Saturday, January 16, 2010

Windows 7 Photo Viewer Very Slow - Fix

Hi When I was viewing my photos with Windows 7 Photo Viewer, it was very slow, it was loading for every photo. Then I found a fix for it.

It is because of the Calibrated Color Profile created by Windows 7.
If you remove it every thing will be fine.

Follow these steps

1. Right Click on Desktop and select 'Screen Resolution'.

2. Then Select 'Advanced Settings'

3. Select the 'Color Management' tab  and press the 'Color Management..' button in properties window.

4. In the Color Management window, Select 'All Profiles' tab and scroll to 'ICC Profiles'

5. Select any profile with the name 'CalibratedDisplayProfile' and Remove it.

6. Thats it Close all open windows.

Now reopen the pictures folder, check the photos with Photo Viewer it will be lighting fast...

Let me know, if this helps you :-)......


  1. Hell yeah!! It works!
    Thanks A LOT! :D

  2. This worked perfectly for me. Thank you very much! The slow picture viewer drove me crazy ...

  3. thnk dude!! realy exact solution..!!!

  4. u are great bro thnks for sharing :)

  5. Hey Karthik,

    that is a really good and easy solution! However, I have the same problem and Windows 8....

    The thing is that I can't find the 'CalibratedDisplayProfile' in the ICC-Profiles... Do you have an idea what I could use instead of that to increase the speed?

    1. Hi Anne,

      Yup, I confirm the same bug in windows 8, also there's no ICC-Profiles workaround that I've found, so far. I did work out an easier solution, though, I downloaded Picasa and set that as the default image viewer. It's incredibly zippy! (It's amazing how ridiculously bad windows 8 is at a lot of simple things, I've bought a relative a new one and am setting it up at the moment and the number of tweaks that I have to do in order to make it usable is totally ridiculous :))