Sunday, June 12, 2011

Best AMD Gaming Configuration for around Rs 30,000

Note : This is a old post, Please check the latest config here

AMD CPU and GPU Configuration:
Type Details Price (Rs)
Processor AMD Phenom II Quad X4-840 3.2GHz 5,000
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2 2,350
Memory Transcend 4 GB 133MHz DDR3 RAM 1800
Hard Disk Seagate 1 TB 2750
Keyboard & Mouse Logitech Keyboard + Mouse SET 700
Speakers Creative Inspire 2.1 T3100 2000
Optical Drive Samsung DVD Writer 850
Graphics Card PowerColor Radeon HD 5770 1GB 7,000
Power Supply Zebronic 500w Platinum 1850
UPS Numeric 600 VA 1500
Monitor DELL LED    20" - IN2020M 6650
Cabinet Zebronics Butterfly 1250
Total 33,700
Prices are as of June 2011 in Chennai, India.
Other PC Configurations:


  1. Sir....Will u plz suggest me a graphics card around the rate rs.3000......with d above config...PLZ sir....

  2. @^, For around Rs.3000, u can get

    GT 430 - Rs. 3500
    AMD HD 5450 - Rs. 2500

    But, u can play games only at low confg

  3. Hi
    Can you suggest a good configuration for programming (using eclipse, netbeans), internet and graphics. I keep the system on for long time please suggest if additional fan is required for the long run of the pc.
    Budget is not an issue.

  4. @June 18, 2011 8:53 PM ...

    Sir...Thnkz 4 the reply....i heard tht putting of a hd graphics card will lower the clarity of a normal movie(which is not 720p or 1080p) tht true??Can i play GTA4 at low resolution with this cards??

  5. @^, No it is not the case, in fact ur videos will run faster.

    Yes u can play GTA4 at low resolution

  6. @Gijo, I need some time to work on it. Do you use it for gaming?

  7. @Karthik

    Not much, mostly movies and using these IDE's .
    Please suggest one AMD & one Intel configuration if possible

  8. @Gijo,
    Here is the best config for Development

    Better go for Intel, if you need AMD, just change the processor and Mother board with

    AMD Phenom II SIX X6 – 1100T 3.3 Ghz - Rs.10,000
    Asus AMD880G M4A88TD-M EVO/USB3 - Rs.6200

  9. @Gijo,
    Additional fans is not required, but if you wish you can go for 120mm CoolerMaster fan. It will be around Rs.500

  10. Sir i hope to buy Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H with d abv config......Wht abt it???Will it give better graphics support???whts its price??Wht abt BenQ G2220HD monitor ???

  11. @Anonymous,
    Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H is also a good motherboard, but it is 2k extra. Price : Rs 4250

    Graphics does not depend on Motherboard, it depends on graphics card, if you are going to buy HD 5770, no need to worry abt motherboard.

    BenQ G2220HD - Rs. 7500
    Good Full HD monitor 1920x1080, Good response time 5ms. Good to go.

  12. Thnk u vry much......Sir whts d advntag of buying Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H thn d one tht u hav suggested???

  13. Could u please post the current price of my configuration?
    Processor: AMD Phenom II Quad X4-955 3.2GHz
    Motherboard: i preffer ASUS.(could u suggest specific model.which have 4 ddr3 ram slot)
    Memory: ZION 4*2 GB 1333MHz DDR3 RAM
    Hard Disk: Seagate 1 TB
    Graphics Card: XFX Radeon HD 5770 1GB
    Power Supply: Zebronic 600w

  14. wht abt trying an Athlon II X4 635 at low budget???Is there a L3 cache for Phenom II Quad X4-840??IS tht essential ???

  15. Hii Kathik....i'm planing to replace
    PowerColor Radeon HD 5770 1GB with XFX RADEON HD 4670 1 GB due to low budget?Wht abt it?cost??Is thr any other better thn tht at tht range?

  16. @Anonymous,

    Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H has the below advantages
    1) 4 RAM slots
    2) Faster transfer speed
    3) Supports overclocked 1800/1666 DDR3 RAM
    4) HDMI port
    5) Better Audio

  17. @Anonymous,

    Here is the latest price

    Processor: AMD Phenom II Quad X4-955 3.2GHz (Rs. 5600)

    Motherboard: Asus M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 (Rs.7400) it has 4 RAM slots

    Memory: ZION 4*2 GB 1333MHz DDR3 RAM (Rs.3000)

    Hard Disk: Seagate 1 TB (Rs.2850)

    Graphics Card: XFX Radeon HD 5770 1GB (Rs. 6800)

    Power Supply: Zebronic 600w (Rs.2950)

  18. @Blackbrair
    Dont go for Athlon II X4 635
    Go for Phenom II Quad X4-840, it is better than Athlon, at just 100 more.

    L3 cache is an added advantage, but not that groung breaking

  19. @Anonymous
    I dont understand ur question.
    Please clarify,
    Which card u have now?
    Which card u r planning to buy?
    What is ur budget?


  21. Thnks yaar.......i jst wanted to know which is better whn considering the price/performance ratio in these graphics card.........
    Radeon HD 4670 OR
    Radeon HD 4650 Or
    GEFORCE GT430 for an amd processor ????

  22. @^,

    HD 4000 series does not support DirectX 11.
    So better go for GT430 it will be around Rs. 3500

  23. @C.Karthik thanks for the prices...
    there is an another choice for me you just have to help me should i buy x4955 or x4965.. if the answer is x4965 then please give the price. u have mention that zion ram price there some confusion arises.. i wanted two 4gb ddr3 zion ram..what will be the price.. could there be any other motherboard from asus?? bcos what u have suggested it is far more than my budget... is there any asus product which support x4955/x4965 and have 4slots of ddr3 ram under rs.3500... please let me know. thank u

  24. Which is better for an AMD based system... Geforce or radeon ???

  25. @Anonymous,

    1)x4 965 is 0.2 GHz(just 200 MHz, doesnt make much difference) faster than x4 955, but Rs.1000 more. (If u r tight on budget go for x4 955, else go for x4 965)

    2) Single 4GB RAM will be around 1500, so 2x4G will be 3K. But if u plan to buy faster RAM it will be around 4K.

    3) Then the best choice is
    ASUS M4A78LT-M AM3 - Rs.3500, it has 4 RAM slots

  26. @Anonymous,
    Geforece or Radeon choice depends on price and personal choice.

    For AMD processor, any card is same.

  27. could u please give those asus motherboard prices??

    M4A78LT LE




  28. Sir....I was planning to buy a phenom x4 955.But i hav heard tht AMD processors give great performance at the beginning....But it lags or decreases its performance as it gets old thts aftr 1-2 years....Is tht true???whts your opinion???

  29. Whts the adv. of a DirectX 11 model graphics card????

  30. @Anonymous,

    M4A78LT - (DONT KNOW)

    M4A78LT LE - Rs. 2675

    M4A78LT-M - Rs. 3600

    M4A77T - Rs. 3500 (NOT SURE)

    M4A785T-M - Rs. 4700

  31. @Anonymous,

    phenom x4 955 is a good gaming processor at a very attractive price.

    It is not true that AMD processor performance will lag as it ages.

    Any PC, when not properly maintained will lag as it ages.

  32. @Anonymous,

    DirectX 11 is the latest in DirectX for gaming. It has many added advantages for gaming and 3D graphics.

  33. Sir......wht are the use and advantages of a graphics card other than gaming????

  34. @Anonymous,
    Other than gaming graphics cards are used in
    1) Photo editing
    2) 3d effects
    3) Video editing
    4) HD video playback

  35. Hi Karthik...I hav a core i3-540 system....Due to low budget i was planning to buy a Radeon HD5450...Wht abt it ???Is it better, when compared with my on board graphics??Can i play GTA 4 on it ??

  36. Hi Karthik.Can you kindly suggest me a gaming config under rs.30000.i can do with 500 gb harddisk and 2 gig ram.plase suggest a minimalist one.thanks

  37. @Anonymous,
    What is your budget?
    Consider these based on your budget
    GT 430 - Rs.3500
    HD 5570 - Rs. 4000
    HD 6570 - Rs. 4500

  38. @Piyush,

    Hope these helps

  39. sir,i want to upgrade my msi 8400gs 512mb graphic card to radeon hd6670 1gb ddr3(or)ddr5 and i had Zebronic 400w psu does this enough to run hd6670?

  40. @Anonymous,

    Your Zebronics 400w is the min req for HD 6670.
    But I recommend you at least have 500w power supply. (But this card will still run with ur 400w power supply)

    If u plan upgrade ur power supply go for 600w power supply as it will be future proof.

  41. if i run hd 6670 with zeb 400w does this give any problem regarding performance or any other issues?

  42. If ur 400w power supply cannot give enough power, ur pc will restart automatically and it can damage the hardware also.
    Better buy extra power supply

  43. which is the best psu for radeon hd6670 1gb ddr5?
    around 3k

  44. @^,

    Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500W or
    Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 550W

    Both will be around 3k

  45. Hi Karthik Am Binoy
    I want to know where to buy Asrock M3A785GXH/128M Motherboard? Biostar TA890GXE Ver. 5.2 Motherboard is a good replacement for asrock ? i dont know much more about Biostar.these two boards are affordable. (around Rs.5600)
    the other choice is Asus M4A89GTD Pro Motherboard which is expensive.
    thanks in advance for your Very Useful Blog.

  46. Hello Karthik,
    From the above configuration, i wanted to replace motherboard with GA-880GA-UD3H . The reason being, i need 3 PCI Slots (old type). What is your opinion on this MB and the MB + CPU combination. Also could you please let me know the pricing for this MB?

    note: i have some old network cards (4 port) that supports only first generation PCI.

  47. @Binoy,

    If you are ready to buy motherboard for around 5k.

    You can go with boards with USB3 support instead of the above ones.

    ASUS AMD880G M4A88T M/USB3 - Rs.5,800
    Gigabyte MA880GM-USB3L - Rs.5,500

  48. Dear Karthik,
    am binoy u suggest me ASUS AMD880G M4A88T M/USB3
    having all the specifications (DVI,HDMI,USB3 etc)i like.but the problem is it is a Micro ATX board. please suggest another model (ATX).
    i dont like Gigabyte because my cousins or friends facing several problems with gigabyte board.any idea where to get asrock boards?
    in kerala no dealer address found.
    thanks for your support once again

  49. hello sir ,i wnt 2 buy a best gaming pc under rs 30000 to 35000,it should be gud for programming and working purpose.
    please suggest me sir....

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  51. hey karthik,em varun
    what will be the rate for this configuration?
    which cabinet will suit for this?
    Processor-Intel Core i3 – 2100 3.1 GHz
    Motherboard-intel DH67VR USB3
    Memory-4 GB DDR3
    Hard Disk-Seagate Barracuda 500 GB
    Keyboard & Mouse-Logitech Multimedia Keyboard + Mouse SET
    Optical Drive-SONY DRU-170C DVD Writer
    Graphics Card-NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT 512MB
    Power Supply-Zebronics 500 Watts Platinum
    BTW is this a good configuration

  52. hi sir plz reply i did not got these parts so i buyed other will they work inn the above config

    Power Supply Zebronic 500w Platinum
    UPS Numeric 600 VA
    PowerColor Radeon HD 5770 1GB

    so i will buy other company parts and they are
    Asus ATI Radeon CuCore HD5770 1 GB DDR5 PCI-Express

    Enter 500W SMPS ATX Power Supply with 200mm FANR
    Brand New Powercom 600 VA UPS

    Zebronics Aviator Highend Computer Case / Cabinet

  53. hey can u please configure a gaming pc for about 25000

  54. hi can u give me a gud gaming config....i m planning to buy in next month...only with max warranty wud be preferredd....hope u rply ASAP..:)

  55. fr d abve post...budget is 35grands

  56. Is this the budget for all in one computer desktop.and which are the latest games which can be run with this configuration

  57. what is the price of raedon hd 5770 512 mb

  58. Processor AMD Phenom II X4 955 (3.2 GHz / 8MB Cache / AM3) 6,300
    Motherboard Asus MotherBoard - M4A88T-M Rs 4,550.00
    Memory Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 1600MHz 1900
    Hard Disk Seagate 1 TB 2950
    Keyboard & Mouse Logitech Keyboard + Mouse SET 700
    Speakers Creative Inspire 5.1 T6100 3,600
    Optical Drive Samsung DVD Writer 925
    Graphics Card MSI R6850 Cyclone 1GD5 Power Edition 9,300
    Power Supply Cooler Master PSU(SMPS) Real Power Pro Series 460 4000
    UPS Numeric 600 VA 1500
    Monitor dell led 22 inch 7100
    Cabinet Cooler Master Chasis CM 310 - RED, BLUE, SILVER, ORANGE 1730
    Total 40,005

  59. how you rate the above configuration---Its my new PC..Rajeev

  60. Hi , Please tell me intel DG31PR mother board will support azus 210 silent 1gb ddr3 graphic card?

  61. Hello sir
    Started reading your blog today . . . I would like to know a gaming pc config for round 32000 which can run fps's mostly at lower resolutions but with maxed quality for other settings. I don't need a ups and speaker set . . . would be kind of you if you suggest me the rest of the config

  62. Hi KARTHIK..
    Ramesh here..
    I decided the following config TO buy a pc with the budget of 30k.

    1.Intel® Desktop Board DG41WV-2650
    2.Intel® Pentium® Processor E6600 (2M Cache, 3.06 GHz, 1066 FSB)-3450
    3.Corsair 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz -1400
    4.Seagate Internal 3.5 inch SATA 500-GB SATA Hard Drive-4350
    5.MSI GeForce GT 520 (Fermi) 2GB 64-bit DDR3-3600
    6.ACER LCD 20" LCDP206HQ -5650
    7.Samsung DVD Writer - 900
    8.Keyboard & mouse - 470
    9.Cabinet - 1200-1500
    10.Zebronic 600Va UPS - 1200
    11.Creative Inspire5.1 T6160 - 3400

    TOTAL 28.750K

    WHETHER GT 520 2GB OR gTS 450 OR HD 5570 OR HD 5450.


  63. @Ramesh,

    I would recommend to go for AMD config instead for Intel for 30k.

    check this

    Graphics card alone, go for AMD 6770

  64. Ramesh again .
    Is the AMD processor and graphics card have a performance like intel and nvidia.and also suggest a GRAPHIC CARD at 3000-4000 INR...

  65. @^, Yes AMD are equally powerful at this price range. Only at highend Intel out performs AMD.

    Good Graphics card for around Rs 4k :
    Nvidia GT430
    AMD HD 6450

    But these are basic cards, dont expect much. You can play at low settings only.

  66. Hi KARTHIK...
    May i know what is the price of HD 6770 in chennai...

  67. Hi Karthik,

    Could you please let me know the latest price of these.

    asus or gigabyte 880 and 990 mobo
    phenom 965
    coolermaster cabinet and smps 600w
    corsair ram max hertz

  68. Hello....
    Sri here,
    Can you please tell me any place (in Chennai of-course) where you get computer hardware(AMD especially) at lower rates than in other places???

  69. @^^,

    880 Boards range from Rs.4000 to Rs.8000
    990 Boards range from Rs.11,000 to Rs.14,000
    AMD Phenom 965 - Rs.6,500

    Other prices get from the post.

  70. @Sri,

    The best place in chennai are

    Ritchie Street, Chennai.
    Ph : 044 42168814.

    Delta Peripherals
    Nakoda Plaza, No.17, Narasingapuram St., Ritchie Street, Chennai
    Ph.: +91-44- 28521607, 28521572

    Check for price in both the places and choose

    1. hello Karthik,
      Sri again....
      Which of the two cpus is better?
      i5 2500 or phenom ii x6 for gaming at descent settings.
      or is phenom ii x4 enough(keeping in mind upgrades) or should i wait for sometime for something better to release and prices reduce(have time till april this year)?

      another question.
      i may leave town for 4 years(college).
      should i buy a higher end laptop to take with me(i already have 1 with average config) or should i buy a desktop(play while i'm at home)(upgrading my old one with descent specs)???cause i heard laptops are costlier and less efficient for gaming.

    2. 1) For Gaming Intel i5 2500 and AMD Phenom X6 both are fine.
      2) If u want the best go for i5
      3) If u want a cheaper option, go for AMD Phenom X6.
      4) Intel Ivy Bridge is expected to release soon, but it may not improve the performance much (May be 20%)
      5) As u said, Laptops are not good for gaming.
      Use ur Laptop for studies and
      Use ur Desktop at home for Gaming.

    3. thanks a lot for that too.....

    4. thanks a mile for the previous replies....
      i narrowed down my config to the following(also, can you gimme their current prices...and tell me if they are a good choice)
      process:intel core i5 2500/phenom ii x6 1090t
      mobo:Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 16GB DDR3 for amd(dono anyrhing gud for 5-6k)
      ram: corsair vengence 1*4gig
      psu: Zebronic 600w
      graphics: radeon hd 6770.
      cabinet: from my old comp.
      hdd: seagate 1 tb

      another silly question:
      can i use my 160 gig hdd from my old comp as slave hdd(if so can u tell me how or gimme a link)
      thanks in advance.....

    5. and my budget only for the cpu(no peripherals) is Rs.25000
      also is gskill ripjaws(4gig) a better ram???

    6. @^,

      Since ur budget is around 25k, it is better go for

      AMD Phenom x6 - Rs 9.4k
      Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 - Rs 5k
      Corsair Vengence 1*4gig - Rs 2k
      Seagate 1 TB - Rs 5k

      PSU Zebronics 600w is not recommended
      Go for Cooler Master GX-550W - Rs 5k

      GPU AMD 6770 - Rs 7k
      if u can raise ur budget go for
      AMD HD 6850 - Rs 11k

      Yes, u can use ur old HDD in the new PC

      GSkill is also a good RAM

    7. Hi karthik , i am RAMESH,,, i am going to build a pc with the following congfig
      1.ASUS P8H67-V USB3 8375
      2.i3 2100 / 3.1Ghz 3MB Cache,3.1Ghz 6750
      3.Corsair 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz 1450
      4.Seagate 500 GB SATA Hard Drive 4400
      5.ACER LCD 20" LCDP206HQ 5950
      6.Samsung DVD Writer 900
      7.Keyboard & mouse 470
      8.Cabinet 1200
      9.Zebronic 600Va UPS 1450
      10.suggest power supply for the config(say necessary or not)
      TOTAL 30975rs
      A)Here i neglect the graphic card because of the integrated graphics in the
      mobo . but i am confused, is the integrated graphics is better than the graphic cards or

      If you suggest to add a graphic card, i wanna lower my budget . for that i

      selected an alternative mobo and Graphic card, INTEL DH67CL(~ 5700RS)+HD 6770

      B) If i go for AMD by replacing the mobo and processor with
      1.AMD880G M4A88T M/USB3 5700rs or MSI H67MA-E35 USB3 4900rs
      2.Phenom II Quad X4 - 975 BE 3.6 GHz, 8MB, AM3 7600rs.
      3.(+or-)HD 6770 7400RS
      My purpose of pc is for home use movie,converting,etc..),browsing,gaming(You can assume gta4 level) working in mech designing softs
      Budget =30k to 35k, i also seen the config in your blog both intel and AMD,infact i selected these config with help of your blog,
      Is the config good or not when using AMD or intel?
      Please choose one of the following ,AMD phenom x4 975BE or intel i3 2100 .
      And also i wanna know the price of 500GB internal hdd, (jan 2012) in chennai.
      you can suggest an motherboard for intel or AMD which can be upgradable in the future.

    8. @Ramesh,

      1) At this price, I would recommend u to go for AMD config

      2) Always dedicated GPU is better than on-board graphics
      3) Better go for AMD HD 6770 graphics card
      4) Dont go for 500GB hard disk, better go for 1 TB - Rs5k
      5) If u need a better motherboard go for Asus AMD880G M4A88TD-M EVO/USB3

    9. Ramesh:
      is this motherboard can support future upgrades, like processor , sound card etc..

    10. AMD880G M5A88-M EVO - Rs.7.5k
      Sound card can be upgraded in any MotherBoard

      If u want to upgrade to Bulldozer processor later, check
      AMD970 motherboards

  71. i want to assemble a gaming pc
    under 25000 pls help me