Friday, June 3, 2011

Best PC configuration for Photo and 3D Work (Photoshop and 3Ds Max)

Important things for Photo and 3D work:
  • You need the fastest Processor possible
  • You need a lot of RAM (6GB Min) – You need 64 bit version of Windows.
  • Graphics card for Photo editing and 3D works like Photoshop and 3Ds Max are little different from gaming graphics cards.
    Graphics Options : -Nvidia Quadro 
    -ATI FirePro
    (Higher Config cards for Rs.20,000 like Nvidia Quadro 2000 are very good in performance)
    These cards are not good for Gaming.
  • You can also use gaming graphics card also like GTX 560 or ATI HD 6850. With this You can play games also, but gives lower performance in Photo and 3d works.

Intel and Nvidia Combination : (Sandy Bridge)
Type Details Price (Rs)
Processor Intel Core i7 – 2600K 3.4 GHz 15,000
Motherboard Asus P8H67-M-LE with USB 3.0 6500
Memory Corsair 2 x 4GB DDR3 1333 MHz 4400
Hard Disk Seagate 1 TB 2750
Keyboard & Mouse Logitech Keyboard + Mouse SET 700
Speakers Creative Inspire 2.1 T3100 2000
Optical Drive Samsung DVD Writer 850
Graphics Card Nvidia Quadro 600 1GB 12,500
Power Supply Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600W 3500
UPS Numeric 600 VA 1500
Monitor BenQ E2420HD 13,000
Cabinet Cooler Master Elite 430 2500
Total Rs. 65,200

Prices are as of June 2011 in Chennai, India.

Other options (or) Suggestions to reduce price:
Type Details Price (Rs)
Power Supply Zebronics 600W 3000
Monitor LG – LED 23 E2360V 9,800
Cabinet Zebronics Butterfly 1250
Graphics Card ATI FirePro v4800 1GB 10,000
Other PC and Laptop configurations :
03-June – Initial Draft


  1. @himanshu
    This config is enough for all vfx softwares.
    But you need to play games also go for Msi or Galaxy GTX 460 graphics card instead of quadro.

    Warning : But the performance of VFX softwares will reduce compared to quadro

  2. hii
    thanks alot man
    but i have little bit confusion if i buy quadro it will perform best in games and 3d work both of them??plz suggest me.........

  3. @Himanshu, NO
    Quadro is for VFX
    Gefore is for Gaming.

    If u also want gaming, go for GTX 460, but there will be slight hit in VFX performance

  4. thanks once again brother

    wht is the diffrence between gtx 460 or 470..

    which one u suggest me to buy.....thanks again


  5. hii karthik..

    im planing to buy a graphics card..
    Zotac GeForce GTX 570..tell me how is it..
    if it is not right plzz suggest me what should i buy?? thanx..

  6. @A.Ramesh, What is your budget? It depents on that.
    Zotac GTX 570 is a good card, but what is ur req Gaming or VFX?

  7. @himanshu, If ur budget is around 15k then go for GTX 560 Ti card.
    If it is around 10k then go for GTX 460

  8. @karthik, my req is both gaming and VFX
    nd my budget is 20k..

  9. @A.Ramesh,
    Go for
    ATI HD 6970 : If u play at High Resolutions > (2560x)
    Price : Rs. 20,000
    Company to go : XFX, Asus

    GTX 570 : If u play at Lower Resolutions < (2560x)
    Price : Rs. 19,500
    Company to go : MSi, Galaxy, Asus, Zotac

    Make sure u have a good 600w power supply with 2 x 6+2 PCI-Ex connector.

    VFX should also be good with these cards, but not great like Nvidia Quadro 2000

  10. @Karthik, romba nandri brother.. :D

  11. @A.Ramesh,
    Nandri.. :-) cool.. always welcome.

  12. hello C.Karthik
    please comment on my choice,

    CPU: Intel Core i5 Processor 2500K
    Motherboard: Intel® Desktop Board DH67BL
    Cabinet: Cooler Master Elite 430
    Power supply: Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 550W
    Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB
    RAM: Corsair 2 x 4GB DDR3 1333 MHz

  13. @Gurpreet, What is ur budget? and is it only for VFX or gaming also?

  14. Hi Karthik , could you throw some light on the choice of motherboard ? Especially between the AsusP8H67 and the Intel H67.

  15. @ Sid
    Go for Assus P8H67 it is better than Intel H67

  16. hi, karthik

    tell me if corsair rams not available which ram can i use for i7 2600k
    like transcend,Kingston etc.....??tell me with model no..plzz


  17. @himanshu, if you dont get corsair, just go for transcend, model no not sure, but make sure the speed is 1333 MHz

  18. @karthik, it's just for gaming only and my budget is 30,000 to 35,000. Just for box(cpu) excluding monitor and other peripherals like keyboard, mouse..

  19. @Gurpreet,

    Then check these

  20. dear Kartik,

    I want to run heavy applications like GNS(Which runs multiple Cisco IOS) or VMWARE (which runs multiple OS).
    What Hardware configuration I should have within 2500 - 3500Rs
    Can you help me out?

  21. sorry,My budget is 25000 to 35000Rs

  22. @Anonymous, Give me some time. I will check and let u know.

  23. @Anonymous,
    Use this config.

    if you dont play games, them replace the processor and Graphics card with

    Processor : AMD Phenom II SIX X6 – 1100T 3.3 Ghz Rs.10,000

    Graphics Card : Msi ATI HD 5450 - Rs.2500

  24. Intel quad core i7/i5 processor.
    8GB DDR3 RAM (transend)
    2 TB HDD (seagate)
    2GB Graphic Card (NVIDIA)
    DVD writer (blue ray)(Samsung)
    24" LED HD monitor (LG)
    Gaming Keyboard (wireless)
    Gaming mouse (wireless)
    Cabinet with SMPS

    can u please tell me how much the price will be
    for the above configuration.

    and i want to know which configuration will good for a 3d game developer and designer.

  25. @Anonymous,

    Your config is not clear, it is at high level. You havnt mentioned the exact model.

    If you want good config for 3d development and designing go for the config in this post

  26. hey karthik
    how r u dude
    hey dude tell me how is that configuration for me. I mentioned it below..see it and tell me plz
    m waiting for ur rply.

    intel i7 2600k
    MB-asus p8p67-pro
    HDD- 1 TB
    ram - corsair,transcend 8 GB
    graphic card-- zotac gtx 570 or gtx 560 TI
    moniter - LG e-60 23''
    cabinet -Cooler Master Elite 430
    Power Supply-
    Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600W
    sony DVD writer

    thank u
    himanshu jain

  27. @Himanshu,

    Excellent config. Go for it.

  28. hi Himanshu
    its seems that u know ur stuff and hence simplify this for me. aftern extensive reading i have decided for pc over Mac.

    My budget is usd4000$ and i need a really fast machine for photoshop work (pro photographer) and later some video editing at 1080p. for gaming i use ps3 but if it can be acomodated in your recomended config then why not but should not reduce or compromise any performance for my main work of photoshop. thanks

  29. @ C.KARTHIK
    hi bro need help wana design a 3d pc

    bt my budget is low around 55k -60k

    want to play 3d games n to watch 3d movies

    m thinking of;
    nvidia nvision kit
    graphic card gt460
    3d monitor LED lg 2342
    needed price also for these things listed abv
    n wat els i needed??

    Processor- Intel core i3 540(3.06ghz)
    Motherboard- ASUS P7 H55 MLX MB
    hard drive- 500 GB SATA HDD SEAGATE
    RAM- 2x2 GB DDR 111 kingston
    Belkin WiFi car
    DVD Writer LG
    Web cam-i ball
    UPS- i ball 621
    600v power supply
    cabinet zeb butterfly

  30. @Anonymous,

    3d PC means 3d work like Maya etc or 3D movies?

    Also some suggestions
    1) Dont go for i3 instead go for i5
    2) Also u have mentioned 1st generation i4 motherboard go for 2nd generation board.
    3) Hard disk go for 1TB
    4) RAM go for 4GB DDR3

  31. but whatevrer i mentioned for 3d is tht enough or anythng extra will b needed.....

  32. Hi Karthik,

    I am planning to upgrade my GPU to ASUS GTX 560 ti OC version and want to know whether my PSU can handle that or not?

    My current config#

    AMD phenom ii x4 945@3.0ghz
    Asus M4A88T-M mobo
    4GB ddr3 ram@1333mhz
    ASUS 5770 cucore
    Cooler master elite 430 cabinet with 3 fans.
    Cooler master extreme power+ 600w.
    Plz reply soon..

  33. @^,
    Yes your Cooler master extreme power+ 600w is enough for GTX 560ti

  34. @^, But u need 2x 6-pin PCI-Ex connectors, some old model does not have that

  35. Yes It has PCI-E 6+2Pin x2 because i bought it
    last week...thanks for reply

  36. Hi Karthik,
    I have bought an ASUS GTX 560ti(830 MHz) card and Cooler Master eXtreme power plus 600w.
    and would like to upgrade processor to core i5 2500k 3.3 GHz(Sandy Bridge).
    Please tell me
    Is my PSU good enough for my rig.(Got a lot of bad reviews).and also how much watt it practically give.THE RIG IS FOR GAMING ONLY(2d and 3d).
    also tell me the cheap and best mobo for my pc.
    m waiting for ur reply.

  37. @Sunny,
    1) Cooler Master eXtreme power plus 600w is not a bad power supply. It is a good power supply in the price range of 3.5k.
    There are better power supplies for 5k-7k.
    Ur power supply is enough for your new rig, until you dont overclock and add lot of stuffs like custom coolers etc.

    2) Cheapest mother board for i5 2500k :
    Intel DH67VR - Rs.4.5k

  38. Thanks for the answers...
    I have 5 fans already in my PC( 4- 80mm and 1- 120mm).After upgrading to i5 do i need any cooling unit(if yes,which one considering my PSU).NO OVERCLOCKING.

  39. @Sunny,
    You dont need special coolers unless u overclock and run your PC 24/7.
    Normal fans is enough

  40. Hi Karthik,

    I am planning to purchase DDR3 ram it can be a corsair or gskill, would like to know which is is the best ram in the market and which will support to my gig bec i read so many reviews they are many compatibility issues with AMD and ASUS platform..this time i am looking for gaming ram which will support my mobo with budget..

    My current config #

    AMD phenom ii x4 945@3.4ghz OC
    Asus M4A88T-M mobo


  41. Hi,

    ALso want to know whether my mobo can support...
    this ram or not?
    1> Corsair Vengeance 4Gb @1600Mhz bec tech spec says (Vengeance modules run at 1.5V for maximum compatibility with all Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and i7 processors, as well as the 2nd generation Intel processor family.)


  42. Hi Karthik,
    First of all thanks for giving the your time,
    I am planing to buy these things (Processor,Motherboard,Memory,Power Supply,Cabinet).
    I am a Web Designer & I have to work photoshop,dreamweaver,flash,coral.

    So can u please suggest me the configuration , mu budget is 25k to 30k


  43. hi kartik ,
    i am a photographer and i want a system for my work (mainy adobe photoshop an bridge) my budget is 50k ..plz suggest me a configuration for now, maily plz suggest me tha led screen 22" with most efficient color correction. and if possible plz guide me about the rates too .

    thankyou very much,
    and amazing blog dude...gr8 help for us. keep it up.


  44. Hi Karthik, I want to go for "Best PC configuration for Photo and 3D Work (Photoshop and 3Ds Max)" specs for my pc. but my requirement is not photo editing, i want to run more virtual machines(vmware etc), what is ur opinion?

    and i don't want to buy Graphic card from above spec, instead i want use OnBoard one. is it ok ?

    from intel site i7-2600K specs i found that

    Processor Graphics Intel® HD Graphics 3000
    What it is ?


    Venkatesh B

  45. Hi Karthik,
    m so much impress to read your blog about pc config
    I want to go for "Best PC configuration for Photo editing, vfx and 3D architectural (Photoshop and 3Ds Max)"
    in 3ds max i want to fast rendering i v ray my config is given below

    intel core i7 2600k
    motherboard : intel DP67BG
    graphics card : msi GTX 560Ti 1 GB
    RAM : corsair 12 GB
    Cabinet : cooler master Elite 430
    SMPS : cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 700W
    HDD : 500 GB for boot and 1 TB for normal

    tell me my config is ok
    m confuse in motherboard i choose intel dp67bg is best ? tell me for best motherboard for my need
    and also confuse in ram :
    what is difference between corsair and transcend ?
    which i can buy it ? how much price ?
    and also confuse in power supply :
    i choose cooler master extreme power plus 700w but silent pro is also good tell me for best power supply

    and tell me about price also

    thanks karthik

  46. and one thing what about AMD Radeon graphics ?
    AMD Radeon HD 6950 2GB
    AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB

    tell me more about best Graphic Card for 3DS Max architectural V-Ray Rendering

    my budget is 14000 k

    and what about SMPS in cooler master ?

    help me to build best machine for 3ds max architectural rendering machine

  47. Hi Karthik

    I am Graphic Animator.. I am planning to Buy New computer Following Configuration is ok

    i7-2600K / 3.4 GHz___8M Cache, 3.4 GHz

    ASUS P8P67 PRO -16x ,8.Ch.S,L, USB 3

    1GB GTS450 PCX-16X,D,DDR5

    DD3 Corsair 8GB

    HDD Seagate 1TB

    Moniter-Samsung LEDLS23A300___23"


    Cabinate ATx Cool master

    Creative 2.1 channel speaker

  48. please tell me the best super config for 3d super fast rendering and everything , budget is unlimited , need to add a small render farm in future , need to add additional graphic card ,etc .. waiting for your reply , thank you ..

  49. @JP

    Hi karthik, please suggest me the best LCD / LED monitors and its cost for 3D works.

    1. ASUS ML248H 24” Full HD

      Dell S2330MX 23’’ Full HD LED