
  • Portable mode.
  • Resuming broken downloads.
  • Powerful scheduler.
  • Zip files partial download.
  • Simultaneous downloading from several mirrors.
  • BitTorrent support.
  • Upload manager, easy way to share your files.
ScreenShot (Click the image to enlarge) :

4. Wavosaur

Useful Features:
  • Multiple Document Interface for working with many files in one session.
  • All classic editing functions : cut, copy, paste, paste mix, paste replace/insert, paste to new file, trim/crop, delete, undo.
  • Many processing options: mute, channel convert (stereo->mono, mono->stereo), insert silence, change volume, normalize level, fade in/out, invert/flip, undo.
  • Accurate waveform representation, fast zoom in/out, clean easy to use interface Right mouse to scroll/display context menu.
  • Skinable editor look.
ScreenShot (Click the image to enlarge) :

5. Foxit Reader

Useful Features:
  • Incredibly small: The download size of Foxit Reader is just a fraction of Acrobat Reader 20 M size.
  • Breezing-fast: When you run Foxit Reader, it launches instantly without any delay. You are not forced to view an annoying splash window displaying company logo, author names, etc.
  • Annotation tool: Have you ever wished to annotate (or comment on) a PDF document when you are reading it? Foxit Reader allows you to draw graphics, highlight text, type text and make notes on a PDF document and then print out or save the annotated document.
  • Text converter: You may convert the whole PDF document into a simple text file.
  • High security and privacy: Foxit Reader highly respects the security and privacy of users and will never connect to the Internet without users' permission. While other PDF readers often silently connect to the Internet in the background.
  • Foxit PDF Reader does not contain any spyware.
ScreenShot (Click the image to enlarge) :

6. K-Lite Mega Codec pack

Useful Features:
  • Contains everything you need to play all popular video file formats.
  • Supports playback of AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, OGM, MPEG, MOV, HDMOV, TS, M2TS, and OGG files.
  • Includes Media Player Classic Homecinema.
  • Includes a MPEG-2 decoder for DVD playback.
  • Simply, it plays every file format.
ScreenShot (Click the image to enlarge) :

7. PC Inspector File Recovery

Useful Features:
  • PC Inspector File Recovery is a data recovery program that supports the FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS file systems.
  • Finds partitions automatically, even if the boot sector or FAT has been erased or damaged (does not work with the NTFS file system).
  • Recovers files with the original time and date stamp.
  • Supports the saving of recovered files on network drives.
  • Supports the saving of recovered files on network drives.
ScreenShot (Click the image to enlarge) :

8. Notepad++

Useful Features:
  • Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding.
  • User Defined Syntax Highlighting.
  • Auto-completion.
  • Multi-Document.
  • Multi-View.
  • Regular Expression Search/Replace supported.
  • Full Drag ‘N' Drop supported.
  • Dynamic position of Views.
  • File Status Auto-detection.
  • Zoom in and zoom out.
  • Multi-Language environment supported.
  • Bookmark.
  • Brace and Indent guideline Highlighting.
  • Macro recording and playback.
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9. Unlocker :
Ever had such an annoying message given by Windows: Cannot delete file: Access is denied. There has been a sharing violation. The source or destination file may be in use or the file is in use by another program or user. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use. Unlocker is the solution. Unlocker is an Explorer extension that allows you with a simple right-click of the mouse on a file or folder to get rid of error message such as error deleting file or folder, cannot delete folder: it is used by another person or program.

ScreenShot (Click the image to enlarge) :

10. CutePDF

Useful Features:
  • CutePDF Writer (formerly CutePDF Printer) is the free version of commercial PDF creation software.
  • CutePDF Writer installs itself as a "printer subsystem".
  • This enables virtually any Windows applications (must be able to print) to create professional quality PDF documents - with just a push of a button!
  • FREE for commercial and non-commercial use! No watermarks! No Popup Web Ads!
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11. Glary Utilities

Useful Features:

  • Optimize, clean and boost the speed of your Windows.
  • Protect your privacy and security.
  • Block spyware, trojans, adware, etc.
  • Fix certain application errors.
  • Simple, fast and User friendly interface.
  • Free for only private use.

ScreenShot (Click the image to enlarge) :

12. Paint.NET

Useful Features:
  • Simple, intuitive, and innovative user interface.
  • Extensive work has gone into making Paint.NET the fastest image editor available.
  • Layers: Usually only found on expensive or complicated professional software, layers form the basis for a rich image composition experience.
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